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  1. So basically anything we make with your templates,
    we can sell, I sell cards, can I use them? Thanks, Dana

    1. Hi Dana. Thanks for your feedback. As you can see there is a “non-commercial” license. That means you may not use this work for commercial purposes. My work is free for all my readers so that they can get inspired to make cards for friends and family. Not for sale. Sorry about that.

  2. Vicky…I started on Hero Arts web site this morning. About an hour later, I found your site (from the “Sew Special” card – love it!). I’ve been here on your site for about 45 minutes. I love this site, and you do beautiful work!! I also enjoy DH’s background music. I enjoy your videos very much, too.

    Thanks so much for the talent and time you put into this site. I have bookmarked it for many future visits and e-mailed the link to my crafting friends. But right now…I’m so inpired by your work that I need to head to my basement craft room and get busy!


  3. Hi Vicky,
    I love your videos, the way you explain them, the final results are just awesome!! I feel so inspired by you, I am planning to do the cup project (take life one cup at a time) to put it on my kitchen. thank you so much for share your creativity 🙂 I feel grateful


  4. Bίκυ, καλημέρα. Τα βίντεο με τα art journal σου και εγώ συναντηθήκαμε πριν λίγο. Είναι εξαιρετικά. Συγχαρητήρια! Θαυμάζω τον τρόπο με τον οποίο χειρίζεσαι τα χρώματα. Εγώ είμαι τελείως αρχάρια στο “χώρο” και ενώ λατρεύω τις κατασκευές, μου φαίνονται βουνό. Ευτυχώς έχεις πολύ υλικό σε βίντεο για να μάθω και να πάρω ιδέες. Καλή συνέχεια.
    Φιλικά, Ρούλα.

  5. I love art journaling and card making so much,but i’m sorry to say that i can’t collect all things that it’s need.Can you send me the list of that items.I wish you all the best.Bye.

  6. Love your Art Journals…specially the “Fall” page. So fun to see you make all those leaves. Thank you for share the videos.

  7. I love your creation.. I discover your YouTube Channel, few weeks ago.. All the night I see your video and your blog! I want one day have your talent… You are so talented! Thanks to me dreaming when I watch your video!!! 🙂

    A big fan to you ❤️❤️

  8. It’s great to have been introduced to you (through my daughter Megan who found you on You tube). I have been a craft lover for many years, making jewellery for a little over 20 years and dabbling in card making, scrap-booking and the like for many years also. I have found your video clips on You Tube and inspiration and it’s great to have a passion I can share with my little girl. We haven’t begun to art journal yet, but I already have half the supplies because of the other crafts I do. Can’t wait to get started. Love your accent too by the way. I could have sworn you were French! Can’t understand how I got that wrong. Anyway, wanted to write to say thank you.

  9. I love your ideas & videos, you have a nice voice & I just love your accent. I am so envious of you being affiliated with Simon Says stamp as I sit and make cards everyday. Unfortunately in Australia it costs double for these beautiful stamp sets & then postage.
    Thanks for what you do..

  10. Oh my God I am super impressed with ur art , it’s amazing it’s inspires me a lot and trust me madam vicky it’s awesome. Your art have motivated me to start pant again. I thank u . One more thing I can’t find the tools colour at my country. How can I get it .kindly can u guide me with basic tools colours needed. I will be grateful. Pls . Bless u .
    Jyoti soni

  11. hi Vicky , you mentioned about that if we click on the hyperlink (i think that’s what they’re called) to Simon says stamp ,that it would give you a small percentage. but when i clicked on them nothing happened . I dearly love your art , please don’t stop ever!

  12. Dear Vicky: I’m looking about weeks for a special video, that I’ve seen on your youtube channel one year ago or like this., and I can’t find it any more. This was a christmas card and the special work was the background made with blurring distress ink (green) and the second step was stamping a watered stamp with branches. This looked so beautiful! And your finally words were: that you loved most the background.
    I’m not sure about the technique. It would helping me seeing the video. Do you know what I mean and is it possible to find his video anywhere??
    thanks for sharing all your work, I#m so inspired!!

  13. Just found your web site an in love!! I am just a beginner but you do a great job in your explanations!!! Love your designs. Mine not as good but maybe with practice. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hi. Vicky,
    I’m new to your site and I find that as far as talent goes you are at the top of your art, in other words, I wish I was you. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to create and since I’ve been following you I have the urge again to do so and it makes me feel good inside. That’s what people look for when they create something or watch a good artist create it makes them feel good inside. Thank you for that.

  15. Vicky your designs and techniques are absolutely stunning. I have now watched all of your videos. Thank you so much for your inspiration, for you have inspired me to start an art journal.

  16. Hallo. I just saw the 5 videos of Spotlight on Lawn Fawn. Very nice! In the supplies list you did not put the name of the stamping block that you can open and close. From which company is it? Thank you. Your Aruba friend

  17. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation. I have been waiting for this video and am so glad it is here. As usual, you have inspired me!

  18. Hi Vicky
    I noticed you’ve been using a lot of Tonic products lately. How do they compare with other company’s similar products? Are you working with Tonic or are the products more readily available in your area?

  19. Hi. My na me is Wanda Matos from Puerto Rico. At first please forgive My english, I speak spanish. I’m 42 years and have many dishabilite and your Page inspire me to produce cards as a gift for Childrens and adults with differents health conditions. When they recived the cards a big smile show in his and hers faces. Recently I reader about free digital templats. Where I can accses this templates.
    I want to say that you, Vicky inspire me so much. In occations When I have bad days relate to My health conditions and I think that died is a solution, I go to My room in occations cry but them open your Page in You Tube and your proyects help me so much. Thank you and God bless you so much.

  20. Hi Vicky ,
    you are very good with designing …i thoroughly enjoy your projects and feel inspired. Love the way you craft without any fear ///its really very encouraging for beginners like me.

    Keep sharing with us your craft…
    have a great day.

  21. Love your voice get rid of the music… Thank you for the great videos and ideas bought a Misti when you used one:-) just found you and have had such fun looking at your cards… Dee

  22. Vicky, you have done it again! Love the aquarium that has to be my favorite! You are so talented and have such a great imagination with your cardmaking. I look forward to all your videos. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Hello vicky i cant seem to be able to download the nuvo mousse chart and the stencils that u used for the canvas.

  24. Hi Vicky, I found you a long time ago and I love all of your work. I am married a wonderful Greek gentleman. He loves all your work as well. Wish I had known you when I came to Greece to meet my Greek relatives. I agree with all your fans your work is magical and wonderful. Please don’t ever stop your card making or painting. Bye the way we have a beautiful cat named Niko. I love to see your sweet cat when you are at home working. I am from Canada originally now living in Florida. I am always watching your you tube channel. Thank you very much. Love you so much.? xoxo

  25. Hi Vicky,
    I watch your card making and journaling on YouTube every chance I get. Like Ginger, I absorb your creativity. Especially how you “correct” what you hadn’t anticipated on your projects.
    I would so much like to draw as well as you do; I keep practicing. When I see your final (awesome) results, I feel more confident in creating ‘on the fly’.
    You have reintroduced me to companies I’d forgotten about: Faber-Castell, Paper Artsy. And newer companies like Arteza. I couldn’t make layered flower cards as well without my new Tonic Stamp Platform and Altenew stamps/dies.
    Your adaptability from “distress” to “whimsical” styles amazes me.
    While playing with my new Distress Oxide inks, I used several techniques you taught me, on my Easter cards this year. My friends and family loved them! Of course I gave you the credit!
    My Sizzix circle dies arrived in the post today – shaker cards this weekend!!!
    If you’re teaching any artist journaling classes when I visit Greece in fall 2020, I’d love to sign up for one.
    THANK YOU for all of your hard work to make us better artists!
    ( has Fabulous customer service and I’m really liking their stamping ink. Thank you for listing them on YouTube.)
    Gotta run to catch up with your latest May videos on YouTube now.
    Pennsylvania, USA

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