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Hi friends! Today I am back with a product review. I have been using the new alcohol markers by Nuvo for a while and thought to make a video now that I am familiar with them.

DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsored post and I did not get paid by Tonic Studios. This is an honest review and all opinions are my own!


These alcohol markers are also known as Nuvo creative pens. They come in 10 sets with 3 markers each.

However there is one set that has 3 metallic markers which are water based. And there is another set with a black, a blender and a shadow/grey marker. Which brings the collection into 12 sets in total, that’s 36 markers.


I have created a color chart that is FREE to download if you want! Just click on the link below.

[download id=”31″ format=”2″]

In the video I am going to show you how all the sets blend together so you will get a great idea on how they work.


They blend beautifully together and you will see that in the video. Keep in mind that I didn’t spend too much time trying to do perfect blending as I would on an image for a card. This was just a test run. I love the design of the barrel, it’s very comfortable and easy to tell which nib is which. A big plus are that the caps that come off easily! I am discussing in the video everything I love and why on these markers…. and since this is an honest review (I promise), I am also going to share a few struggles I had and how to overcome them.


I am also demonstrating how to use the skin tones set and the browns on my little mermaid!

I am really happy with the markers and I think that they are great, if you don’t have any alcohol markers and you are a beginner. Just because they are easy to blend, the range of colors is not overwhelming and because they make the matches for you!

The biggest plus is of course the price!

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel here


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  1. Hi Vicky
    Have you tried the Chameleon markers & pencils ? I’m on a very tight budget so would value your opinion if you have b4 I purchase any markers etc

  2. Hi Vicky
    That was a great review…..very informative,especially as I have yet to delve in to the world of alcohol markers. As you said, it seems these Nuvo markers could be a great starting point without too much confusion, for complete beginners. Thanks for the info,and more product reviews from you would be great, since this is your profession,so you really know what works & what is not so necessary xx.

  3. Great review! I appreciate the opinion of someone who really knows alcohol markers and what they should be like. Any other reviews would be great 🙂

  4. Love your review and your tricks to label them.
    Thanks for the informative video and close up video.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Vicky, I totally love seeing video reviews of new products. Keep them coming!

  6. Vicky, as usual, your reviews/videos are clear, concise, and honest. I so appreciate all the time you took to do this review, and would welcome more like it. Thank you again for everything you do to teach and inspire us. You are appreciated!

  7. Thanks Vicky, this was very helpful. They look very easy to blend, I do have a problem blending so maybe these markers will help. Love the honest review!!

  8. Great video on the review of these markers. I already have the Copic markers, but one can never have too many alchol markers! I have purchased many of the Nuvo products including the crystal drops and glitter markers and will have to give these a try. thanks again love your site for all the information you provide!

  9. Thank you for this review. It really helps because like a lot of people my funds are tight and I don’t own any Copics. I use Sharpies and Bics because of the price point. But I don’t care for some of the colors and they don’t always blend well.

  10. Great review. I really appreciate the work you do on these videos. I was wondering how the colors of these markers compare to the colors of Copic markers. I’ve never been happy with the Copic purples, and want a nice grape purple alcohol marker. Same with the red Copics. I have a hard time getting a real red red color with my Copics. Would the Nuvo markers fill those color gaps?

    1. With the wide range of copic markers I don’t think that the 30 Nuvo colors can fill in the gaps… maybe if they expand their collection with new releases in the future….

  11. Thank you so very much for this review, Vicky. The time you took demonstrating and discussing the pros and cons of this product was very much appreciated. I believe these markers are the ones I’ve been waiting for to start building my alcohol marker collection. It is something I can “grow” into!

  12. p.s. Just returned from Thessaloniki for the first time! We fell in love and did not want to leave. After all these years of only traveling to the areas of Athens and Loutraki where family lives, we finally made our way north to Thessaloniki! It was beautiful and certainly won’t be our last visit either!

    1. I grew up in Thessaloniki. Left for 3 years living in Manchester UK and then back here. Now we live in the suburbs with the family but it sure is a lovely town! And so close to lovely beaches!

  13. Thank you Vicki for your great review of the Nuvo markers. The price point is fantastic and I am really considering purchasing them. I do not do very much alcohol marker work so these seem good for me.

  14. Vicky – thanks for your review – I have not yet seen these Nuvo markers but will check them out as I enjoyed your comments. I like Copic markers but am not very experienced with them yet, but I think the Nuvo markers could help with some of the colors. And it’s always fun to try new products! Thanks for the color chart, too!

  15. hi I watched your video and got the nuvo pens, I can’t get the download for the ink colors to work…thank you

  16. I won the Nuvo markers & before starting wanted to make a color swatch chart. Searched the web & found your helpful review as well as the color swatch chart. Thank You!

  17. Hi Vicky,
    I just bought my first marker set and it is the Nuvo alcohol markers. And I just finished watching your video. I waswondering if you could do a quick video on how to use the blending tool? And what papers should I be using and if any I should stay away from. I am starting with a mixed media paper from Strathmore.

  18. Hi Vicky
    Thanks for the video,?
    I have all the markers and I wanted to downloaded your
    color chart But I can’t because there is no link?
    Can you please help me and if you want email to me
    [email protected]? It would mean the world to me ?
    Super thanks miranda

  19. Your video was so enjoyable and helpful. Thank you for sharing.
    I purchased most of the markers a short while ago. I love the colors and was very excited when they arrived, but once I painted one of my stamped images I was disappointed to find that some of the colors bled onto the neighboring color. These markers are a new experience to me. Do you have any idea what could be my problem? I am heart sick. Thank you for helping me.

    1. Usually this is a problem of the paper you are using. Try different ones, my favorite choice is the Neenah solar white 80lb.

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