Hi everyone and welcome to my Sunday how-to videos! As you might have read they are back to my personal blog where they started in the first place. I am so happy to have them back home, I even made a video intro!

I feel like celebrating! Watch out for the next post with giveaways!!! 

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Today it’s back to the basics. I am making a super simple (in terms of layout) card, using some of my favorite techniques: distressing, coloring, embossing and die cutting!

I used my distress markers to color the image and also used my watercolor brush to blend here and there. I like the fact that the colors in the main image match perfectly with all the distress inking around the image and the base card. And this is why I love my new distress markers. They are easy to use, they have two nibs (a  fine one for details and a brush) and they react to color. Perfection!

Here is a closer look on this pretty stamped image. I added glossy accents on the vase and stickles on the flowers.

And guess what? That card is flat! Oh yes… it must be the first F L A T card I ever made… no dimension, no 3d foam adhesives, no ribbon… nothing … and I am telling you that was HARD to do! I love dimension… but I tend to challenge my self lately 🙂

Anyway enjoy the video here on on my personal YouTube channel.




Did you like my video intro? Took me a day to put everything together, but I am proud of it.

Thank you all for visiting today! Enjoy the day 😉


  1. Love the card and how you colored it. I bought the set a week or so ago and have been having great fun trying them out and playing with them. You have inspired me to do more!

    Happy Sunday!

    PS…love your new intro on the video!

  2. Yes, I love the intro! Well done! And I’m so happy to hear the music that is so familiar to me and loved by me….I hope you don’t change it! I just love it! The card is wonderful—thanks for sharing and helping me to feel more creative today~~~

  3. I think your intro is fantastic Vicky! Your card is so pretty. Love the stamp. Adding it to my rather large list of must haves!

  4. Loved the intro and so glad you are still doing these great videos. The card is wonderful. I have yet to buy the distress markers, I might have to take the plunge.
    What paper did you used for the card? Is it a watercolour paper?

  5. Different place than I normally watch, but still same GREAT card. Thanks…. can’t wait for next Sunday!!!

  6. Hi Vicki,

    I am very glad to be able to see you videos again, I got my Sunday started by watching your video on “lilly pad card” site that I was sad to see the site closing.
    Now I am so excited to be able to continue looking at your videos and be inspired by them.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and techniques.

  7. Cool intro! Glad to see your videos here, but I’m still a little sad about the pond….

  8. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Vicky has another fabulous card and video to share….all is right with the world!

  9. I love the music too, I crank it up, and enjoy…gorgeous card Vicky, loved the glossy vases, and loved watching you colour..Thanks for sharing.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  10. Hi Vicky,
    So glad I can still watch your videos and hear the old familiar music!

    Even your flat cards are simply amazing. I never would have guessed that the yellow was inked on — thought it was coloured cardstock. The flowers are gorgeous and I really like the glass look you’ve achieved.

    Thanks once again for sharing!

  11. Hi Vicky! Love your card and have enjoyed your Sunday videos since the beginning. Glad to see they live on! Curious to know exactly which Nestabities’ set you use to make the cards? Thanks!

    1. the Nestabilities I used are linked just below the video in the supplies list. They are the wonky ones. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Always enjoy your videos so much! Love the music and all the new ways to create. Thank you.

  13. As long as you have your tutorials I’m a happy camper…I don’t care where I see them just so I get to see them..and yeahhhhhhhhhh your still using the same great music. I was so happy when I heard the music…felt like old home week…ha ha ha ha


  14. So glad you are still doing your wonderful videos, Vicky – I have been watching them since before you moved them to Lily Pad. I agree with the others; please don’t change th music – it is such a happy melody! Love this beautiful card today – the stamp is gorgeous and so is your coloring and the card design!

  15. Ah, how I love your videos Vicky. This stamp is impossible to prey my eyes off of – so much dimension on a flat card. Great colors – wonderful techniques. Thanks a bunch.

  16. Hi Vicky,
    it took me a while to find you on your new/old blog. Lovely card, very effective colors and a pretty setting. I am so glad that you did not stop your Sunday how-to-videos. It wouldn’t be Sunday without them.
    Love your intro and it feels good to have the well-known music along with your cards. I look forward to play some more with the Distress Markers. Aren’t they great?!
    Looking forward to next Sunday.
    Regards from Germany

  17. Amazed at. Your work, and hope to get time to try some cards, would be great if they turn out just a little like yours.

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