Have a great month everyone and thank you for joining me today! I have a new art journal page for you today, colorful and full of flowers. And I have a BIG surprise… I did a voice over video today! Too nervous about that, hope you will NOT hate my Greek accent! LOL!

Here is my page:

and here are some more close ups.


All the flowers are dimensional, with lots of white dots and some of them are embellished with little buttons.


“Bloom where you are planted” is the quote and I colored my chipboard letters using distress paint.


Take a look at the antennas, they are made out of wire.

You can watch the video below or at my YouTube channel.


Giveaway Winner

The winners of my “Decorative Sealing Wax” sets are  Isabel and terriavidreader.

Congratulations ladies, I’ve emailed you. If you don’t reply in a week I will have to draw another winner.

Thank you all for visiting today and please leave me a comment about the voice over!




  1. YAY!! I’ve been waiting for your next journal page and wow! Do I ever love this one! So beautiful, Vicky! And it was wonderful to hear your voice this time too! Made me smile! I’m so glad you share your talent with us! Hugs! 🙂

  2. I love your journal pages and look forward to them each month – thank you so much. it was good to hear your voice too.:-)

  3. Love your voice! I’m inspired by the art pages, especially when you said you found the quotes first. I have a list of quotes that I keep on my fridge. There things my husband and kids have said that made me smile, inspirational quotes, etc. I kept thinking that I should do something and just when I was getting used to them being on the fridge along comes your idea! Thank you so much! Your blog is one of my favorites.

  4. Congrats to Isabel and Terri have fun with your new goodies.

    Vicky your video was awe inspiring I always love what you do and how you go about doing it. You are an extremely talented young lady. I so enjoyed your voice over your voice is so soothing and your speak so eloquently I enjoyed each and every little thing you did just another amazing video.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I love your accent and look forward to more voice overs. I have commented before about your videos before–can’t wait for them each week. Wonderful tutorials!!!

  6. Πανέμορφη η δημιουργία σου, όπως πάντα!
    Είναι το ανάποδο του “Μη φυτρώνεις εκεί που δε σε σπέρνουν”;;;
    Και η φωνή σου και η προφορά σου, μια χαρά!
    Εμένα μου αρέσουν και τα 2, και μουσική με “υπότιτλους”, και τα λόγια, οπότε φαντάζομαι είναι θέμα διαθέσιμου -ή μη- χρόνου σου να προτιμάς κάποιο από τα 2 στο μέλλον!
    Ευχαριστούμε! Καλή συνέχεια!
    (Αν είδα καλά, ανάμεσα στα ξύλινα γραμματάκια, υπήρχαν και ελληνικά; Τι κρίμα που δεν βγαίνουν και σφραγίδες με ελληνικά λογάκια….)

  7. Look forward to all of your posts – helps to inspire my little bit of creativity! Enjoy the music and the voice-over. Your journal pages are always fun!

  8. gorgeous page vicki! and yes, i love the voice over. love hearing the process and your other tips that come out when you’re talking!

  9. Hi Vicky, My daughter and I wait for sunday to see your video. It was real and pleasant surprise to hear your voiceover, it was too good. And your art journal is fab as always.

  10. LOVE this page and I love the voiceover!! It’s great to hear your voice again, Vicky. I’m so impressed with the wonderful “card-maker” style you bring to art journaling. You’ve inspired me to start a journal too! Have a lovely week!

  11. As always, I love your videos and look forward to seeing them every Sunday! And now I love hearing your voice! Don’t know what you were nervous about. Keep up the beautiful work, you are so talented!

  12. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful card videos as well as your fabulous journal pages. You have inspired me to start my own journal as well as canvases. I look forward to watching your videos each Sunday as well as hearing more of your voice.

  13. Fun page and another great video! Thanks for all the technique ideas. I really enjoyed your voice over. 😉

  14. Your journal pages make me want to start my own art journal, I love that you use quotes for your inspiration. It was great to hear your voice and I hope you share it in the future, you did a great job! Thanks so much for the inspiration and sharing your talent with us.

  15. I loved to hear you chat away Vicky,reading can sometimes be distracting and have to rewind..lol..fantastic journal page, so pretty with the flowers,and all those leaves..loved the textures and colours, beautiful.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  16. I liked hearing your voice. I would like you to continue to do voice overs. I thought your layout was very pretty with all the flowers.

  17. Loved the video and especially enjoyed the voiceover… what accent?! LOL 😉 I have been watching you for several years and think you and your work are amazing… a true inspiration!

  18. Hi sweet Vicky! I SO enjoyed everything today, your finished product, the process, your voice! I’m getting closer and closer to trying this one of these days!! Keep your videos coming!

  19. Thanks for posting these each week. I look forward to watching you and getting inspired. Love the voice-over! 🙂

  20. Hi Vicky!
    I won the Decorative Sealing Wax set!!
    Thanks so much!
    I’ve already sent you an email…
    Hugs from Spain

  21. Oh my goodness….how fun to hear your voice! And all this time I thought you were Greek American married to Greek. It never occurred to me that you would have a Greek accent. Duh! LOL! I loved the voice over…and I love each and every project you do. You are amazing!
    Love the art journaling page….just fabulous!

  22. Stunning journal page, Vicky!! Just love the colorful flowers with all the delightful finishing touches! Great video – so fun to watch you create and I love the voiceover – what a lovely accent!

  23. I absolutely love your cards and journal pages. You are so very talented and I loved hearing your voice. Please keep it up!

  24. Wow, it’s so wonderful to hear your voice! Beautifully explained and expertly illustrated! You are amazing, Vicky! I like both ways of videos, just do whatever you think it’s best! xoxo

  25. Love your journal pages. Your voice was such a surprise! I love to hear you talk. Beautiful accent.

  26. I was so happy to see today’s video wa another fabulous art journal page! I have used that quote on digital scrapbook pages. Now I’ll have to do an art journal page like yours. It was a treat to hear your voice and accent! Loved every minute of it! You sure didn’t sound nervous at all. TFS Vicky! <3

  27. I love your style. So clean and eloquent. I am glad that you commented on how you come up with your pages. I struggle with that. I have seen so many “just slap a bunch of stuff on a page and see how it turns out” but that is not my cup of tea. This is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your talents and inspiring others. And the voice over was nice. Hope to learn more about your art.

  28. Wow Vovky, your voice and accent only add more beauty to your projects! Love this art journal page the best! Please continue to do the voice overs….it adds to the enjoyment of watching you create! Thanks for sharing. Ciao 🙂

  29. Sorry about the mis-spelling of your name! I was in such a hurry to write what I thought that I forgot to proof read what I wrote LOL.

  30. I just love your art journal – I have no talent in that department so it is fun to watch YOU create. You have a wonderful voice – and it is fun to put the voice with your picture to get a total sense of who you are. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

  31. Love all your videos. You always make it look so easy. The detail you put in your projects are simply fantastic. The voice over is terrific!

  32. Thanks sooo much again for another great video here Vicky, and it was really nice to hear your voice too. And please don´t worry about the dialect, as we all have that, not being a native born American, and it was still very easy to understand. And it was really great, that I didn´t have to concentrate on both looking at the work itself, but also to have to concentrate on the text in the screen now and then, but now I could concentrate on WHAT you were doing and not if I were missing anyof your writings, as it´s relaly easy to miss some of that, if you´re concentrated on other things, so I think, this worked really well and is definitely how I preffer it, and you did a really great job, on both the journal pages AND the video, so I´m looking forward to the next time now, and hope, you´ll do it this way again. Well done hun.
    And CONGRATS to both the lucky winners here too.

  33. I love your art journal pages, I have your first one as the background on my iphone 🙂
    I love the voiceover, it is fun to finally put a voice to your face.
    You are one talented woman, thank you for sharing that talent.

  34. Fantastic! Even though you have always done a great job explaining in your videos, it was great to hear your own thought process. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  35. LOVE your art journal pages! And LOVE hearing you explain what you are doing. Makes it much clearer and easier to understand. Your accent is wonderful! ….Robyn from Australia

  36. I had to come see the page on a full screen, sometimes your creations are too pretty for a tiny iphone screen! This is so bright and gorgeous. The little details you add are so amazing and always perfect!

    When you started talking I almost fell off my bed! Took me a second, haha! I love your accent too. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a Greek accent so to me it sounded Italian! I think you did fantastic. I understood & could hear everything! Well done!

  37. YES! we LOVE your voice over! It helps me understand what you are using and what technique you are doing…VERY helpful:)
    BEAUTIFUL page!

  38. Loved the video and really liked hearing the voice over. It was wonderful to hear your instructions and to know what your thought processes were as you created the page. It is very helpful to hear your voice. Thank you for being so brave!

  39. Hi Vicky – If it made you a little worried to use your speaking voice on the video then I say Brava to you for being courageous! 🙂
    I thought you sounded wonderful – clear and self-assured.
    I appreciate you did the voice over in English! 🙂

    (From my perspective – either text narration or voice narration work well – they each have their benefits…:))

    As always – a fun and creative journal page…you’re a joy! 🙂

    Vicky 🙂

  40. Lovely post and lovely voice. You sound so exotic to those of us here in the States. You make this look so easy. What a beautiful layout. More, please! And do add your voice overs. You have such a rich, sweet sound.

  41. I love your videos! It was great to hear your voice! Don’t be afraid to talk!

    Your page is so inspiring. I loved the colors and your use of Modeling paste for texture. I have used embossing paste which I believe is the same thing.

    I look forward to your videos all the time.

  42. If you are more comfortable speaking Greek, do your voice overs in Greek so that we can hear you with English sub titles so we can read what you are saying!

    Sounds like too much work to me! Lol

  43. This was my all-time favorite video of yours! Lovely accent, and you spoke slowly and clearly which made all the difference. Also LOVED the fact that you kept the music level low so that the voiceover was at the forefront where it belongs. I’m a retired flight attendant who flew Athens all the time and hearing you speak made me realize how much I missed that wonderful place! While I have no plans to do a journal page, everything you showed us today was full of inspiring ideas I plan to use on my cards – I really learned a tremendous amount and can’t wait to apply it. I so hope you do more voiceovers as I think you’re a natural at it: perfect instruction (not too much or too little), very informative, and so pleasant to hear. Efharisto!

  44. I just love your journal pages. You are so talented and artistic. Your youtube video with your voice was beautiful. You should do more voice over videos.

  45. You are so so talented. So happy to finally hear your voice….. which is lovely by the way. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art.

  46. Yay Vicky! I love your first voiced video. I’m not a native speaker either, it was very easy for me to understand you. What a beautiful page, and I like even more as you were explaining the process and materials. TFS

  47. Vicky:

    First of all, your voice over was great! You have a great voice – you were very clear and I love the accent! I am a new follower of your blog and I absolutely love it. I wish I had half your talent and all of your supplies! I am amazed at how you make everything look so easy! What a talent!

  48. Thank you for another wonderful art journal page. I have never done an art journal before, but I really liked your idea of using quotes as inspiration. I am just going to have to try that for myself because I love quotes. Your voice is beautiful and loved hearing you speak. Thank you for your inspiration!

  49. Loooooove your voice…
    It sound like romanian or bulgarian speeking english!!!
    I would never guess its you!!!!
    As always our video is so cool
    Like the simple way you have to demonstrate and teaching us….
    It s really so inspiring to me…
    Keep on going

  50. Loved everything, voice and the journal page. We just moved and I have been having a hard time but your quote was a nice reminder to grow no matter where you live! Thanks! Look forward to anything you do!

  51. Hi Vicky – Well I always look forward to your videos and this one was all the better for hearing your voice! You are a talented lady – thank you for the continued inspiration!

  52. I love it with the voice over! You have a lovely voice and your instructions were perfect timed with the video! I love your art…have a lovely day.

  53. I look forward to your videos every week and your journal art pages are absolutely beautiful!!! Your blog is my favourite one and you inspire me so much!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. Loved the voice over- hope you keep doing them! You sound delightful !!!

  54. Hi Vicky, I like your voice over in this video, thank you so much for sharing this great art journal tutorial and explaining everything in detail. You should do more voice over videos, and yes I do like the background music too. Thanks once again. 🙂

  55. Thank you vicky for this beautiful video. You shoudn’t worry you have a very pleasant voice and your accent is just charming. Your videos on art journal are so inspiring , I don’t think i will resist very long !
    Many thanks for sharing al these gorgeous things.

  56. Absolutely love all your video’s and your voice over was great. Being of Greek descent myself, I love listening to you. Keep up the creative inspiration. You are so very talented!

  57. LOVE the voiceover. Your voice is great, and don’t worry about your accent. I think accents are beautiful. And hey, your English is better than my Greek!

  58. I really like the voice over because now we know what and why you are doing the techniques that you do. Keep up the wonderful work, you are an inspiration.

  59. I love your videos. You have so inspired me to start my own journal! I also enjoyed your voiceover! I have learned so much from your blog and videos, thank you for sharing. I think it’s great while explaining your technique, you answer questions from your subscribers. I can’t wait to see more videos from you.

  60. Vicky…I just found your blog, based on a recommendation from a comment I read on the Operation Write Home website. I LOVE it!!! This journal page is fantastic and I really loved your voice thru the video. So happy I found your blog! Thanks for sharing!!!

  61. Very pretty card. I loved your voice over. I enjoy your projects and really enjoyed hearing you
    explain what you were doing.

  62. What a beautiful page! You have a very nice voice and the voice over is helpful when I am not sure how you did some thing because I don’t have near your talent for this so direction helps sometimes. Thanks and have a great week.

  63. Dear Vicky, I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m so amazed! I love your ideas!!!
    Thank you for sharing them with us, along with your techniques. I’ll be visiting often!

  64. Great video! I like the combination of you voice over with light music in the background. I also liked that you didn’t keep on chattering…but spoke when appropriate. You are extremely talented! Oh…also, great tip to glue 2 pgs together to make them sturdier!!

  65. Your voice is lovely, your English is perfect. Diversity is a good thing. It is so generous of you to share all your techniques too and such a lovely art journal page.

  66. I love your work, and I really look forward to your art journal pages each month. Your voice over is lovely, and it’s nice that you are sharing additional information on your process (although the previous videos were also easy to follow and very informative!).

    You are very, very talented and I appreciate that you share your talent with us. Thank you.

  67. Hello Vicky,
    Your accent doesn’t sound strange to me at all!!! You English is perfect.
    And your project is just amazing… As for the music, I’m used to your old one, which I absolutely love!
    Keep on inspiring us….

  68. You are amazing!!! Adore your accent… You did a great job. I love your work so much. I can say that I have made 6 of your cards so far and they all came out great. Thanks so much!!!

  69. Loved the voice over….actually, I was hoping you would start to do that….although I enjoyed your voiceless videos….I wanted to know what you were thinking and how you decided to do what you do. Please continue them!!!! Loved the journal and I also enjoyed watching you use so many different products. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  70. It is always a pleasure to watch and admire your creations. The VoiceOver is so Nice because it helps to understand all the technics and why you use them. Thanks so much

  71. It was wonderful to hear your voice! Love your art journal page, it’s so cheerful and a great quote as well. Using favorite stamps that stand the test of time is a great idea for an art journal.

  72. This was my first time seeing one of your videos, and I appreciate the voiceover to explain why you are chosing certain products, and giving us the “behind the scenes” tour. Thank you — I love that quote, and your pages really bring it to life. Beautiful!

  73. i always look forward to seeing your videos. the voice over sounded great. your are so talented and inspired me to do my own art journal. looking forward to the next video.

  74. Thanks for the video & it WAS much more INTERESTING with YOUR Voice! The HA’s Flower Text stamp is a fav or mine! Great journal pages!

  75. Hi, I loved your voice-over, you have a lovely accent and good diction. You made everything so clear and your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  76. Hi Vicky,
    Your pages are such fun to watch, and so lovely and clean…Your voice is great and I love your accent…please keep talking…can’t wait for your next journal page…keep inspiring us…hugs…
    Denise Trottier

  77. Love all your work, you gifted and talented lady. More art journal pages please…so inspiring x

  78. I am new here Vicky and I can’t decide which I love MORE…the art journals or the cards. They are all beautiful and so is your voice. Don’t be nervous, you sound great!! I’m looking forward to catching up with your video’s and to all your future videos!

  79. I’ve always lived your videos and now it’s so good to hear your voice. Love listening to your thought process while you’re creating. You’re work is amazing and I learn so much from watching your amazing videos. Keep up the great work and merry Christmas.

  80. By the way, that wonderful stamp, flower text, isn’t available at SSS. Any idea where else I could get it from? I live in Australia so not sure if it’s available here. Thanks.

  81. I love your style and your Greek accent. I hope to see lots more pages as they are very informative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  82. Your video was fabulous! I don’t normally have time to watch this length of craft video but I was riveted by yours. I loved your voice with the music quietly in the background and I loved that you gave clear information about the products you used. And of course I loved your artwork with the pretty flowers, leaves and words.
    Thank you very much.

  83. I’ve watched several of your videos and the art journals are my favorite. I love the voice overs as it helps me understand better what you are doing and why you are doing it.

  84. Vicky – I have only just come across your beautiful work. Everything I have seen till now on You Tube has been absolutely exquisite! You are an top Level Artist. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Talent with us. Your voice is great and Background Music nice and soft. Thank you so very much. Keep sharing!

  85. I love your work and the detail that you put into it. I also like the voice over. I think a lot more is shared with a voice over. I look forward to more of your talented pages to encourage me.

    Thank you for sharing…..

  86. Vicki – I have written before about how coming home and listening to a couple of your videos calms me after a stressful day at work. I love your Greek accent. I hope one day you will do voice overs on all your videos. I have a hard time just watching them unfold without hearing you. When i do decide to watch I have to turn the music off. I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor (I’m fine); but, the night before seeing the neurologist the only thing that completely calmed me was watching you complete an art journal and hearing your cheerful votive. Thank you.

  87. Hi Vicky..i really like all ur art journals. They are just wow!! I hv learnt alot from u n doing the same at home. But i m facing problems in getting art supplies as i m in Indian and here there is no sufficient stuff available. But using substitute for some stuff.

  88. Wow! Vicky I love your work, the videos are great, especially with the voice over and you have really inspired me!! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic ideas with us, I hope I can produce some work even half as good as yours!

  89. I like the voiceover tutorial because I am an auditory and visual learner. I enjoy your Greek accent. I know how you feel since I don’t live where I was raised. People have smiled at my accent for 30 years and have asked me where I am from. Most people enjoy hearing my accent and smile because they like hearing something different and not because they are making fun. I’m sure the same is true for you. Keep up the great instructional videos with a voice over. By the way you have lovely hands and arms with beautiful skin.

  90. Hi Vicky,
    May I please know the distress ink colors you used in this video? I’ve looked throughout the information given but can’t find where anyone else asked for the colors. I tried to catch the colors on the sides of the pads by pausing the video over and over, but I can’t quite catch them all. Thank you for showing us your “how-to’s” of your beautiful work. I love the vibrant colors you use.

  91. Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful art work . Do you have a video just for browsing through your journal? I hope one day to be able to create something half as beautiful one day, so I will keep watching and learning.

  92. Thank you Vicki for your videos and voice overs. You are a true artist and an exceptional teacher. Watching your process is wonderful but watching and hearing your voice and listening to the teaching is just the best! Your colors and design are appealing and expressive. Each piece that you have done in video teaches new ideas. Thank you.

  93. Love this! I want to make a sign for my mom’s garden like this! Any suggestions on how to make it waterproof? Love the voice over and your lovely accent!♥♥♥

  94. Where do you get your stencils and chipboard letters from for Bloom video?
    Love your videos!

    Thank you

  95. Absolutely love this. The video is excellent. I know it’s an old video but so inspirational. Thanks

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