Here is what I’ve done so far for my “Advent Calendar” project.

I have used the Wassail paper collection by BasicGrey. After measuring the top I used my CraftRobo (European version of Wishblade – same machine different brand) to cut 30 circles in just a few minutes and cover each tin. Also I have used strips of paper to cover the edges. I am so happy with the result!!! They are so cute!!! I love them!!!

I have used my ATG 700 gun which is great! The glue is so strong!

Anyway, now I have to embellish them with cut outs, stamps, glitter and whatever else I can think of! Then attach the magnet and finally prepare the base panel. At first I thought of just sticking them on the fridge… but then again it’s not a proper place for such a beauty! LOL! So I’ll be more creative!

Since I love reading your comments please let me know:

Do you have a digital cutter? Are you happy with it ? If you  don’t own one, do you plan to buy?


  1. Since I am asking I should answer as well. As I already told you I have the CraftRobo cc-200. My DH bought it for me on my birthday about a year ago. I totally love it!!! I use it all the time and I like the fact that I can cut my own designs.

  2. I just got a Cricut Expression and the Sure Cuts Alot software. I love it so far, it is a wonderful tool and it makes me regret buying so many Sizzix die cuts. I think I could have saved some money. Do you have any tips for making your own designs? What software do you use, etc. I’m pretty good with the computer but creating SVG files is totally new to me. Thanks, Katja

  3. I use Inkscape a vector graphics editor application. It is open source so you can download it for free. I make all my designs there and save them as .dxf. The CraftRobo software can load .dxf files.
    Does Sure Cuts a Lot load .dxf files?
    Another option is to use Adobe Illustrator which creates .svg files!

  4. I have just got a digital cutter (Silhouette), but it’s “for Christmas” so I haven’t used it yet (Christmas MAY come early in my house this year!!) I am really glad to see some projects using one and can’t wait to get into it.

  5. I currently have a Cuttlebug but when I’ll decide to upgrade to a digital cutter it will be a Cricut Expression with the deep cut blade and the Sure Cuts Alot software, NO cartridges, although, if money wasn’t an issue, I would rather get a Pazzles Inspiration since it cuts almost everything.

  6. You are making great progress on your advent calendar– I love the pp you chose. I don’t have a digital cutter. I have a Sizzix Big Kick and use it all the time.

  7. Oh I love the idea of the tins with the magnetic back on to a metal sheet, not the fridge, lol. I had planned on doing advent countdowns this year but since I need to make 3 (1 for each family) I’m opting to do this throughout the coming year. This idea, of the round tins, is much different. I’ll be anxious to see how you decorate them as you go along. Will weight be a factor when you are filling them? Not sure how strong these magnets are.

  8. Hi!!!! This post is perfect for a question Im having just now. Im new at scrapbooking and I dont live in the US, so I cant find so many great things to do projects. For this christmas I want to buy a digital cutting machine in the US and bring it to Chile, but I dont know wich one!!!!! I havent used them before, but i can learn, the problem is that Im going to buy it once in my life and I really need to buy the best one, the one that will enable me to do the mayority of projects. Can you help me with this advise? Should I buy the Cricut, the Silhouette, the CrafRobo? Please write me back!!!!
    Thank you so much

  9. Hi girls, thank you all for the feedback!

    Using neodymium magnets is the secret. They are VERY strong! The can even stick the little tins to a metal when a piece of wood is between them… photos soon!

    Patti I’ve posted an answer to your blog and Priscila I just sent you an email.

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