If you like the way I and many other bloggers link supplies under each project then maybe I can show you how easy it is! Most of you aleady know that I am the co-owner of Inlinkz and being a craft blogger my self I always try to come up with ideas that make our posts more attractive and helpful.

You can use the “Link Manager” tool by creating an account at www.Inlinkz.com. It will then ask you for a coupon code, since the service is by  “invitation only” during it’s BETA phase.

Here is a Link Manager coupon code for you:

And guess what? It’s totally FREE during the whole BETA phase until the end of May. So go ahead and try it out!

Here is a video made by Kristina Werner introducing the Link Manager:

And you’ll love this new feature!!! It’s making the above process even easier! Here is a video that demonstrates how easy it is to create those collections of products by using the Link Manager Grabber :

Told you it was easy!!!

Now, if you are in any affiliate program I know it’s taking you ages to hop between brower tabs to find the product, generate the affiliate URLs, copy and paste it into your posts… Well, not any more! Link Manager can generate all those affiliate URLs for you!

Check out this video on how to set up your affiliate linking:

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer!

Enjoy linking your supplies and let your readers find the products you are using! It’s so easy!


  1. Thank you Vicky for giving another free trial!! I tried it a *little* back when it was introduced and LOVE is not even a good enough word to describe it, more like NECESSARY!!!! It does save soooooooo much time. My problem when I did the free trial before was finding the time to get it all up and running. I hope this time I can set aside some time to do it correctly. Thank you again, you are so helpful!!!

  2. I love Inklinkz. I just installed the WordPress plugin but it’s not that easy to use… I have no idea how to add links to a collection with that but I’ll get there eventually I guess.
    Or is it just to let people insert a url ?
    I’m a bit lost with that, honestly.

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