Hi friends!

I get tons of questions on when I am going to post my 10 cards using the April card kit by SimonSaysStamp.

As I mentioned on my facebook, the kit hasn’t arrived. If it isn’t lost and it will show up eventually I will post my 10 cards using it.

On another note, the May card kit has been just released today. It comes packed with products and a fun interactive element.


Check it out HERE today and if you like it go ahead and order it. They usually sell out within a few hours.




  1. Look at those colours! This will be a fun one for sure Vicki! Some people have little patience it seems. It’s much more fun to find delight in the anticipation of something nice to come also. I’ll make a nice cup of tea, get out some biscuits, and sit down for a nice relaxing video when the card kits show up and you manage to fit in making them for our enjoyment. I’m in no rush to grow older fussing about the postal system in Greece! Big Hugs!

  2. I am with you Bunny D! Vicky we love you and your creativity!!!
    Very much worth the wait!!! Thank you for sharing with us less talented!
    That’s me! No one else!! You inspire me with everything you produce!!!
    Heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

  3. That looks like a fun card kit! Can’t wait to see what cards you make when your kit arrives! I always love seeing what you have created. You give me great ideas, techniques and always inspire me to create.

    1. Hi Michelle, I miss her art journal pages, too. Hopefully she will find some time to post one in the next month or so. =)

  4. I have recently found you on YouTube and I love watching you make the cards with these kits! Your so creative! I look forward to watching more in the future. I’ve never ordered anything from Simon Says stamps Company, but watching your videos it is making it very tempting to do so! But I don’t think mine would look as good as yours so keep putting off ordering anything. But maybe someday….lol

  5. Snail mail is wonderful for receive card but not so wonderful when followers are awaiting your next installment of the 10 Cards series =) I really enjoy those videos; I get lots of great ideas! Waiting patiently for next one!

  6. This is good to know! I saw you were still making videos about other products and I was worried you weren’t doing it anymore! I hope the package shows up! I look forward to those videos.

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