Did you know that Santa would come to give gifts in Greece on the first of the new year, and not on December 25th?

So since I am in the process of making a new advent calendar for the kids I have to make 31 days… the whole month of December. And that’s a lot of work!
This is what I’ve made last year.

Every little box is made by me. It took me the whole November to finish it. It was a great success, the kids loved it but now lies in the basement.

So this year I am doing something else. I just got these 30 favor tins and also I got a stack of very strong little magnets (neodymium magnets are the strongest you can get). I am planning to decorate each tin and then use the magnets to stick them on a decorated tin panel.

Day 31 has no tin, just a small message saying that Santa will bring today’s treat tonight. LOL 🙂

I have to finish by the end of the week and fill them with little treats. So I’ll take photos though out the process and let you know how it’s going. I love making it! I am so excited!


  1. Really beautiful!! And a great idea just in time because I was thinking about making one for my nephews and nieces! Only hope I’ll find the time! Thank you so much. I am glad that I discovered your site. Keep up the good work!!

    Eleni Nikolina

    Athens Greece, so in your neighbourhood! 🙂

  2. What an AMAZING project, Vicky! You are so creative and truly talented! Every time I come to the blog, I feel inspired! Thanks for linking my blog to your site. I’m thrilled:)

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