On February I spend a week in Denver, Colorado filming an online class for craftsy.com


It was an amazing experience with all the cameras, lights and even my own dressing room! And a make-up artist every day?! Yes, please!

Oh they spoiled me! Here are some “behind the scenes” photos!


I wish I had my own producer, videographer, technical director and make-up artist every day!


And how about a star with my name outside my dressing room?! Oh I can get used to this!

IMG_0300 IMG_0322

It will go live in a couple of weeks and it’s a great way to take a class with me if we live far away and you can’t come to one of my live classes. It is not in fast forward as my youtube videos and I take you step by step through all the layers of making an art journal. Plus I share how and where I find inspiration, a question I get all the time! I am also sharing how I translate the idea I have in my mind into a page.


Here are the two art journal layouts I am teaching in the class

10288_All_Lessons_Finished_Projects_01_retouched_10288-712b570c-57ff-470e-9dd8-22e5e96a249a 10288_All_Lessons_Finished_Projects_02_retouched_10288-050b7af0-1b36-4604-a30b-716877dc935f


Win my online art journal class – a $29.99 value!

Until the class goes live you can enter the giveaway by clicking HERE for a chance to win this class for free!

When the class finally goes live I will announce it here!


I also need to announce a couple of winners from previous giveaways:

Winner 1

The lucky lady who will receive the “bunny on present” stamp from this blog post is

487. Tracey

Congratulations Tracey, I have emailed you!

Winner 2

They lucky lady who gets a grab bag from SimonSaysStamp from this post is

Moira Armitage

Congratulations Moira! Winners have been also announced on the SimonSaysStamp blog here and they will contact you directly to get your prize!


  1. That must have been an enjoyable experience! I like the Craftsy classes, you always learn a lot.

  2. How fun and exciting for you!
    I’m not into art journalling, although I do find that I’m more drawn to mixed media than I used to be. Maybe it’s time to broaden my horizon…

  3. Hi Vicky: I actually have to confess…I learned what art journaling is and the magic of the many possibilities when I first came across one of your videos. Ever since, I subscribed and look forward to receiving your emails. Your layouts are amazing and I have learned so much from them: gelatos, mixed media, how to, etc. After watching several of your videos I went ahead and bought a journal and some stamps, pens, paints, etc., and recreated your Fall layout from a couple of years ago (pumpkins and leaves) and it came out pretty good, I must say. I am now a “fanaticada” and look forward to emails from you. Thank you for teaching and sharing your knowledge. As we say in America, “keep up the good work”!!! Wish you continued success. Warm regards, Susy P. (New York)

  4. Vicky, No one deserves the star treatment more than you do. Your videos are always an inspiration. Thank you so much

  5. Glad you loved your experience. I’m already a fan of Craftsy and YOU so you can bet I will be taking your class the day it goes live. Watching you do Art Journaling is such a joy, I will gladly pay for this class! Can’t wait.

  6. This such awesome and exciting news! I too am a fan of Craftsy and am thrilled that you are joining the Craftsy family. I can’t wait for it to go live so that I can sign up – I always find your work so inspiring Vicky.

  7. Whoop! Very exciting news. Looking forward to seeing you on craftsy.
    It will be great to follow along in ‘real time’.

  8. You’re already a star in the craft world Vicky, but this is sooo awesome. I’ve purchased many Craftsy classes and think they’re great, can’t wait until your journaling class is available 🙂

  9. I’m thrilled you’ll be doing a journaling class on Craftsy! I’ve taken many of their paper crafting classes (loved Laura Bassen’s) and can’t wait to take yours. Following your cards I came across your journaling videos and have watched them several times. So much to see and learn and “be inspired” by. Thank you and we’re looking forward to it!

  10. Hi Vicky how exciting love your dress it’s so pretty….Oh I so agree how awesome it would be for all that pampering every day. You were Treated Like the STAR You are!!
    TFS that was fun. YOU so ROCK!!

  11. What a fun time you must have had. I am so happy for you. I have watched your art journal for a long time and even bought a journal. I can say proudly that I have finally had the nerve to do a couple pages and love it. Thank you for all your inspiration. You are so much fun. Enjoy being a celebrity!

  12. Hi I came a Ross one of your videos and was Wow by it how you took a plain piece of paper and turned it into an amazing and beautiful Youre You realyhavethe soul and heart of an Artist! You flow through your art so softly and you bring the colors to life! I have 4 children and so busy but because of your amazing art I see the word in color and not in grey we live life just to get through life but art shakes us and says look at me look at the colors and feel them in your heart thank you my eyes are opened and I want to make beautiful journals to share the words and brilliant colors of the world around me to my children and my feeling being a mom is the Best tiring but the greatest job in the world. I can’t wait to get gelatos and gezzo and stencils etc.thank you and god bless for making my life a little more brighter!

  13. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!! I’ve been watching your art journal videos on YouTube and used your suggestions to get some starter supplies. Looking forward to taking your class on Craftsy too!!

  14. How much fun, Vicky! I love watching you create your journal pages and I can’t think of anyone better to teach the class!

  15. Vicky, this is sooo exciting and you can’t believe how lucky I am for you… Such a wonderful experience!! As soon as the the online class is available, I’ll book it immediately :-))) Hugs from Switzerland, Tina

  16. Wow! Congratulations on teaching at Craftsy class! I always love learning from you at your YouTube videos 🙂 That was a fun behind the sceme!

    Thank You, Vicky for a chance to win a spot your class!

  17. Vicky….I have been following you for a couple of years now and I enjoy ALL your videos. I’m more cardmaker than art journal person, but you have inspired me to try new things and I love the way you teach us. Congratulations on having a Craftsy Class. I’m so excited for you!

  18. Absolutely love you work Vicky..
    I and my 8yr old son watch your videos on youtube and learn a lot everyday
    Now we have started creating art journal layout which you have made…
    All the very best to you!
    I am sure your class on craftsy will too be a success…

  19. Hello, yesterday i was with you in Valencia and it was wonderful. Thank you for being so kind. Thanks for brigthen the day my friend Sandra. I hope you come back soon, and teach to make a Christmas shadow Box. Kisses for you.

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