Hi friends, this is the second post for today but I just had to quickly let you know about some new products.

If you are into advent calendars and you want to make your own this year, SimonSaysStamp has just released a whole collection of stamps and dies perfect for this!

Here is a quick look on some of them but you can see the whole collection HERE. If you like something get it quickly, I know new releases like this sell out within a few days.


  1. Lovely card. Didn’t find the blue button for the giveaway, though. Not sure if you celebrate any type of Thanksgiving type holiday in Greece but I hope you have a blessed one if you do.

  2. I would love to see you do an advent calendar. I absolutely loved the winter window pain you did last year. So gorgeous. ^_^ I showed my sister, and now she wants me to make her one.. haha She loved it too, and she is a very picky person.

    Thanks for sharing. I am doing a different advent this year, but I might get these for next year.

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