Time for another art journal! I had so many requests about a new layout and I couldn’t resist a bonus mid-week video.

Today’s art journal is super fun and colorful. I just love the outcome.


I did draw all the coffee and tea cups and then stack them all together. And take a look at the background! Such texture and super easy to make. Here are some close-ups


Aren’t those tea tags the cutest?


I am thinking of making art journal videos more regularly… like once a week. So maybe a Sunday card video and a mid-week art journal video.  What do you all think?

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel here. If you want to see all of my art journal videos just click here.


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  1. You are so awesome and talented. Everything looks so easy when you do it! I wish I had your talent! You always amaze me with your projects!

  2. I always get excited when I see that you have posted a video. This cup page is my absolute favorite, though! I collect teacups, so I am interested in any card or art journal page with them. You always inspire me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I would love it if you would do an art journal video every week.
    I love your art journal videos and your art journal pages.
    I have your first art journal as the background on my IPhone.

  4. Vicky would love to see more art journals…this is just awesome, I would love to be able to make such beautiful art as you do.

  5. Wonderful journal page. I love each of you creative pages so much. It would be awesome if you did a video of a new art journal page each week!

    If one doesn’t own the Faber Castel markers you use, is there another marker that would work as well?

  6. I would love more videos! I really enjoy all of them that you make. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  7. You made drawing those cute cups look so easy! Love your art journal pages and tuts Vicky! I’d LOVE to see them once/week! I’ve scrap lifted quite a few! Thanks so much!

  8. I love love love all your work, but I especially LOVE your art journal pages and videos…..So,….my vote is a definite YES for a weekly art journa video. Thank you for sharing all that you do!!!

  9. I always love when you post an art journal page!! I love how the pages are reminiscent of cards….just my kind of style! I look forward to a weekly video!

  10. I’ve been trying to get over to my computer all day to watch this and I finally did! LOVE this fun, fun page, Vicky! Fantastic idea with the sentiment and cups – can’t believe you DREW them! All the shading, colors and details are wonderful!

    And YES PLEASE!! An art journal video each week would be awesome!

  11. I could watch your videos everyday of the week. So please keep them coming 😉
    Your style is just perfect. I love your cards, art journal pages, everything you do.

    Greetings from Finland!

  12. i loooove your work Vicky!!i adore your journal pages and i ve made a couple of them on a canvas!!!pleaseeeee make a video for us once a week!!thanx!!you re an inspiration!

  13. Totally superb Vicky…kept me spellbound through the whole process…loved your cups and finally clicked to the cup stains and tea splash…lol..fantastic background and colours…just loved it.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  14. Vicki, you have such a fantastic eye for color and shading to add depth and contrast. You are my fav mixed media artist. Thanks for keeping it real by pointing out your thought processes, imperfections, when to add, and when to quit. Yes, please do more. I dabble in both art journals and cards.

  15. Hi Vicky oh my goodness girl your Art Journal page was unbelievable I just watched in awe through your whole creative process. I always am amazed as I watch it all come together. I too am in awe of the type of subject matter you think up and bring it to life in your journal. You truly are an artistic genius. I swear it’s like I’m watching a magic show and as your create I see the magic in action. I would love to see you do more of your Art Journal videos absolutely didn’t even have to think about this answer. Thanks for making my days!!

  16. Vicky, you are a genius! I love watching you work…….whether it is a card or your art journal it really doesn’t matter. You are so talented and artistic it just amazes me as to how everything comes together when you create. If you did a video every day it wouldn’t be enough! I love love love watching you work 🙂 Thanks for sharing and giving us a look into your creativity!

  17. Your art journal pages are so beautiful and inspiring! I would be thrilled to see one of your art journal pages once a week and watch its creation on a video! Thank you for all the inspiration, the ideas and techniques you spread to us!!!

  18. Hi Vicky,
    this Journal page was simply outstanding. I wished, I had part of your talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I’d love to see a weekly art Journal page, if you could do it-time permitting.-
    Regards from Germany, Gisa

  19. I would love to see more of your art journaling. I love your videos and I am always looking forward to new releases. Many greetings from Germany. Yours, Tanja

  20. FABULOUS video – as always. And yes, I would love to see you create more pages. You are fantastic! I am not nearly creative enough to do this type of journaling but I LOVE WATCHING YOU!

  21. I love what you are doing and because of you I had to buy a book to try this myself – though I have not started yet. It looks so funny – and easy. So yes please – more videos.

  22. Wonderful!! I love watching and hearing you make your beautiful creations. Wish you had a posting every day! Thank you for sharing your many talents.

  23. Hi Vicky,
    it unusual to hear the voice video, with the music I like your videos, is a classic of scrap ……
    I love your work,
    and I love your journal pages
    greetings from Argentina

  24. I LOVE your art journal videos and eagerly look forward to them. Boy! Was I thrilled when I heard you mention in the video that you are considering make an art journal page every week! Am sure I am unanimous in saying that will be greatly welcomed!

    Thanks to you, I am sooooooo inspired that hubby has promised me all the art journal goodies for Christmas this year; he’s going the whole hog for me so am super excited and would love to learn more tips from you.


  25. Your art work is so much fun – love what you make and show and the videos are wonderful! Thanks so much!

  26. My dear Vicky! This video was another amazing experience!
    Very artistic with personality and tips for several techniques.
    This page though, stands out for the realistic view, to my opinion.
    I mean, I really think that in a minute the stack will crush down
    and I’m ready to take my vettex to wipe off the stains!!!
    Congratulations once again and YES I would love to see art journal video more often, thank you!

  27. absolutely love your pages, techniques, instruction & so look forward to your WEEKLY art journal pages. the beautiful structure of your art inspires me…a new art journalist!!

  28. I love your journal pages so YES PLEASE I would enjoy watching a weekly journal page, your work is most inspiring.
    Many thanks for sharing your work and enthusiasm.

  29. Absolutely love all your art journal pages, so inspirational! Would be great to see more – one a week is a fantastic idea! 🙂

  30. Of course I want a weekly art journal video.I love watching your videos Vicky.They are all awesome!

  31. Vicky, I just discovered your videos! I am so impressed with your cards and Art Journal videos, please keep them coming as they are so inspiring! Have you considered making tutorials for your art journal? I would register for sure! 🙂

    1. Thank you Daisy. I make a video for every art journal layout! So there is no need for you to register or pay anything. I just share them for free.

  32. Please, please, please share your art journal pages more frequently! Aside from just seeing beautiful artwork, I always learn a trick or two!

  33. I love your art journal pages. Seeing more of them would be great!
    Thank you for sharing all of your talent and inspiration. Have a wonderful week.

  34. Vicky, Barb had told me about your art journaling and have been a huge fan ever since! BUT, this video had my jaw on my lap!!! I can’t believe you hand cut out those stamps! I learned so much from just this one video and hope to complete my first page from your inspiration…. Have a most joyful holiday season!

  35. Hello Vicky,
    I have just found our delightful video via France @’Papillon sur la branche’. Your video is absolutely AWESOME. It’s been such a treat to sit and watch the process and how it evolves along with the gorgeous detail and interest in the finished spread. I would certainly LOVE to see more of your videos and a weekly one sounds brilliant.
    I’m hoping to look through your other videos too when time permits.
    Warmest best wishes from across the miles here in France.

  36. Oh my! Every time you do another art journal page I think it’s my favorite. This is amazing! I think I want to be you when I grow up. LOL! And yes, it would be wonderful if you did an art journal video every week. I know I’d love it! Thanks! You truly inspire me.

  37. LOVE your journal pages, don’t know where I’ve been but just found your blog this past week and am soaking up the videos! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

  38. I would love to watch a art journal video per week. I’ve actually decided to start my own journal since I’ve watched you.

  39. Hi Vicky

    Ohh, it would be awesome if you did a art journal video every week. I love your art journaling sooooooooooo much.

  40. Hy Vicky,

    Sure i’d really be happy to watch an art journal video every weeK. Please go on for us to have the pleasure to see all your beautiful creations !

  41. what a treat it is to watch your videos! a friend shared one on FB yesterday and now I am SUCH a fan. love it knowing your daughter is in there with you….she will be soaking up all that creativity…..lucky girl. thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination and techniques!

  42. Vicky, I just found you yesterday. I am so glad, but I have one thing to say…. Your art work is too beautiful to keep in the journals. You need to get these hung up on the wall! Thanks for sharing them process with us!
    Kristine 🙂

  43. Hi Vicky,

    I just found your YouTube channel and I love your work, especially your journal pages. You make everything look so easy. Thanks for sharing. I’ve become a follower of your channel and your blog.

    Elaine Allen

  44. I would love to see a new art journal weekly from you but it might be too much to ask. One a month would be fabulous too!

  45. Hi Vicy
    Yes we like to see more and more , video a week such a great idea.
    I’d like to ask about the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint multimedia matte..Why it comes in colour in their website?? what is the purpose?

    1. I think you mixed up things a bit. These are two different products by Claudine. She has the “Multi-Medium” in Matte and Gloss finishes which is an art quality gel medium used for gluing, image transfers, sealing art, creating glazes etc. And then she has these other colored bottles (they do look the same) but they are called “Semi-Gloss Paint” which is a collection of 15 highly pigmented, artist quality acrylic paints. Creamy in consistency, they can be mixed together for an endless palette of colors without becoming muddy. Hope this helps!

  46. Love it!! How do I get more? You are an awesome artist! Also style of presenting your work is what makes me want to see more!!

  47. Hello Vicky,

    I stumbled upon this video today and OH MY GOD, I’m in AWE!! I watched all the voice-over ones and am highly impressed and totally inspired. I think I’ll start an art journal for myself now. 🙂

    Thanks you for sharing your amazing work!!
    H. from Germany

  48. Vicky, thank you so much for publishing these videos! I just found you today on YouTube and through the entire video, I was wishing that we could access a supply list. You are the best! Please publish many more as you definitely have a new fan!


  49. I really enjoyed watching you create this. And the end result looks fantastic. I want to do an art journal myself and you have helped
    me see that it is perfectly do-able, especially with you showing us the ropes in you demonstration videos. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to show us how its done. I do believe i will actually start one now and stop procrastinating over it. I can’t wait to see your other demo’s and look through your blog to see what other wonders you have created. Really grateful to you, thanks again, Mel x

  50. You’re art journal is just creative and beautiful. …I love you ideas. Can’t wait to see more!. Fan of your crafts.

  51. This is the first time I have seen your artwork! I loved this tutorial as it gave me tons of ideas and was encouraging to get beyond relying on dies and premade embellishments to make a scrapbook page or a card. Thanks for taking the time to do these tutorials as I learn so much.

  52. You are incredible and so talented! I had a smile on my face the entire time I watched this! You opened my eyes to wonderful shading techniques. Thank you and keep going!!!

  53. I just love your work and look forward to seeing more. You encourage me to keep going as I always seem to make a mess of things so now I will hopefully learn some techniques from you. Thank you so much.

  54. dear vicky am nelly and I am from Ecuador, I have been impressed by your skill to me is art, it’s beautiful. I wish you all the variety of materials that you have had in Ecuador but not there, so I feel very sad of not making jobs like yours. I work at home making cards designed, because I am a housewife and do some like that would be great.
    Learn to get those materials.
    thanks for everything, excuse the English, because I’m using the translator

  55. Absolutely wonderful. I love your very whimsical, and happy art and need this in my life now. I am going to follow you just so I can stay happy!


  57. Just found your site from a youtube video. Love that you take us through it all step by step sharing your tools. Now I am inspired to use to try some of my own ideas based on what you shared.

  58. Hi Vicky,
    I love your art journal pages and that Hottie Card is so cute!
    I am addicted! ☺️
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations.
    Looking forward to see more awesome creations.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  59. That was so awesome. I would watch you anytime you made a video, Heading to You Tube now to subscribe. You gave such wonderful directions. Love your work.
    Thank you so much for sharing,

  60. Totally love your videos. Your journal pages are amazing. I have also been a fan of Racho13, and Christy Tomlinson. I hope to see many more of your videos coming our way. Your journal pages are so inspiring. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these amazing videos!!!

  61. Luv all your Art Journal pages. Your tutorials are so complete and I like how you tell us about how the products work together and why you are using a certain product.
    Would like to see more art journal videos from you. Thank you for sharing your creativeness.

  62. You make the art journal pages look so easy. I am not as creative but with the videos, I hope to create my own journal. Thanks for your “how-to” to use the tools, etc. and what you like to use to create the page.

  63. Merci pour ce tuto en vidéo, c’est absolument magnifique !
    J’ai beaucoup aimé cette page, alors je m’en suis inspirée, c’est sur mon blog !
    merci pour le partage ! Bises.

  64. Hi Vicky ! I did not have the supplies, but I am inspired by your great tutorial to make a page of my art journal ! thank you very much for your “how to” ♥

  65. Loved the journal page Vicky, infact love all your creations, your instructions are so easy to follow and love the way you explain what you are doing step by step. I did this page last night and loved doing it.
    Thanks for sharing all your utube and blog creations with us.
    Hugs Linda

  66. Wonderful! Very inspiring. I love the color mix and the technique you showed to blend the cups with the background. Thank you1

  67. Vicky, you’re an angel!
    By hazard i found this on youtube and for the last two days I’ve been watching your clips!!! ( I couldn’t find a bettet Way to play hide and seek with the sun – guess what, I won all the time 🙂 ) Thanks!
    Now I know what I’m goding to give my best friend when she turns 50 in January. (She lives in Dubai and lack nothing I think).
    I have to improvise though since f ex I can’t find all the supplies you use here in Sweden ( Gelatos and Big brush – I really fell in love with them).
    Finally I’ll use all the scrapping and stampning supplies I’ve been buying throughout the years and which are actually collecting dust in my cupboard since I’ve been into Vedic Art painting.
    Thanks for being so inspiring!

  68. Vicky,

    Thanks so much for posting these videos up! I just happened to have spare time and wanted ideas for my kitchen and I found your YouTube videos – yay! Question: Can this process be done on canvas?

  69. Fantastic page. The cups look amazing and really each one is just one piece of paper.. Looks much more detailed than that in the finished project. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  70. I have a broken leg so I am passing the time watching some art journal videos. This one was fantastic. Thanks for helping me get through my day faster. I love your work!

  71. Hi Vicky,

    This was the first art journal tutorial I ever saw and it introduced me to this beautiful mixed media world I did not even know existed. Since then I have been watching and trying out a lot of techniques. But honestly This video continues to be my favourite… 🙂 … Is it alright if I add your url to any art journal blog article I write anytime I future for others to watch and get inspired? Waiting for your next art journal post EAGERLY..

  72. I love your art journal pages and you have inspired me so much. I would love to see more and often if you are able. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    Ihope you continue to post your videos of your art journal pages and your cards. They are so beautiful.

    Thank you

  73. Vicky ,your videos are absolutely fabulous. I love them all. I would like to know if Mark of these supplies

  74. This is soo beautiful, your art took 5 years to reach my country (India) in d end i found you..You truly my inspiration, thank you love from India☺

  75. I seriooᥙsly love ylur site.. Excellent colors
    & theme. Did you build this amazing site yourself?

    Please reply back as I’m tryin too create my own personal website and would like tto кnow where you got thgis frοm or
    just what the theme is called. Cheers!

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