Just realized I haven’t posted the new challenge yesterday. I’ve been running like crazy lately since I have so many things to do for work (it’s the finals season at school) plus we are moving to our new home.

Anyway, many of you missed the deadline of the last challenge. I am so sorry! So I decided to make it last longer. I hope this will help many of you to participate.

This week we are traveling to London! Get inspired by the photo and post your projects below. Don’t forget to come back and vote. (There is a countdown next to the submission button so you know how much time you have left).


  1. oh wow! I’m going there tomorrow!! I hate to miss this challenge…what’s to do!!? LOVE your challenge, Vicky!!

  2. Love this photo inspiration, Vicky! We will all be thinking about Virginia in London while we participate in your wonderfully fun challenge. Thanks for giving us more time, great idea!
    bless you,

  3. Yipee! I made the challenge 🙂 I hope there are more entries to come! It’s too bad I will not be able to vote. Bon voyage!!Have fun everyone!

  4. Hope you like my Hello Card!! I have been watching your blog for months now and Im glad i finally joined your around the world challenges!

    Hope you like,

    <3 Ashley

    1. The photo of your card is rectangular while the little thumbnails are squares so…
      BUT no worries, we can see it if we click on the link provided! Thank you for participating with this beautiful and elegant card!!!

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