Hi everyone!

Lately I am into art journals and mixed media so I have lots of new inks, sprays, paints and stencils in the house. My new dylusions spray inks have been waiting patiently in my craft room to be used.

But who said all these products are just for art journal pages and tags?! Here is a card that I did applying many techniques I’ve learn from the amazing Dyan Reaveley.

Blue and white is my second favorite combination for winter/holiday cards just after the green/red combination. And check out that snowman! It’s from the Tim Holtz blueprint collection.

You can enjoy the how-to video below or at my YouTube channel.



If I am not too shy I might share this week the first page of my art journal. Guess what?! I even filmed the process…



  1. LOVE this Christmas card Vicki..my favorite colour combo too, after red and green 🙂 I as well am loving mixed media lately and just purchased Dyan Reaveley’s big journal…but I am too nervous/afraid to start…SO I would LOVE to see your first page…please share your video!!!

  2. Oh, Please don’t be shy, Vicky! I know we’d all love to see your art journal!

    Love, love, love this inky card and I love that you got messy too!


    Happy Sunday!

  3. I love the card.
    I’m looking forward to your art journal. Don’t be shy. If it is anything like this card I’m going to like it!

  4. You really know how to make these product SHINE!! Love seeing you playing with the new goodies! Amazing video as always!!!!!! LOVE your little helping hand! Hope to see more of Maria’s “guest appearances”!!

  5. I already had some of the needed supplies, just didn’t really know how to put them to good use. NOW I’ve learned from the Best!! I loved this Christmas card, especially the color scheme blue and turquoise etc. I enjoyed the way you put things together to come up with this WOW card.
    Please share your journal as well, we all need each others support in venturing into new crafting “roads” and skills-so to speak.I am convinced it will be another Vicky hit!
    Have a nice week and enjoy your new crafting materials.
    Love Gisa from Germany

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your new technique Vicky..I love the snowman and fabulous background and finishing details, such a fun and gorgeous card..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. Vicki, LOVE YOUR CARD. I’ve been playing with Dylusions stamps, sprays and inks. What fun they are. Dyan is the best. Keep on playing and getting your fingers inky.

  8. That is so cute that your daughter helps you out and I would love to see your art journal.
    Now I have to get some dylusions ink spray it will have to wait till my next pay check because I went and got a xbox with this check but only because it was fifty bucks off…..lol I have such an addictive personality stamping, scrapbooking, and now gaming, is there a twelves step program for any of those addictions…….lmao

  9. thanks for letting us see your “process” when you create these fabulous cards. I never fail to learn from you!  your background was really amazing….I don’t have those spray dies, so I really liked learning about them through you. And those colors….WOW! I forget how powereful white is with rich blues/greens. Need to remember and use that tip! Thanks!
    PS: looks like your daughter is a wonderful supervisor!

  10. hi vicky great card!!! love the background.!!! I have a question … what was that white thing you used at the end (when you had already glued the background on your card ?? ) min10:34 ….

  11. I’ve never played with those sprays before! Don’t even have them yet 🙂 I love all the technique layering on that background. It’s so gorgeous. The snowman is amazing too! Hi to the little one 🙂

  12. Hi i like and follow your work
    Specially your videos
    Its so clear …
    Thanks for sharing…
    Wich kind of paper do you use for dillusion spray????

  13. I was wondering what is that clear brush-pen thing you use to pick up the sprayed ink from the working surface? Your videos have been something my kids enjoy daily after school to give ideas and to learn techniques. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Liz,
      that is a water color brush with a barrel that holds it’s own water…. no need to dip the brush tip in the water. It’s amazing!!!
      I’ll email you more details and links!

  14. Love this card! I think I’ve watched all ur christmas card videos! And love all of them! This hac to be ONE ofmy favorites!! I’m new at car making, I use to craft a lot, more diy painting making things, but had to stop because od some back problems ( 5 surgerys on my neck) later! I decided to try scrapbooking & card making. I’ve had some problems getting started but ur videos r such inspiration for me! The only problem now is I’ve spent quit a bit of money on the basics, but every time I start to make something ifind I need something else! Any suggestions before my husband kills me? Lol!!! Thanks again for all u have taught me! Hope to hear any. Suggestions u might have!

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