Hi everyone and welcome back to this week’s “how-to” video! This weekend I’ve made a card with an interesting flower-shaped edge.

TIP: I get a number of questions about that little pillow I am using before heat emboss. Well it is actually an anti-static bag that makes sure your powder sticks only to your versamark outline and not all over. At this card I forgot to use it… so you see the dotted background isn’t perfect. This anti-static bag is also known as “magic embossing pillow” or “embossing buddy“. But you can always just use one dryer sheet.

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Click on the images below for more details on the supplies used.

 1. Essential messages 

 2. Big Flowers Pattern 

 3. Stamp a Garden 

 4. Green At Heart 

 5. Kioshi 

 6. Scissors 

 7. Olive Gem Stones 

 8. White Powder 

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. It is super cute. All the detail that went into making it is amazing. I love the last little added touch with the bug. Thank you so much for sharing. I was thinking while I was watching the video…what scissors you were using and I like that you added links so I can get me some. Thank you again!

  2. This is a really cute card. I love how you cut the edge to give it even more dimension and detail. Thanks so much for sharing this one!

  3. Love how you made the edge in to a decorative one!

    Also, I’ve never seen someone pull off glue dots with their fingers! I’ve always pushed my item to the strip of glue dots. When you put the item away, the dot goes with it!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lisa! I do that as well if you watched any of my previews videos but this particular brand of dots isn’t sticky on fingers and I like that I have the opportunity to control the dots with my hands 🙂 Off to check your blog!

  4. So very, very creative of you… and definitely something I will have to try on a birthday card. Tku for sharing!

  5. Another awesome video, Vicky! Love the flower edge and it’s so much fun to watch you create! And please tell Aris his music ROCKS! Really gets the heart pumpin’…..

  6. Donna just took my words (LOL)!! What a BRILLIANT design and video! Glad that you are posting videos…I really don’t want to miss it 🙂

  7. really really its nice card i love the little ladybug,and the way that u stamp the flower ….love it 🙂

  8. love the card!! thanks for another great idea, love the little lady bug
    it doesn’t matter that you embosse, just keep on doing it….

  9. Such a cute card, love the ladybug. I have been catching up on all your videos and what great inspiration.

  10. I love all your videos, Vicky, I’m such a fan of your fun and innovative style. This card with the creative border design is so fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your talent.
    bless you,

  11. I’ve already commented over at YT but I thought I’d pop over here too, just to say how much I love this card design. Thanks so much for sharing! I may have to ‘case’ this idea soon =)

  12. I love your technique of keeping your embossing powder in plastic containers large enough to tap off the excess right back into it! Genius! I just went and bought 5 new Gladware containers to do the same thing.

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