These coming days you might find that I am less active on my blog. We celebrate Orthodox Easter in Greece on Sunday, the 11th of April. It’s a big celebration here with kids having 2 weeks off school. That means a trip for us, lots of family time and less crafting time.

Also. I just realized that I haven’t announced the winner of My Creative Time giveaway!!!
So without any further delay the lucky lady is:

Entry No. 59 : Barbara Hong

Barbara congratulations! You’ve won this adorable stamp set by My Creative Time
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Thank you all for joining my giveaways. I know you love them so I have many coming up soon.



  1. We’ll miss you but we’re glad you’ll be spending time with family. Have a great time with your family!

  2. I am Serbian Orthodox and we are on our way to the beach for the Serbian holiday. School was off in my hometown while growing up too.
    Considering that I am retired, that was a long time ago.
    I was also on vacation, from school, during Serbian Christmas for a week.

  3. Hi ! I just found your blog after watching most of your videos on YouTube!! You
    Inspire me so much! I went out and purchased a whole bunch of goodies to start my own journal. I picked up Golden Matte Medium but it’s not gluing the tissue paper down , or my pages together. Am I using the wrong medium for that? Please help! Happy Celebrating!! Thanks for the videos!!! <3

  4. I hope you enjoy your time with your family. We miss you, but family is so important. Best wishes to you and yours. Happy Holiday!

  5. Congratulations Barbara. You are one ‘lucky lady’! And Vicky, relax and enjoy your break as we will still be here waiting for you when you get back. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  6. Wishing you happy family time!
    Thank you for all your wonderful videos. You have inspired me tremendously.

  7. Vicky, I discovered your site a little over a year ago. Your generosity in sharing so many charming and informative videos is so appreciated. My friend, Barb, and I have been so inspired by your work. Our journals are already bulging and we are looking forward to more videos. We must find a stamp and art store that will stock all of the supplies you use, but for now, the Internet is our friend. We look forward to each delivery so that we can complete our pages. I also must mention that I love the way you have used voice-overs for the verbal portion. You have made these journal pages so easy to follow…I am not surprised to learn you are a teacher. Thank you once again for your generosity and for inspiring so many.

  8. Hi Vicki, Easter is a special holiday to me as well. I do live the Easter story. I miss your vids, i find them just so pleasnt and so inspiring. Enjoy your family time. We will be waiting for your beautiful vids.

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