I get a lot of questions about the adhesive I am using. It is an ATG-700 adhesive gun by 3M Scotch. And I absolutely love it! What I love the most? That it lasts for ever. You practically forget when you replaced the tape!

When I first got it (I admit )  … It took me a week to get used to it’s size. But after that I can’t sit down without it. Here are some points you should consider if you are thinking to get one.

There are two different versions of ATG gun.

  • YELLOW – ATG700 for 1/2 inch tape
  • RED – ATG714 for 1/4 inch tape

Which one is best for me?
If you are making scrapbook pages get the yellow. It has a wider tape and it’s better for larger pieces of paper. But if you are a cardmaker, the red one is for you. Not only the tape width is better for small paper pieces but the gun itself is a bit smaller.

There is some sort of adapter for the ATG700 that allows you to load both widths of tape (1/2 and 1/4 inches).

The adhesive is so strong nothing will ever fall off your projects! It really really sticks. But keep that in mind! It’s not forgiving at all, no chance for replacing or correcting a slightly uneven piece of paper. It’s so strong that can stick fabric, ribbon, buttons and everything else you might use glue dots or sticky tape.

Price/Where to get it:
They are quite expensive to get but once you start using it you’ll realize that it’s much more economical than any other since the replacement tapes last for ever. If you have any sale coupons from stores this would be a good thing to get. If you order things online then check Google Product Search… and get the cheapest!

It’s too expensive. Any alternatives?
If you need something more economical there is a way! Just get the replacement tapes and not the gun! You can use them just like double sided sticky tape. Super strong and super cheap (about $6 for 36 yards!)

Loading the tape:
Now this is a bit tricky the first time…. and here is the big secret. I have never loaded a replacement tape… (Shhhhh don’t tell anyone)

My DH always does that! So since he is so kind and helpful I asked him to make a video on loading the refill and he agreed. But then I did a search on YouTube and I found a number of great videos. So here is one that can really help you.
This is not my video! I am just embedding it from YouTube.

If you have any questions just comment here and I’ll reply to you asap.

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