Time for another journal layout! Today I used a ton of Tim Holtz products including distress paints, dies, stamps and embellishments. I had so much fun creating this layout and it goes straight to my top favorites, of the pages I’ve created so far.

Here are some close-ups






You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel

Supplies: (click images for more info)

Thank you all for visiting ! See you all on Sunday with another video.


  1. Your work is just beautiful. It seems so simple when I look your videos. And yet there is a lot of work behind.
    Thank you very much for sharing this!

  2. Amazing! You truly create beautiful works of art! I just love your videos! You are so inspiring!

  3. Woo-Hoo! 1st comment. I love your work. I check your blog daily to see what’s new. Thanks so much for inspiring me.

  4. I so look forward to seeing your art journal pages and I loved this one as well. I am waiting to have surgery on my hand in a week and have been unable to be creative for more than a month now which is very distressing. Your videos make the waiting time to getting my hand back to hopefully normall again makes painful times bearable. Thank you Vicky:)

  5. I am ALWAYS amazed at the ease with which you create these beautiful journal pages. You are inspiring! I watch them over and over to catch every little thing you do. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  6. Μπράβο Βίκυ!!! Πραγματικά ειναι ενα απο τα καλύτερα έργα σου!Συνεχισε έτσι δυνατά!

  7. Ε καλά εντάξει τώρα…ΕΙΣΑΙ ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΗ….

  8. You are amazing! Of all the art journals I watch on YouTube, you blow them all out of the water – no comparison! I absolutely love watching you create your pages – it’s magical to watch! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

  9. Love, Love, Love this!!! You are so talented. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so therefore I may have to follow you step-by-step in this new journey of mine crossing over from scrapbooking for many years to mixed media. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!

  10. This page is wonderful! I sooooo love it and plan to use it as inspiration for a page in my art journal. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a chance to work in my art journal. Thanks for another wonderful video and tons of inspiration.

  11. Vicky, this is fantastic! I love the idea of using printed versions of your sneak peek Instagram photos – brilliant! This page turned out beautifully! ♥

  12. Wow the art journal is so realistic. I realy like how you put the polaroids of the other art journals. You are a fantastic artist and very inspirational. I wish I could be so artistic as you are. Thanks for sharing and inspring me every time that you post.

  13. Absolutely EXQUISITE as usual Vicky!!! Loved the way you chose to position the film strip border die, and using your Instagram pics was BRILLIANT!!!!! I am always in complete awe of your amazing and inspiring art journal pages!!

  14. Once again what an amazing art journal vickyp_gr. Love every project you have done. Round of applause from me to you. You’re Big fan.

  15. Happy Saturday to you Vicky. Well you’ve done it again an amazing Art Journal entry. My goodness you sure outdid yourself with what you imagined and created with all your TH goodness. I love everything you used and I use the photo strip dies all the time on my LO’s but never in this way I went immediately to SSS and ordered the camera as I never knew he had a camera die out there and trust me I have tons of his dies I love them. I also have that film strip in the tin so after seeing all of your awesome ideas and the way you chose to create with everything I so am going to use my things in this way on a LO so again, love your art journal pages and as always I am in total awe of what you did you truly are ever so talented.

  16. What I enjoy so much about your style is the vibrancy. You take the supplies we all have and just make them POP. Thank you so much for showing more art journal pages.

  17. Oh Vicky, you created another beautiful art jour page! I just adore your creativity and the amazing pages you have done; they all are just so beautiful. I really couldn’t a favorite.

  18. Vicky, I loved the video, I love your art journals, I love all your projects, I love your blog — wonderful!

  19. Awesome, awesome, Vicky, another amazing journal page. I can’t say which journal page is my favorite by far, I just love them all, and so enjoy watching you making them, must be fun! Now you got me really really want to try some myself, but where should I begin? I see you used gesso, gel medium (matte), paste and etc, and you explained in your videos in the past of what these are, still I don’t quite understand why you covered your entire page with gesso after sticking the tissue paper down. Is this step essential? Would it be ok if you could make a video or even just a post to tell us, as a beginner, what sort of basic supply you need to get if you wanted to make art jounal page, and what do they all do. Hope this isn’t too much bother for you, thank you, and happy crafting!

    1. As I said in my video I covered the tissue with gesso to push it more on the background. No, this is not essential, it’s all a matter of what you want to achieve. I just wanted the text to be more faded.
      I can’t say what you need to have to start an art journal. This is totally personal and it’s based to what you want your art journal to be. Others might like spays, others use watercolors, or crayons. You can have an art journal with any supplies you have at home, all you need is the inspiration… then use whatever colors you have, play with them until you like the outcome. That is a great start! You can achieve amazing results just by using temperas and print outs from magazines or your printer!

  20. Gorgeous!!! So much work. I always “get inspired” as you say but I never have the courage to start….Lovely page!!

  21. A lot of work Vicky a lot of work. I like the page and I like the saying. I think that I’m finding it more and more fun watching you do these pages and one day I hope you show us the whole book.
    I love the colors and how vivid it all appears. It feels so free but as I watch you work I can see there is more to it than having a good time splashing around. I like what you are doing and what others are doing too. Your talent comes through one way or another. LOL
    thanks for being so open and sharing.

  22. Thanks for another great video vicki. I really enjoy your art journaling. When you talk about using baby wipes for cleanup, are you using them right out of the package, or do you have to rinse the solution of them first.

  23. I recently found your blog and I absolutely am a blessed papercrafter/stamper! Thanks so much for sharing ALL your techniques and your videos are very well prepared….I love your attention to details. I used to use paints years ago when I did tole painting and so now I guess it’s come full circle for me as I am enjoying them (paints)again thanks to your artwork Vicky. Your inspiration is wonderful. Thanks much! (I have that little music tune from your videos in my head from visiting your videos so often! hehe!)

  24. Vicky – another wonderful video tutorial. I love how you combine all the colors. Your journal pages are so beautiful. It is such fun to watch you create. Thanks always for sharing your talents.

  25. Vicki I love all your work but this is my favorite! I love how you used pictures of past projects for this journal page. And you always use my favorite colors! Just love it!

  26. Vicky , this is amazing ! I really enjoy watching your videos, they are so informative and easy to follow, you are always well prepared and organized .

  27. Would you do a post or video on how to make your pages smaller for reuse like that? I use photoshop elements and printing one small photo per page seems like a waste of paper and how to keep all the files organized would be great…originals, shrunken etc

  28. Wow….when I thought you couldn’t get any better. This Art Journal is brilliantly amazing. You really are amazing. Did you go to Art School. I don’t recall reading it in your profile. Or is it just a gift you have? You really are a gifted person. Have a great weekend.

  29. I can’t wait for every thing that you post , I really love your work. Sorry for my poor english which is still a work in progress. You are one of my favorites designer Thanks for all you post from Argentina

  30. You must get this all the time but I’ll say it anyway:
    You are INCREDIBLE!!!!! I love all your journal pages
    And your wonderful cards!!! Thank you!

  31. Fantastic page! I love how you picked images from previous pages… and everything else, too.
    I’ve been reading everything I can get about starting and “feeding” an art journal… lots of great tips. One of them is precious, obvious and indispensable – break the tyranny of the first page – also the one I haven’t go through, yet :).

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