Today I review the Glass Media Mat, designed by Tim Holtz. This is a product by Tonic Studios and I have been using their glass mats for over a year now. I did a product review a while back on their white glass mat and it was a hit. So I thought it would be fun to share another review for the new one, now that is in stock.

I will share tips on how to use it and keep it clean! Also find out why you need that removable non-stick mat that comes with it!

This is a scheduled post. I am currently on vacation and I might be slow in replying any questions.

You can watch the video below or at my YouTube channel

Both the white and the black glass mats are available now, but move quickly as they get sold out the minute they hit the selves. Affiliate links used at no extra cost to you.

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  1. I’’ve been thinking about this mat since it was first revealed. I didn’t hesitate after watching your video. Used your link to purchase it. Thank you for the great demo. I’m really looking forward to clearing off my craft desk to reorganize everything on it to be ready for the media mat’s arrival.

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I especially was interested in the white glass area vs white mat effects with swiping with watercolor paper.

  3. Thank you Vicky, I really enjoy my glass mat. Yes it was a investment, but so worth it. Thanks for the review. I so enjoy your videos.

  4. Thank you, Vicky! Mine is coming in the mail TODAY! I’ve been waiting a long time for it to be back in stock. I hope it love it!

  5. I have both mats and use them side by side in my craft table.I love them both very Much.

  6. Great video, Vicky. I love my glass mat too! Thanks for the very helpful tips on cleaning all the different types of media out there!
    Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing, and rejuvenating vacation!

  7. Thank you, Vicky. Your review was perfectly timed, as I will pick up my mat on Monday at my local stamp store. I’ve been on the reserved list since it was introduced in January. Oops! Someone at Tonic Studio sure dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully, the wait will have been worth it. Really anxious to try it out.

  8. Thanks, Vicky. Great review. I was wondering about he non stick mat that came with it. Thank you for showing different ways to use it.

  9. Thanks Vicky for this great review. I had for years ago already a glass mat from Tonic, a square one and I loved it. I used it a lot to cut on because cutting precision work like 3D decoupage on glass is much easier than a selfhealing mat.

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