Just as I promised I am back with some SUPER DEALS you don’t want to miss.

Have you ever browse through the products of Dick Blick? It’s an online art shop where you can get from paints and brushes to markers and dies. The prices are awesome and I just want to give you a heads up in case you want to stock up in alcohol markers and prismacolors!

They have 40-65% off on Prismacolors, depending on what set you’ll get! I just bought the 72 set for just $48.42. AMAZING! Can’t wait to get them. I also got some stumps and gamsol and I’ll be ready to go once they arrive. If you don’t have any prismacolors like me, I think this is a great deal.

And if you are into alcohol marker they have copic sketch markers for $5.24 (30% off). I didn’t get any copics BUT I am lately stocking up on Spectrum Noir markers and I needed some sets to complete my collection. I just got them for $8.95 for a set of six markers (25% off).

Click  images below and check prices!

OK I will stop now this enabling post…  although I could go on and on …. I got acrylic paints, gel mediums, brushes and more goodies for my art journals.

When I find another super saver deal I will let you know!

hugs 🙂


  1. Thanks Vicki that’s really nice of you to share your find! I sure have missed your videos while you where away! I’m sure your going to create some really cool creations when you get your new pencils and I can’t wait to see them! Have a great week! Pam C

  2. Thanks for the info. Quick question…your art journal videos inspired me to start. I think I have gathered almost everything, except markers. Would these markers be comparable to the ones you used? I have too many expensive hobbies and would like to keep costs down…at least in the beginning. 😉

  3. Thanks, Vicky! Always miss you this time of year but I know you’re enjoying summer with your family! Sending hugs! ♥

  4. I am lucky enough to have a Blick Art Store in downtown San Diego, CA. I love when they have big, big sales and special days where they do demonstrations throughout the day. The thing I love most about the store is that they hire artist, people that really know their stuff. If I ever need to have a question concerning what is the best product or how can something be used; I go to Blick. Awesome, awesome store and their workers are TOP NOTCH!!!

  5. Are you planing to use the prismacolor with gamsol? I want to try it but i dont want to spend a lot and then not get the results you see in videos lol

  6. Dear Vicky thank you for the super deals info! I have found and ordered from Blick the great big brush F-C markers you use for shading at a really good price offer. Are there any european online shops that you would recommend to us in Europe to avoid the extra shipping charges from U.S.? Also, would you consider sometime about making lists of basic materials that you believe that are needed for making cards and for making art journals? Have a nice summer time!!!

  7. Thanks for the info. I’ve been using Dick Blick as my go to art supply place for many years. I also compare prices with Amazon. I know that sounds odd, but I have a Prime membership with them (free 2 day shipping), and sometimes the prices are better due to shipping. I wish I had a Dick Blick store here but that would probably also be really bad since I would end up spending all my money there!
    I miss your art videos and hope you’re having a great summer vacation. You have given me such inspiration on your art journal pages and cards! Thank you for posting your videos! They truly have helped me with ideas. I’m going to create an art journal page about reading using your technique for books. I hope it turns out as good as yours.

  8. Dick Blick is great! I used them years ago when international shipping was much cheaper and the only shipping option wasn’t just Fedex. Also, they won’t send certain brands to Australia because of licensing laws, so I try to buy locally, even though art materials here are ridiculously expensive! I love what you do Vicki, especially your videos 🙂

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