Hello! Time for another art journal layout and today’s theme is travel.

art journal

I had so much fun creating that suitcase and I am sharing my go-to technique to create that leather look.


I have also created all the suitcase accents, such as the straps, the corner reinforcements and the travel stickers. One of my favorite elements on this project are the red airplane trails. I think small details like that, add so much in the whole picture!


You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel. In the beginning of the video I am also sharing a quick flip though my art journal since everyone is asking for it.

Supplies: (click on images for more details)

Thank you all for joining me today! I will be back during the week with more how-to videos and a giveaway. So stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Awesome, Vicky! Love the suitcase. I saw Tim H use Ink Refresher on a tag and made it looked just like leather. I like your version too! And those little airplanes, oh my, how special you made this project with all your little details. Super cool. TFS – you’re the best!

  2. WOW! I love all your videos, Vicky! This journal page is wonderful. I love all the details. I have learned so much from you and you inspire me with every project!
    Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius!

  3. Bravo….great layout! You are amazing. How do you come up with all these wonderful pages? Such detail! Would it be possible to do a page pertaining to animals? My son and daughter are animal rescuers and I would love to do a layout on canvas for them but I’m having a hard time coming up with a design. Would love some inspiration from you!!

    Also, do you seal your pages with something when you’re done?

    Thank you a million times for sharing your wonderful work!
    P.S. Love your name, by the way…hehe!

  4. What a wonderful tutorial! I absolutely love this layout … That suitcase is awesome … Wll be borrowing the technique you used for sure. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  5. WOW!! There is no end to your creativity! This was wonderful and I adore your suitcase! I cannot believe that started out as manilla cardstock! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

  6. I absolutely love your art journal and have been fascinated to watch how you create each page! Thank you so much for the inspiration – it’s wonderful!!!

  7. Amazing! What a fun art journal spread. You rocked this one like you did the others. What a great book and I know you have really enjoyed doing your pages! Thanks for the flip through!

  8. Just when I think you can’t amaze me anymore – YOU DO! WOW! This is an awesome page! The suitcase and treatment to make it look like leather is fabulous! Thanks, Vicky . . . I so look forward to your cards and art journal page videos!

  9. Hi Vicky girl you totally blew me away today with what you did and how you did it WOWZERS you created one awesome shabby chic suitcase I couldn’t believe what was I was seeing as I watched you created your case you just came up with so many amazing ideas and as I saw them come to life I was totally captivated. Your whole idea just is fantastic. Loved it all and your video made my day!!

  10. Wow! Fabulous layout! Love, love, love that suitcase that you created with the look of leather and the fabulous details! The stickers are great and I just love the wood planes and red trails! Just love it all, so creative!

  11. Vicky, this page is one of your best yet! That suitcase looks amazing! You are so talented! I know I’ve said this before, but I LOVE watching you create in your journal! ♥

  12. I find myself checking your blog often to see if you have posted a video so I can glean more artsy information and techniques. The creation of the suitcase was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.

  13. Vicky, your art journal is just gorgeous and I am particularly fond of this newest page. The suitcase is just amazing!

  14. Unbelievable talent! I find your videos and tutorials most amazing. It is very soothing to watch how easily you do your art, and your explanation and voiceover makes it so enjoyable!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  15. Hello Vicky,

    First of all.. WOW i totally love your work!! It is so beautiful!
    I sort of a starter with scrapbooking. Well i’m about to start but first i want to get inspired. And you do inspire me. Unfortunaly i do not have the money to buy all the supplies your using and so i have to buy the cheap version of some kind of materials!!
    I’m from Holland, but do you have some advice for the people who want to create those beautiful pages to but have not a lot of money to buy al these stuff you use?

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

    Love Stèphanie x

  16. hello VICKY!
    I just dicover your art journaling! FANTASTIC! I love all your pages; thank you so much for sharing all what you create; its an amazing source of information for me ( I scrap & use mixed media for 10 months only…).
    I live in New Caledonia and its so far from all… Internet is just a wonderfull way to learn tecniques.

    1. WOW! You live in an amazing place! So so far from me! I live in Greece, Europe.
      Internet is amazing for bringing people with the same interests together from all over the world!
      Thank you for your feedback and for making me travel to your part of the planet after googling where you live!!!

  17. Hi vicky, I love watching your videos , your so talented, and inspirational , I just wondered when the next journal
    Page will be , I look forward to them so much . Thank you for the work you do and sharing it with us .

  18. Hi Vicky!
    I love your work ,you are an artist, i love your art journal work, you do very beautifull pages and i try to do my own art journal, Iam From mexico city and i can’t find gel medium here, i want to know if i can replace gel medium with some thing else.
    i thaks for read me and i hope you can help me

  19. Hi Vicky,
    I LOVE this page…maybe it’s the travel theme. I really loved “learning” the technique for making the leather suitcase. I have a friend who will be turning 100 years old in March and she has traveled the world since she was about 22. I am going to use your idea to make her a suitcase birthday card. She will LOVE it. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. Keep those art journal pages coming! Margaret

  20. Vicky,
    I love love your journaling videos. Please make more I get so inspired by you. I am new to art journaling and have a lot to learn about when to use Gesso and when to use matte medium. Thanks for all of your creative videos. I need many many more!!!

  21. Hi Vicky,
    I’ve just watched your “Just Go” video and am so impressed with your skills. I think I’ve watched most if not all your videos now and have learned heaps! Thanks for sharing.
    Now I look forward to seeing how you will re-arrange the spine of your journal …you’re so near the end of the sketchbook and I can’t imagine how you will expand the binding.
    Best wishes from the other side of this lovely planet in Australia. You know, back in the 80s, Melbourne was the second (or third, not sure) largest Greek city after Athens.

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