Welcome to the third and last day of my event featuring Tim Holtz. For today I just had to make a mixed media tag!

mixed media tag

One of the most common comments that I get about art journaling is “how do I start” or “I am too afraid to start, what to do?” Well here is the answer!

Create tags using the same techniques, the area is smaller to work on, you can try your mediums, decide on the placement and if you mess up …you just throw it away. On the other hand, I am sure you will never throw your lovely art so you can use a ring to bind them all together! How is that for a start?

tim holtz tag

In my tag I used all my art journaling go to techniques. And I just love the outcome….

tim holtz tag

You can see I did some stenciling, used my distress paints, my distress inks and even did some paper piecing.

tim holtz tag

I have also added a metal word band by Tim Holtz and various bits and pieces from his ephemera expedition pack.

tim holtz tag

I have colored some seam binding to create a matching ribbon. This is a technique I really love because it is quick and easy but the result is just great. OK it is a bit messy but we crafters love inky fingers don’t we?

You can enjoy the video below or my YouTube channel here



There is an amazing giveaway running on my blog the whole week sponsored by Tim Holtz.


If you haven’t entered already there is still some time. Make sure to find all about it HERE.


  1. Thanks Vicki! I have just started watching your videos recently and I am learning so much from you about mixed media. I bought me a journal yesterday and now I just have to get my mind into it as you do and make it my own.

  2. I really love the spotlights on videos and i like all the things you’ve made, but this one is by far my favorite. it is just stunning! tfs xo

  3. Wow! It’s been a great week Vicki. Thanks for your great videos. I love all your work especially the art journaling. You and Tim Holtz make a brilliant combination

  4. Love your Day 3 Tim Holtz video! What a great idea to practice on a tag 1st. As always, I loved your video. You are so creative!!! Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us! It has been such a treat watching 3 different videos from you this week. I’m looking forward to Sunday!!! This is probably a silly question, but most of your videos are about 15 minutes. After editing and fast forwarding, how long does it usually take you to complete an art journal page in real time?

  5. I have really enjoyed this weekly series. Tim Holtz products are so inspiring and you give us so many great ideas on how to use them. Looking forward to your next wonderful weekly spotlights.

    Thanks so much.

  6. As always you work your artistic magic on such a plain surface! Just watching you makes me want to try to do tags and a journal!! You are truly an inspiration!

  7. Love this new series by Tim and, as always, you have worked your magic to bringing everything to life. I have loved watching you this week – you always inspire me so much! I hope one day to be half as good as you. Please keep crafting and sharing.

  8. Love Tim’s products. It’s great to watch you work your magic with them! You have such an eye for what looks right. Super video as always. Thank you!

  9. Awesome tag! What a great idea to start with a tag if an art journal page seems overwhelming. Thanks

  10. Thanks Vicky, love the tag! Great idea about getting started with a tag. Your art journaling always inspires me but i feel very nervous about starting my first page. Thanks for your inspiration and great idea.

  11. I love all your videos – not just for teaching me some great techniques and introducing me to some nifty products, but especially for the joy I can hear in your voice as you work. That joy inspires me. Thanks! <3

  12. Vicky,

    I always enjoy watching you work, whether you are making a tag, an art journal page or a card, you simply have magic! Thank you for showing lots of fun techniques using these cool Tim Holtz products. I never fail to be inspired and want to try my own version of what you’ve made.


  13. hi ms. vicky. you’ve done it again! i hope there will be more videos like this. thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Vicki: LOVE LOVE all your videos! i have to watch ’em w/ a cup of coffee or chai tea & enjoy every sec.!! Love you & THANK YOU for to share all the tips & techniques w/ us!! Blessings!!

  15. Love the tag! This has been such an awesome spotlight week and I thank you very much for doing all this!!!

  16. I am fairly new to all the card making and mixed media art. I learn something in each of your videos! I love the way you set up your layouts and all the little details you add. Thanks so much fot teaching 🙂

  17. Your tag is lovely! Making tags is a great idea for beginners with art journaling, you are so right! Thank you for the great video and for the inspiration. I wish there were more of your spotlight days on Tim Holtz, his products are so amazing!

  18. What a really great idea to make a tag as a step to start doing an art journal. I really want to start a journal, but was not sure how. I will try the tags first.

  19. I love this tag! The colors are awesome and I LOVE the seam binding holding the word band on! Overall this is a fantabulous tag!! I think I may start a tag journal after reading this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. A great week getting to see all the Tim Holtz products!! Also getting to see three posts from the rock star art journaller Vicky was a super bonus!

  21. Magnificent tag, Vicky. Definitely not as scary as a journal page! I’m sorry to see Tim Holtz week end.

  22. love tim holtz products and you don’t dissapoint with the awesome projects you come up with! btw awesome giveaway!!!

  23. I love your tag it is so cool and definitely one outstanding Shabby/chic work of art.
    Your video was so much fun and it was so amazing watching you in creative action you never cease to leave me in awe as you craft away with of your goodies and what you do with them is always fabulous and fun to watch. /tanks to to you & Tim for the chance for an amazing and unbelievable giveaway….truly most generous!!

  24. Hi. Again a lovely and inspiring video. It doesn’t matter what you work on, all of it comes out just fantastic. You are very creative. Love it all.
    Regards Sonja xxx

  25. I love Tim’s products. You have done an awesome job this week with this spotlight videos. I really loved the bird stampset.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us

  26. Thank you, Vicky for another lovely art card. I love everything you create…I am getting more courage to begin my art journal 🙂

  27. Another awesome idea, Vicky—perfect for me, one who is leery of jumping into a big empty page! I am going to play with some of my tags like you did…..they will be great to use on cards or layouts, too! Thanks for the continued inspiration….I love your work!

  28. love, Love, LOVE your work – you make this look so fun and easy …. you do inspire me Vicky – thank you!

  29. This Tim Holtz series has been great. So informative and I love watching you work. I love the idea of starting with a tag to ease into multi media projects. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talents with everyone.

  30. I love your mixed media videos and you have really inspired me and helped push me to the next level. Thank you!!!

  31. Absolutely fabulous Vicky!! I love the tag, and the other two Tim Holtz makes as well. My favourites are always your Journal pages, but this tag is fantastic!

  32. Wonderful Videos. Great idea to use tags to try out ideas you would want to try in an Art Journal. I haven’t tried an art journal yet, but you do make it look fun.

  33. Oh…I’m dying over here! I have become your biggest fan, watching every YouTube video and reading your blog. I’ve bought an art journal, art tags, paints, brushes, dyes, inks, markers, tissue paper, and more, yet I have not a creative bone in my body. I don’t even think I have creativity into the 2nd generation below me! Nonetheless, I keep watching and slowly building up courage! I’ll be brave enough to tackle my first project and post it to Instagram soon, but in the meantime, thank you for blogging, posting, and tubing!

  34. I love the “simple entry point” of a tag as a smaller way in than a full journal page. This tag is wonderful! All the tips and tricks you always give make each one of these videos a treat.

  35. Vicky, your tags are a wonderful way to get your feet wet in the ocean of art journal possibilities! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!
    Valerie J Garrison
    Journey With The Light

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