This weekend’s card and video is sparkling! I have to admit this card is my favorite so far for Christmas.

You can enjoy the video (lot’s of techniques used in this card) and then scroll down to see the list of materials used and to download the templates for the snowflake and the circle card. I love reading your comments so if you have a question or just because you enjoyed this week’s video, go ahead!



  • .pdf file to print and cut with scissors [download id=”8″]
  • .gsd file (zipped) to cut with your digital cutter [download id=”9″]


  1. Cute card! I like the video, keep them coming. I liked the snowflake cut out, it’s different from other snow flake’s out there. I may make a card just like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. What a cute little card. Thank you so much for the template and the great video tutorial.
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. This is adorable! I just ran into your blog and am excited to look at your other projects. Thank you so much for the template and the tutorial. Can I ask, what brand is your white opaque pen? I have tried a few but they haven’t worked well and the one you used in your tutorial looks like it worked great!! Thanks again!

  4. new to your site love what I see, thanks for the great ideas and how you did them. Your site has been bookmarked!!!!

    Q: what size are your cards?

  5. Hi Vicki I just love your cards and I love snowmen especially.You work so fast I can’t believe it and with great detail.I was wondering where you buy your supplies from?Keep up the good work because I just love watching you make different cards and getting ideas.Creative Hugs Thanks Sandy(0:

  6. I watch a lot of cardmaking videos and by far that snowflake card is the most creative one yet! How do you think of the ideas? I’m just watching with admiration! When I think the card is done, you keep going and and it only makes it better! And when I use my white gel pen, it does come out as easy as it seems on your video. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This card and video are fantastic. I have just come across your blog and I think it is wonderful. I also and a married mother of two children and a teacher who loves making cards but they don’t look nearly as professional as yours. And how do you find the time to keep your great blog up to date. Thanks for your generosity, I am full of admiration!

  8. Hi, just wasting time till I have to start the tea, came upon your
    site and cards – WOW – So easy and so clever, can not wait
    till next Xmas, am going to use templates with different themes!

  9. I am a few years late to see this, but what a beautiful card! Thanks again for all of your inspiration. I recommended your You Tube videos to a girl demonstrating mixed media work at our local Hobby Lobby store today. I love your Art Journals and cards….

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