Exciting news! Today I am introducing you to a new die cutting machine by Sizzix!

As a Sizzix ambassador I  was happy to get this machine and I am sharing an unboxing video with you. The machine is actually a Big Shot, with the same opening and does everything a good old Big Shot does.

But if you want a compact die cutting machine then this is the one for you since you can fold the flaps and the handle, which makes it easy to store.

Big Shot Foldaway is already available in Europe. UPDATE:It is now available in the US too!

Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway (USA)
[ SZZ ]
Big Shot Foldaway Machine (UK)
[ SZX ]



  1. I’ve never seen this before – just got my first Big Shot Pro and keep it under my table. What a great improvement to be able to store it more easily using much less space. WOW

  2. The new Big Shot Flodaway looks amazing!!! I love that you can close it and store it in a small storage place. I already own the teal Big Shot too, but I would love to have the new one! The materials of the package that comes with the machine are awesome too!

  3. I love my Big Shot but storing it has always been an issue. I live in a small apartment so finding space for it has been a challenge (especially since it’s a unique size and shape). I LOVE this idea of a fold-away machine. Hopefully when it comes to the U.S. I’ll be able to find some money to pick one up and donate the Big Shot I have some place. Having the fold-away would be such a HUGE help in storage. Thanks, Vicky … and Sizzix!!

  4. I have Cuttlebug and I have thought about switching to a big shot but, the reason I bought the Cuttlebug in the first place was because it was compact. But now that this machine has come out I may be looking to replace mine. I like the locking features which the Cuttlebug doesn’t offer and the storage under the flaps too. Thank you so much for sharing with us, it was super helpful. Now I know what I will be asking my husband for on my birthday. : )

  5. I definitely want one ASAP! I have the original vagabond and its making all kinds of weird noises-LOL. I hope they bring it to the US soon! Great video!

  6. Definitely a spacer saver, and I like the extra multi functions like the storage space under the platform. Great explanatory video, thanks!

  7. I was just looking into getting a smaller machine as I am going on a trip next year and wasn’t really keen on some of the other brands that I have seen, I am thinking this will be perfect for me as I adore my Bigshot, so I already know this will be fantastic!

  8. I finally saved enough money so yesterday I ordered my first Big Shot. Wish I knew this one was coming! My timing has never been great. 🙁

  9. Wow. That is really nice. I have used my big shot so much but it does take up a lot of room. I will gave to think about getting this new Big Shot

  10. That is really nice. I have used my big shot so much but it does take up a lot of room. I will gave to think about getting this new Big Shot…..someday.

  11. Will fit anywhere!! Currently, I have a large desk, but my Big Shot Vintage takes up most of the space in my drawer!

  12. I like this new look. I have the FIRST and second Sizzix ever made. I love my Sizzix machine more than the Cricut. The new look is great and I love those storage compartments.
    Thank you for the review.

  13. Amazing! I didn’t want to get rid of my Cuttlebug because it could travel. But I did get a Big Shot and now can’t wait for the new one! It will travel!

  14. I have a Cuttlebug so won’t be needing a new machine, but this does look nice and I love that the handle folds in for easy storage. Nice variety of supplies that come with it too. Thanks for showing us your new machine.

  15. Great to take along to stamping groups. Lot less weight. Cool…Love all your videos Merry Christmas & Happy New Year..

  16. This looks like it needs to be on my work table. I have the Big Shot but it is set to the side and I lift it up to the table when I use it as there is not room to keep it there. Yes, this would be perfect. Having the convenience of easy storage (and even being able to travel with it) is a feature that makes this high on my desired list. Thanks for the overview, Vicky

    1. I think this is only available outside of the US and Canada… but you can always contact sizzix.com or sizzix.co.uk and ask them

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