Are you ready for another art journal?! I made a layout today showcasing tons of Tim Holtz products including new stamps, old stamps, distress inks, distress paints, distress markers and many many more!


Today I created a layout that I would call a typical Vicky style! LOL! I just love having stacks of things like books in this case. I have already stacked bookes, cups and cupcakes in other layouts. Combine it with a nice quote and you have a fun layout.


I used distress markers to color the books and the cup and distress paints on my background. And just because “cracked pistachio” is new to my stash I just couldn’t keep away from it.


For my border I randomly stamped one of the grunge images by Tim Holtz and added some white highlights to pop it out a bit more.


You can enjoy the how-to video below or at my YouTube channel




There is an amazing giveaway sponsored by Tim Holtz running on my blog so make sure to join if you haven’t already HERE.


  1. I look forward to viewing your posts daily! I truly do “have fun and get inspired”. Thank you for sharing. Because of you I’ve ventured out with my own (somewhat poor) attempts at art journaling. Although I’m not really good at it yet, I am having a blast! And your card videos always inspire me to try more on my own. TFS Vicky!

  2. what a treat…….. two in one week…….. love watching your thought process and creation. thank you

  3. Wow… It is a treat allright, maybe something will come this way?? … Vicky you are so so clever to do all this… and all it looks so clean .. Thank you ever so much for sharing
    Kind regards


  5. Hi Vicky, what kind of journal do you recommend for this kind of art? I know you have a link for it but I would like to see if I can find one at my local craft stores, thanks…Gina F

  6. Beautiful as always. I really like your art journal page. So creative.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize.

  7. I really like how clean your layouts are. I have most of the distress inks, but none of the other mediums and your videos are making me want the paints now. 🙂 I really appreciate you showing us your entire process including the things you end up changing.

  8. I can watch you create beautiful art journals all day long. What a lovely surprise with back to back videos! Thank you!

  9. I wish everyday was a TIm Holtz art journal day with you as the lovely creator. Absolutely love your work. You are amazing……

  10. Amazing! Love how you “fix” the “mistake” As I always say, there are no mistakes in crafting, only chances to be more creative. So true, so true! This layout turned out great!

  11. Another awesome page, Vicky! I really hope you know just how amazingly talented you are! I could watch you create ALL DAY! ♥

  12. i can sit and watch you create all day. If I was Tim Holtz I would give you more things just so you will make more videos and inspire the rest of us to create like you do.
    thank you for posting.

  13. Vicky, what a fabulous journal page!! I love coffee of all different kinds & anything about coffee! You are so creative…Love it!! Lisa**

  14. Vicky, My friends & I just adore you & your creative talents. We always You Tube you for our inspiration & are always thrilled with the results. Thanks for being so personable, knowledgeable, & inventive. xoxo

  15. Love, love your journals….I have a lot of those Tim Holtz products and you truly inspire me to use them in different ways.

  16. Hi Vicky, I love books & a good cup of coffee too, so this layout is one of my favourites. I love the colours and your placement of Australia on your layout. I also love using Tim Holtz products. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. i continue to marvel at your creativity – you ROCK! I love to watch you do your art journaling. You are so talented …. and creative …. and awesome!

  18. Love your journal pages and I am attempting to recreate one of your previous ones on a canvas to decorate my daughter rooms. Thanks

  19. Wow Vicky! Another art journal layout, we are so spoilt!! Thank you so much for these fabulous demos I am learning so much from you and you give me such a lot of inspiration. Woo hoo!!

  20. The perfect start on my day is to watch your videos and having a cup of coffee.
    You ALWAYS inspire with your beautiful crafting.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

    Saying hi from Sweden/Gunilla

  21. Vicky, I keep coming back to your blog every twice a week to learn the appreciation of your work and creativity. Totally agree what you show us: free-style never hurts, it keeps imagination flows !!

  22. How kind of you to share your techniques and methods. You made me feel that it was something I could do, so I art journal, too. Thank you.

  23. WOW! Gorgeous journal page, love all about it! You have already the new stamp sets. I can’t wait to get them into my hands and play with them! Thank you Vicky, have a wonderful day.

  24. I love it, watched it while drinking my coffee! Thank you for showing how you can change your mind and make corrections.

  25. Wow Vicki. I just watched this again. I really enjoy how you put your videos together.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  26. I like the way you combine the colours…and the atmosphere in your pages. It´s calming, pleasant to watch, enjoy. Thanks for letting us know “how to”.

  27. Dear Vicky, hi! I love your new art journal page! Reading a book with a coffee at hand is one of my favorite moments too! (especially under an umbrella on a sunny Greek beach…! I wonder how you would make an art journal page for this theme…any ideas??? 😉 ) What I love about Tim Holtz’s products is that they are so distinctive and so versatile! And his giveaway is awesome! Thank you so much for all the great video tutorials and all the inspiration.

  28. This is totally awesome! That sentiment describes me to a T! There is nothing better than a cup of hot coffee(or iced in the summer) and a pile of books waiting to be read!! Thanks for sharing this awesome layout!! I really love it!

  29. Ahh, Vicky and Tim products…what a match made in heaven!! You are so inspiring!! You both are 🙂

  30. As always another great page. I love books and reading as well as latte so this page really speaks to me!

  31. Your projects are amazing, you are so talented. If I tried all the different techniques that you have shown my projects would not come out anywhere near as good as yours. I love watching your vidoes.

  32. I know I’ve said this before, but, I learn so many things from your video layouts – today, the shadowing and how to work around something that doesn’t please me on a page (instead of rolling it into a ball and throwing it away)! And, highlighting with your white gel pen too! Another two gorgeous journal pages – the colors and layouts are wonderful. Your art is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wonderful imagination…and wonderful artwork. Thanks for being such an inspiration. I love your videos. I learn so much from you.

  34. I enjoy your inspirational journal pages and videos very much! I love to watch you work, I mean play. I would love to be as creative as you – I will keep watching!

  35. Although I loved yesterday’s crazy birds, I might even like this one more! Thanks for another inspirational journal layout.

  36. Vicky you are amazing! Your art is my all time favorite!!!! I love to watch you create your Art. Thank you for your inspiration!!!

  37. I opened your post just as I finished ordering a book for my Kindle and was having my 2nd cup of coffee, so it was a double delight to watch the video. I couldn’t agree more that books and coffee are 2 of the most relaxing things I always have time for. LOVE this page — everything in/on it speaks to me.

  38. Hi Vicky. Love this page, like I loved the birds. You are a fantastic inspiration. Whether you are making art journals or cards. I have been hooked on your videos since I saw the first one. Maybe 2 years ago. Not sure, time just fly when I watch you making something. Whatever you are making next time, I know it will be great. It is great to watch you making things, changing your mind and covering it with other items. And with doing that, make it even better. Thank you.
    Sonja xxxxxx

  39. OMG Vicky I loved This journal page OMG I am a coffee lover and what you came up with is amazing and oh so fun…you took these stamps and turned them into outstanding embellishments all of your ideas are out of bounds clever and oh so creative…..definitely you left me awestruck once again. I am so loving this series I love watching you in creative action as I can always expect the unexpected…..YOU so ROCK!!
    and WOWIE WOW what a giveaway thanks to you and Tim how generous!!

  40. I love the uniqueness and variety of Tim Holtz products and your artwork is so very inspiring! Thank you for your incredible designs and the inspiration you give me.

  41. I have never thought about doing an art journal but after watching you create yours, I am becoming inspired. I love watching you make your pages. TFS.

  42. I have not ever done an art journal but watching you video I am going to try that sometime. I really enjoy your video.

  43. Amazing! I love the colors, the idea, all of it!! Love that you showed how you can change your mind without scraping the whole page! Thanks for sharing!

  44. Vicky,
    I love your art journal pages and cards! Your videos are always so clear and concise and such a joy to watch. You’re one of few people I can’t wait to watch 🙂

  45. Hi Vicky, I love the layout! I can’t think of a better way to relax but with a great book, and a good cup of coffee. Love the colours too, I think it’s one of my favourite layouts.

  46. You know how much I admire your work, whether it is art journaling or cards, but we also love the same things- books and coffee and tea! I will be trying my hand at my version of this page for sure. Thank you for all the inspiration!


  47. Can you tell me if you ever create anything bad. All I have ever seen you do is awesome. Even when you don’t like something you turn it into some wonderful. I just love watching you. Thank you.

  48. Vicky, great video, as always. very inspiring. You make everything look so easy. Thank you for for spotlighting Tim Holtz’ products.

  49. Absolutely fabulous!! More muted than the one from yesterday but a different kind of ‘LOVELY’!! You’ve done this book theme before, on a much older journal post, and that was really wonderful too! Thank you for sharing all these fantastic ideas with us!!

  50. Hi Vicky. It is almost 2 a.m. here in my part of Canada and I could not sleep so checked my email and an email from YouTube showing your videos were there. I am so glad that I got it because no better way to pass the time than to watch you create magic. Wow, and Wow again. Your amazing girl! You have been blessed with some serious talent. And loved so much how you can be so patient and calm while creating and even making mistakes seem so relaxing and no big deal. Love that about you. Thanks for the give away and best of luck to everyone. Big Hugs.

  51. I simply love your art journals! I really think your style is very unique – colorful, well balanced and sometimes even funny. I love to watch the process and your comments and the nonchalant way you treat ‘mistakes’ which then turn out to be fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing your art and please don’t stop. I think you’ve got a lot of fans worldwide. I also love your cards and tried out a number of techniques you’ve shown us, but the art journal pages are just fantastic.

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