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Welcome to a fun blog hop and some awesome washi tape cards! New Washi Tapes by Altenew have just been released and we celebrate with an inspirational blog hop and lots of giveaways. You should have arrived here from the Altenew Scrapbook Blog. If you want to start the blog hop from the beginning please visit Altenew Card Blog.

video tutorial

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel

cards close-up

Here are some close-ups on all five cards that I made for today!

Glitter Flurries card

For this card I used the Glitter Flurries Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ). This is a really pretty washi tape as it has foiling all over it! The sentiment is from the Script Words Die Set( ALTN | SSS ).

Gilded Ombre card

For this card I combined the Gilded Ombre Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ) and the Golden Edge Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ). The sentiment is from the Smiles and Hugs Stamp Set( ALTN | SSS ). It has been embossed with Antique Gold Crisp Embossing Powder( ALTN | SSS )

Watercolor Nebula card

How gorgeous is this night sky?! I used the Watercolor Nebula Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ) for the background. The buildings is a Tim Holtz Sizzix CITYSCAPE SKYLINE Die ( SSS ). The sentiment is from the Hello Gorgeous Stamp Set( ALTN | SSS ) stamp set.

Painted fantasy card

For this card I combined two washi tape designs. The Painted Fantasy Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ) and the Pixel Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ). The sentiment is again from the Hello Gorgeous Stamp Set( ALTN | SSS )

Painted Orchids card

And here is another way to use the beautiful designs on those washi tape rolls. Cut them out to create your own focal points like I did here with this flower arrangement. I used the Painted Orchids Washi Tape( ALTN | SSS ) and my sentiment is from the Hello Gorgeous Stamp Set( ALTN | SSS ).


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Hello Gorgeous Stamp Set
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Leave me a comment below for a chance to win $30 gift certificate. The winner will be announced on my winners page on the 3rd of October 2018.

more giveaways

  • To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 6 lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or Altenew Scrapbook Blog by 10/3/2018 for a chance to win. 6 winners will be announced on the Altenew blogs on 10/6/2018.

  • There is a giveaway on every stop of the hop! So make sure to visit everyone!

next stop

The next stop on the blog hop is my talented friend May Sukyong Park

Happy hopping!


  1. Wow, these washis are amazing and I love the creative ways you use them! I also want to tell you that I find your cards to be so elegant and beautiful! Sometimes the paper or stamp should stand out in its simplistic beauty!

  2. Beautiful washi tapes. I’m glad you are not asking to pick a favorite card because that would not be possible. They are all so gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous cards. I love the way you paired the washi with a gold die cut sentiment for the first one. And the galaxy background is stunning! And I also love the last twofloral cards… So much fun, Vicky!

  4. Who knew washi tape could be so beautiful? I sure didn’t until I saw these beautiful cards. Thanks so much, Vicki, for your gorgeous inspiration.

  5. Wow. These cards are gorgeous. I always struggle with the strips of washi tape. They just don’t look right to me, like they’re kind of dull, but these are beautiful. I especially love the second one. Thanks so much for sharing. ???

  6. LOVE all these tapes. My favorite, I think, is the Glitter Flurries. Just because I love purple! Your projects are beautiful.

  7. So gorgeous! I also really loved seeing how quickly your stunning cards came together with this washi tape and the variety of ways you used it to create so many beautiful designs. Lovely!

  8. Love these, never would have thought to use Washi on cards! I like the Gilded Ombre one the best. You always do beautiful cards@

  9. I like the Watercolor Nebula. Washi tapes are new to me especially the wide ones. I just found out about it last April. I have bought cheap thin washis available here in the Philippines. Thank you for sharing ideas to use washis into cards.

  10. Your cards are stunning! I’m really loving all the ideas with these new washi tapes. I can’t wait to get them. What a great release!

  11. Wow 😮 ive never seen washi that thick before. Where i live our washi is quite limited, mostly just the standard size and occasionally thinner ones, and theyre pretty expensive. But wow those are amazing. Very pretty cards! ^.^

  12. As always, your cards are my inspiration. The last card you made was my absolute favorite. I wish I could fussy-cut like you do !

  13. Your designs are fabulous Vicky! So many wonderful Washi tape colors and designs to chose from! Love the Watercolor Nebula ! Thanks for the inspiration and video, it is always appreciated! Have a wonderful day!

  14. Always enjoy your cards. These washi tapes are so pretty. I’ve never used the thinner tapes but these new wider tapes are pretty cool.

  15. Your cards are beautiful, Vicky! I love washi tape, and i bet i could make a pretty card following your demos. ☺️

  16. Whoa – eye candy overload. Can’t pick a favorite. Well maybe. Gilded ombre and the Nebula are definitely stealing my attention.

  17. Love that we can now buy the wide washi tape individually, Makes me so happy!! There have been several that I’ve wanted but didn’t want to buy the bundle now I can pick the ones I want and now they’ve add more that are just totally gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards!!

  18. Vicki you always have the best card ideas and always so inspiring.too.
    I love the city scene with the gold windows and the floral ones too. Wow you are so talented. Thank you for sharing your cards and your video’s.

  19. I had no idea that Washi Tape came in such a large size. These are breathtaking…cannot wait to see these in person. Beautiful!

  20. Love your cards Vicky. I don’t buy washi tape but these would make beautiful cards. I also love your YouTube videos. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Love washi tape! Now I just love it more! These are amazing cards – – – thank you so much for inspiring us all!

  22. So many beautiful cards. Each of your cards look gorgeous and fairly easy except for the one you cut flowers from the washi. I know that took more time. With these awesome washi tapes it is impossible to make a bad choice for a card or layout.

  23. Very beautiful and elegant washi tape . Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and for the inspirational cards made with the new Altenew release.

  24. Oh wow! These washi tapes are sooooo beautiful, Altenew always makes the best products! I can imagine using these tapes just about anywhere because they are just gorgeous!

  25. SO many beautiful cards! You really know how to use the washi tape to create amazingness (yes, it’s a word ;)….LOVE WASHI TAPE 🙂

  26. Vicky, these cards are so beautiful! So romantic and just a delight! I really like what you have done here and pairing the gold with them is spectacular! It really makes the purple hues pop on that one card. Thank you so much for your inspiration and I am looking forward to watching your video on this/these cards!

  27. Oh my goodness! These are so beautiful. That Smile card is so elegant and pretty and I love the Galaxy tape. The gold foil tape is such a great tape and adds a lot of Elegance and beauty to the cards.

  28. The floral washi tape is beautiful. I’ve always enjoyed the washi tape and am excited to see bigger sizes. Your cards are beautiful! I was watching with my two daughters and I think they’re starting to get very excited about card making as well. Thank you for the great videos and teaching. Love seeing your techniques and learn so much. Thank you!

  29. Love the wash with the gilding on it, so pretty. The pink pixilated tape is also very nice, it’s rather unusual. The cosmos ones are brilliant too and very versatile. Plus there were so many more you didn’t even touch. Great release.

  30. Beautiful cards and, as always, great tips on your video. I like all 5, but #3 is my favorite. The tapes are a bit pricey for me, but they are pretty.

  31. Extra wide washi tape?! What a great idea. Some really pretty designs that — as you demonstrated — make easy backgrounds and some beautiful cards! Thanks, Vicky!

  32. I love all of your cards! These Washi tapes would look so awesome on scrapbook layouts, too! What a beautiful variety.

  33. I love these new washi tapes. My favorite is the one with the purple flowers; but my favorite card was the skyline one. Absolutely beautiful.

  34. Those cards are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe how easy and quick with the wide washi tape. Great videol

  35. Always love your work and these are stunning too! The washi tapes are just so beautiful! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

  36. Absolutely love the watercolor nebula Washington tape! Amazing ideas, my Washi tapes have been just lying around, i guess it’s time to use them

  37. The new release of washi tape is fabulous! Just when I think I have a favorite I see a card using a different one ….. and that becomes a favorite. I really loved your Gilded Ombre card. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Wow absolutely gorgeous cards! I really like the Watercolor Nebula Washi Tape and how you put the Tim Holtz City Scape Skyline Die Cut set on top of it! So cool looking!

  39. As always your cards are beautiful. Never thought to use washi tape as a background but I don’t have tape that wide either. Love your videos.

  40. Gorgeous cards with these amazing waski tapes!!! I LOVE these washi designs and that you can create so beautiful cards in such a little time! Love love love them!!!

  41. This new washi tape is magnificent! The new sizing gives so many more options for using it, yet it still has all the great characteristics that make washi tape such a great medium to work with. I love the new designs, too!!! Absolutely beautiful!! It is definitely hard to pick a favorite!

  42. I had no idea that washi tape came that wide. All your cards are so pretty. It’s definately something to try out.

  43. Wow!! How easy is that?? This Washi tape makes cardmaking so easy. I always thought you had to put in a lot of time to make a card special. This tape is a game changer and your cards prove that. Beautiful cards Vicky!!

  44. Love, love, love, all of these. The purples and floral grab me, but all the tapes used seem like they would all be fun to play with. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Thanks for some great examples. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Sure hope I win a gift certificate so that I can get some of this super washi tape.

  46. These washi tapes are all so amazing. The gold touch on some of them make them elegantly beautiful. These Altenew washi tapes are really unique and I love the way they have been showcased in your wonderful cards

  47. I love every card you made! They are all so aesthetic and I really really like it. The washis are incredible too, it is actually my first time seeing that type of washi and I already love it.

  48. I LOVE the cards! I’ve been trying for some time to find the large washi tape and am SO HAPPY Altenew has them! Thank you!

  49. The new washi tapes are so gorgeous and you have used them in a variety of ways for these cards. Love each one of them.

  50. I love all the different styles that you can get out of a few supplies. I especially love how you fussy cut the washi tape for a completely different look! You and your cards are amazing!

  51. Wow Vicky! Just stunning! I love the Nebula & the Ombre taps. The more I see of them, the more I can see how versatile they are.

  52. Oh my gosh. Love these cards so much! I’m crazy about the Gilded Ombre and the Glittered Flurries Washi tapes…but I NEED to have them all. Your cards are gorgeous!

  53. Love these, Vicky, so different, I love the versatility. These washi tapes are simply must haves! And that comes from someone who doesn’t even use a lot of the traditional washi tapes, but I do like the possibilities these give!

  54. Thank you for sharing this video with us showing us these beautiful wide washy tapes. Easy way to create cards all beautiful. Gives me an idea on how to create simple Christmas cards with washy tape. Thanks again for the opportunity to win.

  55. Wow, Vicky, these cards are all stunning! I can’t wait to try these tapes myself. When I first saw them I thought of all the troubles I had with Contact Paper years ago & said ” no thanks”! But after seeing all the beautiful creations on this hop, I have to have a few. Now to decide which ones to buy first!

  56. Your cards are gorgeous. I loved all of them. Thanks for making so many examples of cards. You truly gave me a ton of inspiration.

  57. I love the cards you designed with the new Washi tape. The city night really looks fabulous with the gold cs behind it. Easy ideas TY

  58. Vicky amazing cards, four different cards but all very stunning, you chose two of my favourite tape designs so it’s been great to see what you do with them. Thank you.

  59. Spectacular cards. the Nebula and the
    gilded ombre is breathtaking.
    The flowers are so tame after the
    other two cards. thanks for

  60. Your cards are so amazing! The colors are so bright and vivid! I love what you did with the skyline and the Nebula wash tape! Very creative and cool idea!

  61. Dear Vicky, LOVED those washi tapes. Those are beautiful and it’s amazing to watch how you turn each of them into stunning cards! Inspired me to resume making cards. Thanks for sharing the process. Cheers!

  62. Beautiful! Our stamp group just had a wash challenge – appropriately named for me! You make it look easy 🙂

  63. Your cards are beautiful! I love this Washi Tape release, there are so many awesome ways to use them to make quick and easy or elaborate cards, I love them all. Thank you for sharing all of these, the inspiration is wonderful.

  64. So beautiful and versatile. I’m really drawn to the Glitter Flurries tape (and I’m not even a fan of purple!) – it’s the perfect balance of pretty and elegant.

  65. Vicky, these are all so so beautiful!!!! Am so in love with your work and talent and so enthralled with the newest AN WT!

  66. Your cards are all so pretty. I am really loving the floral tapes especially, and you have used them beautifully and in some unique ways. TFS the inspiration!

  67. Such beautiful ideas to use this amazing wash tapes. Your cards are just sweet and elegant. Thanks for the inspiration.

  68. Lovely and beautiful cards as always, I have never seen washi tape like that you make creating beautiful cards so easy xxx

  69. Amazing cards using washi tape, so beautiful! I never realized they were so versatile. I collect them because they are works of art, now I have ideas on using them more. Thank you!

  70. Beautiful cards!! Love the night sky and the brightness from the Hello Beautiful card and the combination of the 2 washi tapes with the Hello Gorgeous card and the elegance of the Ombre Gilded washi tape.

  71. You’re the master of quick but stunning cards, Vicky.. Those washi tapes are making me drool, especially the galaxy design!!

  72. Your cards are lovely. You’ve done a wonderful job of showcasing this beautiful new washi. I love them all.

  73. I love how each of these is so simple, but they’re really classy. These washis would be so perfect to make sets of cards for family and friends. I also like how the colors coordinate so that there are options for using them together, like with your hello gorgeous card. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful ideas with us!

  74. All of your cards are always so beautiful! My favourite one here is the Painted Orchids card, it’s so bright and cheery, especially with the yellows! Would make a very nice get well soon card

  75. Hi Vicky,
    Your cards are fabulous, just as they always are. Some of the tapes makes for creating very quick & easy cards, which comes in handy from time to time.
    The Watercolor Nebula is fast becoming a favorite of mine. Along with Gilded Ombre and Pixel.

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