Are you ready for tons of inspiration?! The new release by SimonSaysStamp is here and it’s time to celebrate with a blog hop!

The new release is called “My favorite” and here is a card I made using a couple of dies and the adorable “Cuddly critters accessories” stamp set.


I haven’t made a shaker card for quite some time so I couldn’t help it! And isn’t that bird just adorable? Wait until you see all the accessories that come on the set along with it!

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel



SimonSaysStamp is giving away one “Simon Goody bag” on every stop of the hop! That’s 18 prizes! So make sure to leave a comment. And don’t forget to leave a comment to the rest of the blogs to maximize your chances!

Next Stop:

The next stop on the hop is Anna-Karin Evaldsson ! So hop over to her blog to get even more inspired!!!


  1. Love this shaker make everything look so easy!!!
    The stamps and the polaroid die are awesome!

  2. What a great shaker card. You’re right – that bird just screams to be on a shaker card. So stinkin’ cute!

  3. What a fun shaker card, Vicky! The Stars were a perfect touch as well as the Wink of Stella! Thank you.

  4. Thank you for sharing this super creative card. Every time I watch your videos I want to buy the items you use!!

  5. Your shaker card is so adorable. You make it look so easy in your very informative video. Thanks for the great card and thanks to SSS for the generous giveaway.

  6. Love your card! You make it look so easy. I’m going to keep trying to make those shaker cards!

  7. I love the little heart in the ballon!
    Your work is amazing!
    Thank You Vicky!
    Lots of kisses from Portugal

  8. I’ve been looking for something like this and I love your take on it. Such a cute card. I love that you do simple, yet attractive cards.

  9. This is offocialy my favorit shaker card, and i really like that you use limited product ! 🙂

  10. Hey Vicky, this stamp set is “cuddly” and I just want to “pinch that bird’s cheeks” LOL! Thanks for sharing your adorable card and as always, I look forward to many more.

    Gentle hugz
    Nancy Lynn

  11. such a great card…i didn’t think i needed that frame die but as i hop along, i am beginning to re-think that!

  12. This is so adorable and the birthday message die lends itself to a shaker design just perfectly.

  13. I think I’m convinced that I have to buy the Birthday Wishes dies and the Cuddly Creatures and accessories.
    Love your videos.

  14. Vicki your card makes me laugh and I think I must get this stamp to make someone else laugh on their birthday. Love your video too! TFS

  15. Vicky, this shaker card is so cute. I love the colors inside the window and the the little critter,too. Thanks.

  16. Great card — great colors, layout, elements. Love the background coloration inside the shaker box and how it coordinates with the sequins you’ve used. So pretty! Thanks for the awesome video too.

  17. I just love your shaker card, and being able to die cut the fun foam insures even in mailing it will hold it’s dimensional shape!

  18. Vicky, love everything you do and this card is so adorable. Think I really need that frame die…can be used in so many different ways! Looking forward to your next post.

  19. This shaker card is so cool! It’s actually adorable! Thanks for sharing your work with us and keep smiling, we will every time we see this card! Nice work!

  20. I think I need that birthday frame. My teenage daughter and her friends would get loads of use from it! Nice

  21. Super cute card. I have never made a shaker card, but you make them look so easy and fun I am going to try!! THANKS!!

  22. Very cute! I wouldn’t have thought to put the blue “sky” upside down, but once I saw the effect I realized why. I learn something with every video you do and never miss one.

  23. Your work is always so wonderful! I tell everyone about your site. It’s the best!
    Love your card, as always.

  24. Love how fast and easy you present your creations! “My Favorite” die and stamp set is especially cute!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Love your adorably fun shaker card, Vicky!!! It’s wonderful in every way and inspiring as ever!! thanks for being a part of today’s awesome hop!

  26. Love your fun card!! Always looking for cards that could be used for kid and men. This one fits the bill for both!!

  27. Your shaker card and little bird, wearing his party hat, are fantastic! Your video: fantastic teaching tool for those of us who struggle! Thank you!

  28. I love everything that you do. I love this card but you have been my inspiration to start mixed media. Thank you!

  29. You are SO talented! I appreciate that you take the time to create and share videos with all of us.

  30. I love your shaker card! The background sets the perfect backdrop of color highlighting the wonderful colors used in the card’s main character and let’s not forget the balloons! Thank you for sharing you creativity and a fun , fun, fun card!

  31. Love the shaker card. so cute! I will definitely be going after fun foam for my cards. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome prizes!

  32. Just love your card. Always love you card & the many tips you teach
    as you share you love of stamping & mixed media. Thank you so much for

  33. I look forward to watching your videos, your cards are always so lovely, thank you for sharing. Cheers

  34. I always love your shaker cards, Vicky! (And everything else you create, too)! So cute. Thanks for the fun tutorial!

  35. I love the idea of creating stamp sets that allow you to mix and match to increase the creativity 🙂 awesome awesome card Vicky 🙂

  36. Lol! I think that little bird got poked in the eye with a party hat! He’s too funny. Great card. Great idea for popping up the shaker element!

  37. Cute card! The little party bird is adorable. Glad to see someone use that die for a shaker card. The die just seemed to scream shaker as soon as I saw it. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Me encanta la tarjeta, y la idea del foam me la guardo. Genial como todos tus trabajos. Me encantan!!

  39. What a fun card with that little critter. You made the shaker part look so easy in the video. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Vicky you know I am a big fan of yours and this shaker card is so cute like the rest of your creations of this type. Love it!

  41. I have a “Thank you” die like this but hadn’t thought of using it for a shaker card but I am definitely going to make one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  42. Hey Hat! Where are you going with that bird??? This card truly made me smile…wonderful job! Thank you!

  43. You are the shaker card queen! This die just screamed for a shaker and you did an amazing job. That bird is SO cute!

  44. Should that little fellow land on my bird table I will let you know! Delightful card. You are so very talented and kind to share your talents!

  45. This die cut screams out, “Make a Shaker Card!!!” This card is so cute. Thanks for the inspiration!

  46. I learned a new way to make a shaker card by watching your YouTube post. So besides a cute card I got my learning experience of the day. Thank you.

  47. What a lovely card! Thank you, Vicky. You are a great inspiration for me. We are waiting for more cards!

  48. You used my two favorite things of this release_ the birthday wishes die and that cute little birdie!! Great card!

  49. I bet whomever receives this b’day card will be very happy! So many colours and a nice backround to enhance the shapes used.

  50. This is the third interpretation of similar elements, and I’m not at all bored!! Far from it. It is exciting to see how each of you has interpreted the design, each one with a different twist. Luv what you did!!

  51. Haha… That little birdie just make me smile. Cute card Vicki ! I’m a big fan of your blog and videos !! Thank you for sharing

  52. This shaker card is just adorable! You make it look so very easy and it always comes out terrific! Love the stamp set.

  53. Such a sweet and adorable card. I like that you made a shaker with the little bird. This release is awesome.

  54. Fabulous card! Love the cute little bird & your great video. Thanks for making the shaker card look so easy!

  55. Love watching your videos, I’ve watched them all, my favourites are your journal pages. But still lovely to watch you asking cards. Thank you for sharing your ideas and talent. Xx

  56. Love this! So cute! You always make shaker cards look simple to construct! Would love to have this set!

  57. You are very talented! It seems so effortless creating all these lovely cards! I’m a fan of your videos!

  58. Super cute card! I like this new release from SSS! I’m gong to watch your video now – I always enjoy your videos! Thank you for taking the time to make them!

  59. The Birthday Wishes die is perfect for shaker cards. I was hoping someone on the blog hop would do one. It is adorable. Thank you

  60. Vicky- I’m so excited to see that you’re part of this SSS hop! You are the first artist I subscribed to on YouTube, after my mom sent me a link to your blog! She’s been following you for a while, and we both find so much inspiration in your projects. Thank you for sharing your many talents with us!

  61. What a fun card! The Birthday Wishes frame is my favorite item in this release. What a great way to use it!!

  62. Hi Vicky! You’ve created another adorable card for us to enjoy and to spark our own creativity to make it our own. Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

  63. You can never have to many dies or stamps regarding birthday cards. Always looking new ideas and so the HOP begins.

  64. I love everything you do Vicki! You were my inspiration to begin an Art Journal! Thanks for sharing your cute little shaker card!

  65. I love the blue background on your card. That little bird is so cute. I watched your video earlier tonight & really enjoyed watching your card making process. Thanks for sharing it with us. Jil

    LOVE your FUN critter shaker Vicky, a FABULOUS design!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your INSPIRATION and video 🙂

  67. Vicky what a great combo …your talent and Simon Says Stamps! This card made me smile 🙂 Thanks

  68. Gotta love those shaker cards. I never get tired of seeing all the cool ideas from talented crafters. Yours is awesome!

  69. Adorable card as always Vicky! You are such an inspiration, thank you for all that you do and teach!

  70. SSS provides a plenty of awesome stuff but it costs a bit towards Europe… Vicky thanks for inspiring us!!

  71. I’m liking that Birthday Wishes Frame – great shaker card and super cute with that little bird!

  72. Vicky,
    I have been watching your videos and learned so much from you!
    And I find that the Simon Says stamps are just so adorable.
    Thank you so much for your tutorials.

  73. Vickie
    Love your cards, such a great inspiration. Simon Says stamps and dies are awesom. Makes it easy to create. I’m bummed some New release all out. Keep inspiring

  74. I LOVE this die and the stamp set too! Great instructions – I think EVEN I could make a shaker card now! Super cute!

  75. Oh How I wish they sold simon says in the UK you make such lovely things with items from them. Such a pretty card

  76. So very lovely. Was impressed enough to subscribe to your newsletter. Look forward to future emails.

  77. You always make the neatest and cleanest shaker cards, Vicki! And all the SSS details look so springy and fun!

  78. I enjoy your cards and especially your shaker cards! This is adorable! I hope you make your 10 cards with the SSS kit again – always my favorite of yours!

  79. Vicky, my daughter and I love your videos and have learned so much from you. In fact, I learned about this hop because of the video for this card. I love your shaker cards and this one is no exception. I can always count on you to add the wink of Stella somewhere. I bought one for my daughter’s birthday 3 days ago.

  80. Vicky, I so enjoy your videos. What a creative lady you are! This birthday die cut is such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  81. I’m definitely going to have to go and make a shaker card now having watched your video ? I’ll need to collect all of the release to satisfy my crafting cravings now! Thanks for sharing Vicky!

  82. As much as I LOVE seeing your art journals, it’s just as nice to see you make a card. This is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing. ???

  83. First time leaving a comment in your blog, in spite of being a loyal follower since long ago. Your shaking cards are always inspiring and beautiful, thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  84. What a FABULOUS release! Can I say it’s “my favorite”?! LOL! Love your birdie birthday card.. Thanks for sharing! – Suzanne

  85. Of course this die just begs to become a shaker! Lovin’ that little chickie. Thanks so much for the help and the inspiration. I like the idea of two layers of foam instead of the way I made my only attempt at a shaker. I forgot about the powder trick, so all my sequins ended up stuck to the borders! Oh, well, Keep on trying!

  86. I found you today looking for HELP …! Tim Holtz Crazy Birds I fell in love with but I am new and not really go the swing of thins.Truthfully I feel I have to keep buying stuff to get quality work.But its’s me too.I found you video very helpful and encouraging.I subscribed to your videos and Facebook. Thank you for recording your helpful paper-crafting. Hoepfully one day I wont mind sharing something I made. lol

  87. I love all your work! You have inspired me to up my creativity. I also follow you on you tube and as always can’t wait to get each new one.

  88. Oh my goodness! This die is fabulous, but adding that lil’ bird with the balloon is too precious! Thanks for sharing!

  89. I have never made a shaker card before and I am seeing more and more shaker cards on the hop. They are so beautiful so I have to make one! That little bird is so adorable! The sequins make the card. Glitter card here I come! LOL

  90. As always, you’ve created a fun card that anyone would love to receive! Your idea to use craft foam in the shaker panel is fantastic! And this SSS Polaroid die is so creative and the stamp set is great, too!

  91. What a quick and easy shaker card. That big hat on the little chick makes me laugh it is adorable tfs!

  92. Really enjoy your videos!! Love your cards & all your art!! You are single handedly teaching me journaling!! I have wanted to try it thank you!!

  93. I love that you keep you confetti in a little pot – so much easier than in little plastic pouches. Thanks for sharing!

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