Welcome to the Altenew March blog hop! Hop along with us to get introduced to the new release, to find tons of inspiration and to join great giveaways!

Have you seen the new Altenew release?! New ink sprays, stencils and some gorgeous washi tapes that you have to check out! Now if you want to get the whole collection check out their bundles as they have a discount.

Classy Stripes Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Leaf Burst Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Bouquet Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Deco Wallpaper Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Poppy Bloom Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Scallop Builder Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Warp Speed Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Weave Builder Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Floral Flurries Washi Tape – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Monochrome Washi Tape – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Peach Gold Washi Tape – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Strokes Washi Tape – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Dotted Washi Tape – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Antique Gold Metallic Ink Spray –…
[ ALTN ]
Iridescent Shimmer Ink Spray – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Pure White Ink Spray – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Antique Silver Metallic Ink Spray –…
[ ALTN ]
Jet Black Ink Spray – Altenew
[ ALTN ]

For my card today I used 3 products from each category released! So here is a card where I combined the Classy Stripes Stencil, with the Antique Gold Metallic Ink spray and the Floral Flurries washi tape.

Instead of using the washi tape to cover up the background I turned it into focal point. All I did was to stick a piece of it on some white cardstock to make it sturdy. The I fuzzy cut flowers and leaves from the pattern design.

All those cut outs made a gorgeous flower arrangement that really makes a great focal point.

I like how the spray splashes go together with those loose flowers.

You can watch the video below or at my YouTube channel

Card Supplies

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Classy Stripes Stencil – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Floral Flurries Washi Tape – Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Antique Gold Metallic Ink Spray –…
[ ALTN ]
3 Pack Glue Tape
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Scrapbook Adhesives 126 3D WHITE FOAM…
[ SSS ]
Scrapbook Adhesives 1/4 INCH 3D 308…
[ SSS ]
[ SSS ]
Fancy Pants Designs – Millie and June…
[ SBC ]


To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to SIX lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or Altenew Scrapbook Blog by Wednesday, March 14th for a chance to win. Six winners will be announced on the Altenew blogs on 3/17/2018.


Leave me a comment below and let me know what you love the most for this release! I will draw a winner to receive a $30 gift certificate. I will announce the winner on my blog on 3/16/2018.

UPDATE: The winner has been announced in THIS POST!

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  1. these products to work so well together – love the washi tapes – the colors are simply beautiful.
    Great job Vicky and great job Altenew…

  2. Those washi tapes are so unique and gorgeous. I love the prints. I think your card is lovely!

  3. It is so pretty. I liked how you put the paint on the outer edge so that it was mostly to one side. Then cut out the flowers and made them stand out. Very simple card but looked like you spent days working on it. Anyone would love.

  4. Wow the washi tape was huge and soooooo beautiful! You made the card sooo simple and elegant . Thank you!

  5. I have never used washi tape that way. your cards as so beautiful! Thanks for your hard work and sharing your talents with us!

  6. What a great idea to use the washi tape in order to make your focal point!!! Your card is amazing! The new release of Altenew is gorgeous! I love these wide washi tapes that can be used in different ways and of course the new stencils.

  7. Hi Vicky !
    This card is truly stunning! Those flower’s design makes a huge impact.
    Keep up the excellent work, I love your style <3

  8. I love that the washi is so thick!!! I will def have to go get some and I love how you turn simple into amazing cards!!!!

  9. Love how simple yet elegant your cards are and really love the washi tapes, I have never seen anything like that before. Really appreciate all of your inspiring videos x

  10. Beautiful card. You’re so creative in the way you use the products! I’ve learned so much from you!

  11. The watercolor look is my favorite, by far! But I am no good at it, so this washi tape will be my cheater’s way to achieve the look I love! Your card is beautiful!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards & the opportunity to win. I really like the new stencils & sprays.

  13. I would love to try out a few of the stencils and the metallic ink sprays. I loved the effect your card had with the background of gold stripes!

  14. Vicky, you inspire me so much. I was painting on canvases, which I love, but one day I saw one of your You tube videos and fell in love with mixed media. I’ve yet to see a card or journal page I haven’t loved!!!! Thank you Vicky.

  15. Gorgeous card, good way to use the washi tape. Love the new release, my favorite are the stencils, then the washi tape, beautiful. Thanks for sharing, hope YOU have a great day

  16. I have to say the washi tape is amazing. Love the big size. Your fussy cutting of the images was a genius way to create this beautiful card. Thanks for EVERYTHING you share with us.

  17. I love de washi tapes!! You have such wonderful ideas, that would have never occurred to me
    Vicky I am not sure but I think you forgot to writte down the info on the stamps or maybe I can’t find it?

  18. I love what you did with the washi tape! When you first showed it that’s exactly what I was thinking would be the best way to use it, but the way you out your elements together was gorgeous! The two flowered tapes were my favorite, but the watercolor strokes were pretty too. Beautiful card, thanks!

  19. I think my favorite item in the new release is the wide washi tapes. I love how you cut different items out of it and used it as a focal point.

  20. I love to watch your videos, in the way that you make it so easy but beautiful at the same time. You have inspired me soooooo much I just can’t get enough . The altemew item are a must have love the new washi tape especially the different sizes and colors. Can’t wait to see your next video.

  21. I really love this washitape, the watercolor flower is beautiful. Really I don’t usually use the stencil but I will try!

  22. Your card is stunning! I can’t wait to use this beautiful washi tape. Altenew has done it again, even better…

  23. I would of never thought using Washi tape could create such a beautiful and simply beautiful card! Thank you for proving me wrong!

  24. The wide washi tape is really beautiful. You did something completely unexpected with it! I love your original ideas! Thanks for your videos, Vicky.

  25. I love what you did with the washi tape. I’m obsessed with the tape already but this just blew me away!

  26. Very beautiful card! I love both floral washi tapes, but the pink gold has won my heart. My favourite stencils are Leaf Burst and Watercolour Bouquet. I love the sprays too. You made it all to work together so pretty! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  27. Vicki, you are so creative and inspiring. I love your cards. You can turn the simplest design into a truly beautiful card.

  28. Love Altenew products and these new products are no exception. I think I need to start using more stencils after seeing the new release! As always you have done an amazing job Vicky!

  29. Wow! That is a truly beautiful card! I’ve never seen Washi Tape that wide, but you’ve just shown a great way to use it. TFS your talent. Love the stencils too.

  30. At first I thought the idea of cutting out the flowers from the washy tape was a little crazy but in the end product was absolutely beautiful as usual Vicki. You are a source of inspiration and have been so for me for at least five years now. Thank you

  31. I love your videos! This card is stunning! I’ve recently embraced stencils in my card making and I love the glitter spray.

  32. Hi Vicky, Beautiful card, so pretty!! I was just on Virginia’s blog and told her my favorite was the Classy Stripes stencil, I just love that one. I also am excited to try their Washi tape. TFS.

  33. You made an amazing card! I think I fell in love with this new huge washi tapes! Never saw anything like this ….

  34. Your work is always so well put together! You truly inspire me. I really love the new Washi tapes and can’t wait to get them.

  35. Thank you Vicky. I have been enjoying watching your tutorials. I absolutely adore those wide washi tapes. Such a great way to create 2 minute cards. My mind is flooding with ideas

  36. I really like the giant washi tape. I especially like the ink puddle design. And the floral one you used. If I win a gift card, I’m getting Altenew humongous washi tape. Fingers crossed. Thanks!

  37. New washi tapes are stunning and so flexible for many techniques. That Floral Flurries Washi Tape is definitely a must-have for that watercolor look and those colors.
    Thanks for the idea of fuzzy cuttings I always forget about that possibility.

  38. Beautiful card and brilliant ideas for using washi tape. The one you used is absolutely beautiful!

  39. Beautiful card! You make it look so easy:) Those wise washi tapes are amazing, and I love that gold spray!

  40. Love the watercolor stencil design! You have a little direction with the help of the stencil, but your creativity allows for a completely original design!!

  41. Stunning cards!!!! I wish someone gifted those to me!! ? wonderful work. I love all your work

  42. I have to get those washi tapes for my art journal! Great idea and such beautiful designs! Thank you!

  43. Your card designs are amazing. I always have a smile
    on my face when I watch you create. Thankyou so much

  44. My favorite is the blue washi tape! Your card is so beautiful, Vicky!! Love this whole release.

  45. Hello Vicki! Thank you for this giveaway. Love the wide washi tape! What a great idea to use it as the focal point! I never would have thought of that! Thank you for all your creative ideas. I love your art journal videos. More, please?

  46. Altenew has added a whole new meaning to washi tape. I love what you did with it. Never thought I would be able to fussy cut an entire floral design from washi. Beautiful card.

  47. My favorite is the washi tape. Thats amazing. How quick could u make a card using that. Its beautiful.

  48. Washi tapes make me smile…t hey are gorgeous.. dimensions, colours, dots… strokes… i’m in love <3

  49. Vicky – your card is just beautiful! I think I may love all the stencils in this Release – however I LOVE the large washi tapes! The floral washi tape & the Warp Speed stencil are my favorites.

  50. Your card is stunning! 🙂 I fell in love with the washi tapes as soon as I saw them. At some point, I’m sure, they will have to end up in my craft room! LOL!

  51. Your card is really lovely. I love the washi tapes, but I have a hard time fussy cutting because I’m left handed and there are no scissors for this.

  52. Hello Vicky!!! How beautiful is this March release!?!!?! The giant washi you use is so fabulous, I love the idea to stick it on cardstock and use the flowers as die cuts or chipboard ????

  53. Stunning Vicky! Looove that you fussy cut that washi tape, it’s gorgeous. The dark base is perfect, it makes the flowers pop. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  54. Thank you for sharing! The new stencils are gorgeous and the large rolls of washi tape are such a smart and innovative idea. Beautiful patterns and very versatile .

  55. Hmm… I love the stencil. I used to fussy cut many images from any and everywhere I could find them. I can relate to the phrase ” she runs with scissors”. I like the Nuovo drops as well. I have not tried them yet. Thank you for sharing.

  56. Wow—so that’s how you did it. I kept staring at the flowers and wondered how you did it! As pretty as the gold stripes are, your floral elements are stealing the show! Thank you so much. Lovin’ it!

  57. Wow! Love the card you made . . . but even more, I love that floral washi tape you used. I don’t think I would have considered using it in the way you did. Brilliant!

  58. You have turned me into a real Altenew fan. I absolutely love what you have done with the beautiful new wide washi tape. Your creativity amazes me, every day. Thanks

  59. Vickey your card is beautiful! I love it, you are so talented. I would have never thought to do that, as always your designs are awesome, can’t get enough of your mixed media art journaling

  60. Gorgeous card, fussy cutting the watercolor floral washi tape looks amazing! My favorite in the release is the Leaf Burst stencil, I can see that one never leaving my craft desk. Thanks for another awesome video.

  61. I love the big washi tape that you can cut and decorate your card your way. Thanks again Vicky for another opportunity.

  62. Oh my, so much to Love! The large wash tape is gorgeous and the srencils have me thinking of projects! You card is so beautiful!

  63. I just love all the tutorials, but this one is one of my favorites. Love the stencils and washi paper. Thank you for all the beautiful inspirations.

  64. Vicky, I am a forever fan and follower for years, now. I’ve watched you expand your creative areal and fed myself with inspiration from your tutorials. the use of washi tape in this one is so unexpected and fun, I decided to let you know about my silent admiration(at least so far) :)thanks for all your work/art/passion

  65. Well done on your card…love it
    I love the new width of the washi tape….just awesome…..tfs

  66. Love your card – it is just gorgeous! Those new washi tapes are great, I can’t wait to start getting some of those and the stencils as well! I love how you used the beautiful floral washi! Thanks!

  67. Really beautiful. You are the fussy cutting queen!! I do agree though that it is relaxing. I would buy that washi in a heartbeat ? thank you.

  68. Hi, my fav stencil is probably the leaf burst stencil, and the large washi tape is very interesting. Great way to use it!

  69. It is impossible not to fall in love with these new products. Innovation, great colors and the new creative possibilities are endless… I really love the large floral washi. Thanks for sharing and the great ideas.

  70. Lovely card, I really love those wide washi tapes! However, my favorite product from this release is the Poppy Bloom Stencil; I can see using it often.

  71. Your card is beautiful. I love the idea of spraying through the stencil. Just love the Washi tape. Thanks for sharing.

  72. Wow! This is a stunning card, Vicky! That Antique Gold Metallic Ink spray and the Floral Flurries is just beautiful. Such unusual colour combinations makes it really eye-catching!

  73. Beautiful card! I love the gold background you created with the stripe stencil and the gold ink spray! Your washi tape flowers are gorgeous!

  74. I love how you incorporate the stencils in a card, what a beautiful card!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  75. HI Vicky, I love the way you combined all these products to make this beautiful card. Thank you for the inspiration!

  76. I love the Washi tape and how you used it here. (I also love that they are drawing the winners on my birthday, St, Patrick’s Day! LOL)

  77. I really like how you put this whole card together. I never would have thought to use the spray on an angle like you did.

  78. What an inspired card! I think the stencils would be a fabulous, and necessary, addition to anyone’s stash. But the way you used the washi makes it all the more creative! Fabulous job!

  79. Your card is stunning! So nice how all of your elements come together harmoniously. I’m saying I like the stencils the most even though I’m in love with the Washi tape too.

  80. Wow.. Those washi tapes are so pretty. When I first saw the picture, I thought you actually stamped and water colored some flowers. I had no idea.. haha Thanks so much for sharing. This card is beautiful!! ???

  81. The stencils from this release are amazing……just finished watching Jennifer McGuire do some rotating of stencils to get a completely new look. So I’m anxious to play around with them too. And your use of the gold spray on the striped stencil is so ingenious….I love the “incomplete” loot of it on the cardstock. It really highlights the focal image perfectly.

  82. Oh, I’m so excited for this washi tape! What beautiful products in this release! Beautiful card, Vicki!

  83. Beautiful card and especially love the washi tape! Thank you for sharing and the giveaway!

  84. This washi tape is so beautiful and I love your fussy cutting…really stunning card. I love your videos!!

  85. wonderful card, Vicky – love how you used the new floral washi tape – think i’m really going to “need” these new tapes!!

  86. Hi Vicky, Love your card, it looks amazing, Altenew have some great new produces, love the floral and blue wide tape they look great, and those stencil are nice as well, so many things to dream about, TFS, Cheers Anna.

  87. Love these new products! The floral washi tape you used for this card is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  88. I love everything in this release, and the card you made is beautiful! But to pick one new favorite, I’ll say I like the wide floral washi the best.

  89. That’s a beautiful card Vicki. Love all your fine cutting. The washi tapes are absolutely gorgeous – I agree with your two favourite choices.

  90. Simply gorgeous card Vicky! The Altenew products in this release are amazing and I love how you used one item from each category to create your card.

  91. Love these beautiful washi tape ❤️ Always excited about ur new ideas and cool ways to create cards ??

  92. Love these beautiful washi tape ❤️ Always excited to watch ur amazing creations with them ??

  93. I love all the washi tape. It is just beautiful! Your card made with the washi tape is gorgeous!

  94. What a beautiful idea !! This card is really beautiful ! I love your work ! Thank you for sharing and the giveaway !

  95. What an exquisite card! Using the washi to fussy cut is so clever. And that washi is really gorgeous.

  96. Hi Vicky…love how you put that card together. …clever use of washi tape…love the washi tapes & stencils…Thankyou Pattie ?

  97. Love the new thicker washi tape. I love how you put that card together. I get amazed every time I see one of your videos, you always give great instructions but most of all you make it look so easy. Thank you

  98. Gorgeous! I love that you fussy cut the washi tape and used it as a focal point. This is stunning!

  99. Gorgeous card, I like how you sprayed from the side and didn’t cover the whole card. Cutting out the washi with the white border is a super idea…hadn’t considered that as an option.

  100. Wow!! I had no idea that washi tape came in rolls this wide. I like the blue, floral washi tape. It reminds me of a set of dishes we had when I was young.

  101. Hi Vicky,
    this new card is absolutely beautiful and looks so simple, it looks like flowers that you painted. ..this washi is magic!?
    I love rendering with this striped background, and this ink spray gold ???
    Quel talent, ?

  102. These are beautiful. As a beginner, I truly appreciate every detail you put into your videos and product lists.

  103. Oh I love washing tape, you’ve made such a pretty card. I do hope it’s going to be available in the UK

  104. I am loving the stencils and the georgous washi tapes and cannot not mention the beautiful sprays. As usual your card is beautiful.

  105. Wow. Great stencils, wonderful spray and washi tape is magnificent. Thanks for sharing a great card.

  106. Such a wonderful release! Altenew always creates amazing products. The stencils are gorgeous but those washi tapes are to die for! Just stunning

  107. I like the wide wash tape and the way you used it – a not so obvious way. Fussy cutting is NOT my favorite thing to do.
    The washi designs are gorgeous.

  108. It it all so nice, I like the washi tape as I have not seen this width before, you always make your cards so inviting and I love watching you for cards and journaling.

  109. This is lovely, Vicky. I love the way you sprayed the gold on the stencil. The Washi tapes are so pretty.

  110. Amazing card once again Vicky! Such a simple way to create something unique! And I just love the new products <3

  111. Beautiful card! It’s hard to pick a favorite new product as they are all great. However, I’m really in to sts right now,so I have to pick those. Thanks for sharing your lovely card.

  112. I love this card. I love how you used the stencil with the spray for a quick but nice background. I’m not a good fussy cutter, but I can at least try. Thanks for the inspiration ?

  113. Love your card with the gold stripes with the floral elements cut from the new washi tape. That is one classy card. Very excited about all the great new products!

  114. I love stencils. So I am naturally drawn to those in the new release. Love the colors that you’ve chosen for this sample card…vibrant and lovely!

  115. These washis are fabulous!!! This card looks like you took lots of time creating gorgeous flowers!! Instead you fussy cut the beautiful washi tape. Can’t wait to get mine…..Thank You ?

  116. I am absolute in love with the stencils and the washi tapes (the one with stripes blu and gold is amazing). Also the spray is gorgeous. It’ s really a beautiful realise.

  117. Hello Vicky. Love your beautiful card and your fussy cutting is great – looks as though you used a die. The new March release is fantastic and I NEED all of it, LOL LOL. Thanks for sharing – I really enjoy watching you create and you always have such great ideas.

  118. What a great card you made Vicky. I love the new release from Altenew. I was already fallen for the stecils but now you showed the Washi Tapes, they are gorgeous and they will come also on my wish list. I would never thought of using the tape to fuzzy cut ,thanks for this great idea.

  119. Vicky!!! This is one of the most exciting collections and cards I’ve seen in a long time! I especially love the stencils and that floral washi tape!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your materials with us, in cards and in art journaling! Once a fan, always a fan!!!

  120. This is a wonderful release! I love all the flowers… Makes me yearn for Sorting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. All the products are beautiful but I loved the washi tapes! Such a gorgeous products and as always you made an excellent use of them!

  122. Vicky, I absolutely love this card…beautiful Washi and stencil….the flowers may be my favorites so far…I enjoy your blog so much…it provides great inspiration!

  123. Beautiful card. I like the way you used the washi tape instead of the usual way. I think I like the stencils in the new release the best.

  124. It’s hard to choose just one item that is the favorite in this new release! I would have to say my favorites are the stencils. I really like the Leaf Burst one. My mind is working feverishly on what I could do with that. It’s inevitable that I will be purchasing it and a few others, as well!
    Thanks for your inspiring videos! I am always looking forward to them. You are a great teacher!!

  125. I love the beautiful stencils and of course the washi tape. Your card is beautiful as always and I get so much inspiration from you.

  126. A beautiful card created with the floral flurries washi tape. The ink spray and glitter tape match perfectly and add a touch more elegance to your stunning card! Thanks for sharing.

  127. Vicky, thank you for the beautiful inspiration with these new products. I enjoy all of your video ideas and never tire of watching them…you are super fantastic!

  128. I really liked how you developed the card process.
    I love all the products, but the one that left me with an open mouth was the Floral Flurries Washi Tape, it is beautiful and very flexible when it comes to using it in many projects.
    Thank you for showing us your work, as always, excellent.

  129. Vicky this came out beautifully and your fussy cutting is great …what I love is the composition you made with all the cuts you made…really a pretty card. Loved watching and I got inspired.

  130. Vicki-I just love your videos!
    I am new to mixed media and card crafting so I am trying to build my supplies. I love the fact that you use so many different products. This makes it easy for me to see what I like before I buy.

  131. I just love that washi tape. I think it is too pretty to use as washi tape, so I love the idea of using the flowers separately. Your card is just beautiful!

  132. Love the stencil and how you shadow sprayed it. I’ve never been much of a Washington fan but these, especially the flowers you used, are amazing.

  133. Altenew has done it again! I love the wallpaper and scalloped stencils. The washi tape is pretty cool too. Thank you Vicki for yet another great video and for sharing your techniques.

  134. Beautiful card. Love the washi tapes especially the floral flurries, and the classy stripes stencil. I think both of these would be very useful.

  135. I love this card. That washi tape is gorgeous. I love the use of the spray ink to create the soft lined background.

  136. I must admit, I loved everything about this card and the products you used – the stencil and gold spray were my favourite parts. along with the background washi tape, ooh, and the glitter tape. Haha.

    1. I love the big washi tape that you can cut and decorate your card your way. Thanks again Vicky for another opportunity.

  137. This washy tape would be really good for a beginner stamper. You have made a beautiful card. I love your video’s.

  138. Fantastic card, I had not seen washi used like that, love it.. now I need large printed washi. Thank you for sharing and inspiring..

  139. What a gorgeous card! I think my favorite is that floral washi tape that you used on this card. I probably wouldn’t have picked it before I saw you use it, lol!

  140. Your card is beautiful! I have to say my fav new products in this release are all the stencils, especially the Weave Builder and Leaf Burst stencils!

  141. I love the detailed, intricate look you can get without having to do all the work of watercolor. Don’t get me wrong, I love watercoloring, but there’s no way I’m this good or this fast yet, so it’s nice to have a quicker way to achieve the look. Especially with how often I’m running late on birthday cards! Thanks for sharing your creativity and this release with us. I always love watching you create!

  142. Great card. I wish I could afford to buy all the stencils and the washi tape. Love the Floral Flurries.

  143. I love how you used the washi tape. I’ve never seen any in these larger sizes until now, and your idea to use it as you did is just perfect. Your card is absolutely lovely as always!! Thanks for the great video!!

  144. I love that u took that pattern from the washi tape and made it ur oun by fussy cutting out the pattern. Beautiful card as always. Thanks for sharing.

  145. The card is really beautiful. I love the stencils in this release since I love working with them and the designs in this release are fabulous. I also like the washi tapes and the sprays, both of which I have never used before.

  146. You produce such wonderful videos. I love the floral arrangement you created from the washi tape, and I love how the washi tapes can provide instant backgrounds, too. I think I want everyone of the new stencils and maybe even a couple of those ink sprays. Thank you, for being part of this very special blog hop.

  147. What a wonderful new line of stencils – so innovative, and love that you can use each one in different ways to achieve multiple effects. The inspiration is amazing! Your card is beautiful!

  148. Oh my gosh! Watercolor Strokes Washi Tape is SO beautiful!
    your cards are always amazing and so lovely.

    thank you for sharing your talent with us and giving us a chance to win.

  149. I expected nothing less than a beautiful card from you, and you did not dissapoint. As always. Every time I see one of your creations I want the dies, the stamps, everything!

    1. Oops I forgot to say what I love most from the release. My fav is the Warp speed stencil. But your card really makes me want this flower stamp.

  150. I love the warp speed stencil the most. I’m daydreaming about all the fun things I could do with it! Love your card, beautiful use of the gold metallic ink spray. Thanks for sharing.

  151. I look forward to everyone of your videos, so creative and inspiring. The new wide washi tape is so cool, love how you used it to fussy cut you focal point. All the stencils are just beautiful, love them all!

  152. I love the ink sprays and the stencils together. Plus, your tip for using a box with the sprays to eliminate mess is great. Thanks for inspiration, new product tips, and the giveaway chance.

  153. You did it again! That card looks awesome.
    I like al the new products of this new releasem but if I have to choos only one item, I will definitely choose the warp speed stencil. Endless posibilities with such design!

  154. Beautiful! I’ve learned quite a lot watching your videos but this time, I also found some great new products!

  155. I get so inspired by you. I never would have thought to cut out the designs on the washi to use on a card.

  156. I was just amazed by that washi tape. I love it. It is my fave part of the release. Your card was very beautiful as well. Love it.

  157. Simply beautiful! I absolutely love the wide washi tape and idea of cutting out the flowers to make our own unique bouquet.
    So the floral washi tapes and the stencils are my favorites…
    Thank you again, Vicky. I am always inspired by what you make.

  158. I adore your work. I have learned so much from your videos on YouTube. I am just getting started in the card making craft. I don’t have a lot of supplies but I am creative and anxious to try to my hand at card making. The new wide washi is a great idea. I would love to try out the sprays, too. You are so creative. I love watching your videos. Because I am on a fixed income, I can’t purchase many things at one time. I will have to collect supplies little by little over time. It would be a great treat to win the $30 gift certificate. I am already making my list. Thanks so much for sharing your art and techniques.

  159. Wow! Your card is stunning! A beautiful example of how to use items from the new release. My favorite is the floral washi tape that you used on your beautiful card.

  160. Beautiful card Vicky! It seems simple enough that I could do this myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

  161. I’m loving the stencils. I’ve been looking for a new variety of stencils and these all seem perfect!

  162. Your newest cards are so beautiful and vibrant. I love the combination of colors . They work so well together..Your are so artisic. Love your videos. Thank You…

  163. Vicky, your card is exquisite! You are always so creative! Example: cutting out the flower from the Washi Tape?. Thank you for the video.

  164. The choice of card color deep red almost burgundy is my all time favorite color – and looked gorgeous with the flowers

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