Welcome to a fun blog hop! Altenew has just released a watercolor pan set and today we celebrate with an inspirational blog hop and lots of giveaways. You should have arrived here from the talented Therese Calvird. If you want to start the blog hop from the beginning please visit Altenew Card Blog.

This beautiful set of 36 vibrant watercolor half-pans coordinates perfectly with the Altenew line of ink. They are intensely pigmented, fade minimally when drying, and some colors have lovely granulating effects. They are stored in a convenient plastic case, with a palette in the lid for mixing and a water brush.

Here is a photo of a quick swatch I did, where you can see all the colors included.

I love that you can take the pans out of the case if you wish so and they also have the name of the color typed at the bottom. And what is really awesome is that the colors actually match the Altenew ink pads!

Here is the card I made using the watercolor pan set.

For my card I used the gorgeous Altenew  flower set Cherished Memories ( ALTN | SSS | SBC ), that has lovely sentiments. A really easy card since all I did was to stamp the images, quickly colors them with the new watercolors and then cut them out. You can create your own flower arrangement and you have a lovely card ready and perfect for any occasion. Depending on the sentiment you stamp, it can be a birthday card, a thank you card… anything goes!

video tutorial

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel


Links to multiple online stores provided below. Affiliate links used at no extra cost to you

Watercolor 36 Pan Set — Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Artist Bundle — Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Pan Case — Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Palette Bundle — Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Brushes Bundle — Altenew
[ ALTN ]
Cherished Memories Stamp Set
[ ALTN | SSS | SBC ]
Cherished Memories Die Set
[ ALTN | SBC | SSS ]
Permanent Black Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN | SSS ]
3 Pack Glue Tape
[ ALTN | SSS ]
[ SSS ]
Scrapbook Adhesives 126 3D WHITE FOAM…
[ SSS ]


Leave me a comment below for a chance to win $30 gift certificate. The winner will be announced on my blog winners page on 8/15/2018.

more giveaways

To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to SIX lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and Altenew Scrapbook Blog by 8/15/2018 for a chance to win. Six winners will be announced on the Altenew blogs on 8/19/2018.

next stop

The next stop on the hop is my super talented friend Lydia Fiedler. Happy hopping!



  1. What a beautiful card and brilliant colours, I love it! Thanks für the tutorial and the chance to win this awesome giveaway! <3

  2. You inspire me everytime I watch your instructional videos. “I can do that too”. Keep inspiring!

  3. I appreciate the video- thank you, they are always helpful. I like these colors pair with their inks so well. I can’t wait to try them out.

  4. Watercolors are my medium of choice, and I am excited to use these techniques. Thanks for sharing. Today is my birthday so this morning I made a wish that you would have a new card to share so double thanks!! How lovely!

  5. That is one of my favorite stamp sets. You did a beautiful job watercoloring the flowers. Of course, you always do. I love all of your cards!!

  6. Beautiful card. I love how the watercolor paints match their inks. Since I have all of their inks, this might be a good addition to my stash.

  7. I always love your videos. Thanks for sharing the technique for highlighting the flowers. This watercolor set looks so complete with its many colors and options to mix them to make colors.

  8. I love your water coloring on your card. You make it look so easy but I know from experience it isn’t that easy. Beautiful!

  9. I’ve been waiting for months….for the release of this water color set. I’m hoping it’s worth the wait. Can’t wait to play….. 🙂

  10. I love flowers card and our turned out fantastic…thanks for sharing your creations.
    well done and tfs

  11. Love your card and I love that they sell the empty paint pan. I’d love to create a small palette with my Daniel Smith watercolors. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This video, and the new water color pan is Amazing! I Love to watercolor my stamped images, Especially florals and animals. I follow you often. I am Very new to blog swaps and such. I am Also very interested.
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. I knew I should not have looked at this hop. I now have to go buy these paints. Haha!! Love it!!

  14. Beautiful card! Thanks for the tip about creating highlights by removing color. I new to watercoloring and will definitely be giving that tip a try.

  15. Gorgeous card! I love the black and white stripe paper along the edge of the card. Thank you for the great tip on highlighting! And thanks for the great inspiration!

  16. I love this card Vicky and this new water colour palette from Altenew is gorgeous I only wish the shipping wasn’t that expensive from the US to us in the UK. TFS :O) xx

  17. Just a lovely card,Vicky! This beautiful set of Altenew watercolors is amazing! Gorgeous colors that don’t fade after drying…I love it!

  18. Thank you Vicky! Love the tutorial, so helpful as I am starting to use watercolors on my cards and art journaling.

  19. I’m excited about these watercolors and cannot wait to receive mine. I love the vibrant colors and think your card is beautiful. I like the black and white accent which goes perfectly with the pink flowers.

  20. Wow! You watercolored the flowers?! I am in awe because it looks like you colored them with markers. Such a great watercolor set. I hope that my flowers turn out like yours! 🙂 You have such great talent and I really enjoy watching you work. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  21. Your card is lovely, Vicky! This watercolor set from Altenew (my favorite company) is going to be a huge hit…would you just look at all those luscious blues! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Gorgeous card. This is a very nice set of watercolors, the colors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing Vicky.

  23. Thanks for another great video. You make everything look beautiful. I really like the new paints from Alenew.

  24. Beautiful card with vibrant colors from new Altenew watercolors. Helpful tip to reactivate watercolor for highlights. Thank you

  25. Thank you so much for that wonderful video…it was nice to see the actual size of this set in someone’s hands in use…..love the card…thank you so much.

  26. Absolutely love this! A watercolour set that is compact, easy to carry around, that co-ordinates with all my Altenew Inks. Love that the pans can be taken out so that individual colours can be replaced that are used more often. And the card inspiration is awesome!

  27. Love your beautiful card. Thank you for sharing your tip on how to highlight by using clean water on a brush and dabbing the color off with a rag.

  28. Wow, you always amaze me with whatever you do. I even have my Grandkids watching you! Thanks for all you do. These Alenew watercolors are wonderful!

  29. Can’t wait to try Altenew’s new paints and brushes. You are such an inspiration to me, and I always want everything you demonstrate.
    Love your inspirations and ideas.

  30. I think the water colors are very pretty and so is your card. I have been trying to do more water coloring because I love the look of it.

  31. I am so excited they have watercolors to match their inks. I can not wait to get my hands on those beautiful watercolors. Love your work Vicki. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  32. I haven’t tried watercolouring because it always looked so difficult to me. You made it look so simple in this video that I want to try it. Thank you for another beautiful card and inspiring me to try these watercoloours in the near future.

    Beautiful card.


  33. Your cards are always so beautiful. The watercolors look nice and creamy. Thanks for another great video.

  34. I love watching how you put things together to come up with your magically inspiring final results. The Altenew watercolor colors seem beautifully vibrant!

  35. You make this watercolouring technique so easy and approachable for anyone. Love the colours and the design.

  36. Beautiful card, love the colours you have used and the black and white border. Congratulations Altenew on a fantastic watercolour set. Vicky, thank you for your inspiration.

  37. Vicky, thanks for sharing your lovely card created using the new watercolors. Your video demonstration was so helpful.

  38. I saw your You Tube showing that colorful pallet… It is really amazing, but it looks better with your wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!

  39. I knew when you saw the beautiful water colors it made your heart sing.
    Beautiful job on the card.
    Erica K.

  40. I was thrilled to see a notification. Beautiful card, and a wonderful set of watercolors. Perfect little companion for crafting on the go. Thanks so much for sharing. ? ? ?

  41. I’ve been waiting for a chance to learn how to write/ draw using theses watercolor palates , you are such an amazing blogger , youtube . Sending u love and support ?

  42. Vicky your card is beautiful. Love you ideas and techniques. I want to try your idea of using a clean brush with water and a paper towel to lighten to make highlights. Love your video’s.

  43. I can’t believe all the delicious colors in this set!! I just watched a video earlier today with someone using these and fell in love with all the beautiful colors! Gotta save my pennies for one of these sets, or ask for them for my birthday!

  44. Pretty pink card, love the vibrant colors and thanks for another awesome video with all the watercolor tips too!

  45. The pinks you used for the flowers are so pretty! I love that the paint colors match the ink pad colors. It eliminates a lot of the guess work when stamping sentiments.

  46. Beautiful card! It’s nice that all of the paints match their inks. I think it’s a great set for beginners especially for me since I’m new to color mixing and would rather just have a variety of colors!

  47. Vicky
    Thank you for sharing the video making the beautiful flower card with the fantastic Altenew watercolour set. It is truly inspiring!!

  48. This is a beautiful card—I love the stamp set, the sentiment, the watercoloring, and the design of the card.

  49. These colors are gorgeous and the case and brushes very practical; awesome card design and great video! Thanks for sharing Vicky

  50. That is a well balanced set, usually you get too much of one color family one not enough of another, but when I saw this it seems a perfect balance.

  51. Beautiful card! I don’t need another watercolor set, but I WANT this one very much.
    The colors are so vibrant.

  52. Once again you design yet another beautiful card! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent! Hope you are having a great summer!!

  53. Lovely. I love the highlight tip and thank you for pointing out that the colors do not dry back as much as typically with w/c. It’s one of the things that I still struggle with and frequently over correct for it. Thank you so much.

  54. Thank you for the demo. You make water coloring look so easy. I am saving up for this set. Love. love, love your cards. Always a pleasure to spend time with you.

  55. The card that you made was beautiful! I really love this watercolor set, and how it matches 36 of the ink pads, yay!

  56. Such a lovely card. Thank you for sharing your tip about highlighting. This new watercolor set has beautiful vibrant colors.

  57. Beautiful card, like all the thought that’s gone into this set of colours, matching inks, good size, names on base, by your swatch they do all look stunning shades. Thanks.

  58. Lovely card, as always, and you make it look so easy and effortless, as always! I really look forward to your videos, so thank you for posting!

  59. Hi Vicki,
    What brand watercolor paper do you use? And what is the tool you used to apply the little crystals at the end? It’s a beautiful car and I love the new paint set. Thank you.

  60. So pretty…love the different unique features of this watercolour set (individual cubes, name on bottom).

  61. This is so beautiful and these w/c’s are lovely. Your arrangement of your flowers and leaves are always so perfect.

  62. Hi Vicky, These paints are fabulous, I absolutely love the detail brush nib on this pen also, and your tip with brushing the water and taking off some of the colour, it adds depth and blending, I absolutely love this card. I really should try these watercolor pans they look so easy and effective. Thank you for the fantastic video. Lots of love from Patricia xx

  63. Thank you so much for your video Vicky. It was most helpful since I am now using watercolors in my card making and art journaling. I always enjoy your work!

  64. Beautiful card and techniques. …. I have watercolor pens but have never tried this type of watercolor.
    thank you for the chance to win a set.

  65. Vicky, love how you made the highlights stand out. Great card, as always. Will definitely have to get the watercolors.

  66. I love this watercolor pan set, the colors look AWESOME! Also your card is so beautiful and joyful! Thank you for the highlighting tip with the watercolors, it sure makes everything look more dimensional!

  67. Looks like a lot of fun. I haven”t done much water coloring, been working
    with pencils more. Will like to try it. Thank you.

  68. Beautiful card and great tip on how you achieve the highlighted portion of the petals. My watercolor set is from Walmart, which is fine but definitely not the same quality. Loving the vibrant colors here! Thanks for sharing.

  69. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous card and lovely water color set with us,! Congrats to Altenew for another great product!

  70. Oh thank you Vicky! I never thought to make a swatch with my watercolors… Fantastic idea! And of course I love your card… beautiful as always. Thank you for all you share, you are greatly appreciated ?

  71. So beautiful. I love that Altenew now has watercolors. All the Altenew products I have are top quality, and I’m sure these are no exception.

  72. Vicky, I love your cards and especially water color painting. Watching you makes me think I can do it also. I love these water colors but every place I’ve tried to buy them are sold out!

  73. This watercolor set looks wonderful. Just the right size to sit on my stamping table. The card you made with these watercolors is beautiful!

  74. That is a terrific set of colors. Great tip on picking up the color to get a highlight, Vicky, thanks!

  75. Thanks you for all your wonderful videos and tips! I love them! And thank you for the chance to win the gift certificate! This blog hop is really fun. I’m finding out about so many artists blogs that I never knew about.

  76. I love what you’re doing, your art is beautiful and inspiring and these cards are beautiful and I would really love winning altenew watercolour paint like the one you’re using. But I love altenew products, their stamp sets and I would be very happy to get either their watercolor paint and stamp and dies set.

    Please continue your art. You’re amazing

  77. Great blog and video once again, Vicky. Love the difference in tbe card between the black and white stripes and the vibrancy of the flowers. I really like the opaqueness you’ve achieved. Doesn’t look like watercolour at all.

  78. Hey Vicki! This is an absolutely fabulous card. That black and white stripe works every time. Your artistic talent makes the whole thing come together so nicely and so inspiring. Thank you as always for sharing with us. I have purchased the flower stamp and die because it is beautiful – and I thought, I have so many beautiful Altenew flower stamps I can make them all in this same manner presented here and have an awesome collection:) – Thanks again. Denise

  79. Omg! I may have to buy those watercolours. I love them!
    Thanks for the video. Its such fun to watch them and learn new technics.

  80. Vicky, your card is just lovely. I always learn so much from you and enjoy every video.
    The new paints from Altenew are fantastic. I don’t do any painting because I don’t have any to practice with, but this set would be a great one to have. It is so nice that there are so many different colors available and that each pot has the color name on the bottom. Altenew did a great job in designing this set!

  81. Hi Vicky, I never used watercolors, but I love the effect on the paper and watching at your videos it seems too easy to use them.

  82. I love your card and this beautiful set of watercolors. The bonus of having inks to match is fantastic. It will make no line watercoloring a bit easier and matching the sentiment a piece of cake. TFS

  83. Beautiful flower cardI love the watercolour set! The colours are so vibrant yet subtle and they match the inks which is a bonus! Would love to recreate this card!!

  84. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talents. Love all the tips especially , how you highlight to give dimension . Java good day!?

  85. Hi Vicky,
    I love your work and I made several art journal pages and cards inspired by your work. Keep inspiring.

  86. These watercolours look amazing! I love using watercolour pencils and have been wanting to try paints and these are the most perfect colours I’ve seen in a set!

  87. Thank you for the information! Nice that the colors do not fade out.
    Quick question: are there replacements available for the colors you use up?

  88. I am always amazed by the work you do. Always enjoy your videos and tips you give when making a card 🙂

  89. What a great set!! 36 colors- more than you need for your works ( if you not a watercolor artist ?). Super pigment colors!! Love the result you get with this set!

  90. WOW love that the watercolor set matches the inks … Well done Alt e New. I love your cards and thank you for the tip about getting depth to the flowers… have a happy day x

  91. Gorgeous card and Great review . I love how this watercolors coordinates perfectly with the Altenew line of ink. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  92. Your card is gorgeous! I have already ordered a set of inks and can’t wait to play with them myself!

  93. I really enjoy watching your blog and seeing your beautiful creations. You make it look so easy.
    What brand of crystals did you use on the flower card please?

  94. Your card is very elegant! I appreciate you sharing the technique for removing some of the color to highlight. Very clever!

  95. Hi Vicky! Your vibrant watercoloring and flowers match your sentiment sooooo well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  96. I love these! I’ve seen other artists work with them, and I am very impressed. I will probably need to buy these. 🙂

  97. I’m new to watercolor, and have a small, maybe 12 color travel kit from Windsor Newton. These colors are every bit as beautiful!!

  98. Fabulous card. I can’t get over how vibrant and gorgeous these paints are. Definitely on my wish list.
    Happy Crafting.

  99. SO ELEGANT!!!
    Your card is beautiful–thanks for showing and sharing!
    Love your little tips and tricks

  100. Thanks for showing something that I feel like I can do with watercolors. I love hearing you talk too. I also liked the idea of removing some color for depth/contrast.

  101. I love the new Altenew Watercolor set. It seems very reasonably priced and there is a great selection of colors. Thanks for the chance to win one! Thanks for the great tips watching your video – looking forward to trying some of them out.

  102. Love the colours you used – so pretty.. I was wanting to buy some watercolours. SO pleased I waited to see this great Altenew set! Excited that they match my Altenew inks. WOW!

  103. This is a beautiful card! Thanks for the tip on removing color for a highlight. These watercolors look really nice.

  104. Hi Vicki, as always I love your card! You are one of my favorite cardmakers and artists online today! Thank you for all your beautiful for work and thank you for sharing your amazing tutorials with us on YT.

  105. What wonderful choice of colors for this card! There are certainly a lot of colors to choose from in this new watercolor set. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your ideas with us! Love your cards and your art journal pages.

  106. Lovely card and inspiration as always. Looks easy to watercolour the way you do. Thanks for all your videos. ❤️❤️

  107. As always, I just love your videos. I have learned so much from them and the list of materials are so helpful! Thank you for your time!

  108. Beautiful card! Great pan set with all the colors needed! Thanks for the opportunity to win❤️

  109. Another beautiful card ! I have ordered the Alenew watercolor set…. can’t wait for it to arrive.

  110. I love the colors! They are a nice mix of vibrant colours and earthy tones.
    I’ve been a fan since long but never really participated in a giveaway thinking I might not win. But this time I just decided to give it a shot anyway 🙂

  111. Your cards are gorgeous. I just received my watercolors in the mail today and can’t wait to use them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  112. Ohhhhhhhhh, I want the Altenew Watercolors SO BADLY! Wish I could afford them but alas… Your card is gorgeous & those watercolors just make me salivate. They’re SO DEEE-VINE!

  113. Beautiful card Vicky! I just love this Flower Set. Altenew Is one of my favorite Flower stamp makers.

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