Welcome to a fun blog hop! Altenew has released a new set of alcohol markers! It’s the set D and today we celebrate with an inspirational blog hop and lots of giveaways. You can start the blog hop from the beginning here: Altenew Card Blog.

I used colors only from this set to create a lovely flower card. Scroll down for the video tutorial and the list of supplies used.

video tutorial

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel

close-up photo

I combined my new marker set with matching ink pad colors. This is something I love about Altenew, they offer a complete system that you can mix and match. The flower and sentiment are from the Wonderland Stamp Set ( ALTN | SSS ). I colored the flower using the new Markers Set D and I did the same for the word “friend”. I used the Simply Friend Die( ALTN | SSS ) to die cut it and then went for an ombre look. For the background I stamped one of the designs from the Block Print Stamp Set( ALTN | SSS ) and I used Rose Quartz from the
Rose Petal Oval Set( ALTN | SSS ). Finally the little sentiment strip is stamped with Lagoon from the Sea Shore Oval Set( ALTN | SSS ) that matches the color of the stem.


Links to multiple online stores linked below. Affiliate links used at no extra cost to you.

Artist Markers Set D & Wonderland…
[ ALTN ]
Artist Markers Set D
[ ALTN ]
Wonderland Stamp Set
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Wonderland Die Set
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Sea Shore Oval Set
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Rose Petal Oval Set
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Block Print Stamp Set
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Simply Friend Die
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Permanent Black Crisp Ink
[ ALTN | SSS ]
My Sweet Petunia MISTI – Mini
[ ALTN | SSS ]
Tonic DELUXE ADHESIVE Nuvo Glue 200N
[ SSS ]
Tim Holtz Tonic GLASS MEDIA MAT 1914e
[ SSS ]


There are many ways to win prizes:

  • Leave me a comment below for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate. The winner will be announced on my winners page on 2/13/2019
  • To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 6 lucky winners! Please visit Altenew Card Blog to learn more
  • There are more giveaways on every stop of the hop!

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  1. Beautiful card! I really love the background that you used as well. Having matching markers and ink pads are awesome!

  2. I just love your card using the new Set D. That flower was made for those colors. I am still working on learning to use my sets of markers . Watching your videos really helps me with what to apply first. Thank you so much for many hours of inspiration.

  3. This card turned out so pretty Vicky. The new markers colors are great! I love the way you threaded the stem into word die. Can you please tell me what dies you used to cut out the long strip sentiment? I can’t seem to find them..
    Again…..great job! Hugs!

  4. Always so impressed by the beautiful effect you can get with a few colors of alcohol markers. The flower is so beautiful!

  5. Love love this card and all of your cards. What beautiful colors. I’m subscribed to your you tube channel and always look forward to seeing what you create next.. Love Altenew products!

  6. As always, your cards are stunning! I do love the new Set D Altenew markers as the colors seem perfect for many floral projects!

  7. Wow fabulous card.. love this new Wonderland stampset and the Altenew markers and stamp pads.. The colors are so beautiful..

  8. The alcohol markers made color selection so easy! I wish I had started out with them.
    Your card is stunning. Thank you, Vicky.

  9. Beautiful card. I am in love with the wonderland stamp set. Really like the color combination. Great job. Thanks for sharing your art.?

  10. Your videos are the main reason I started my artistic journey in my late 50’s. I can never thank you enough.

  11. Vicky, you’ve now convinced me I need to get the Altenew alcohol markers, this was the last thing I needed LOL Beautiful card and like many have said you continue to inspire us and bring us joy by sharing your talent. A great big thank you and much love ❤️

  12. I love your card Vicky, the way you coloured your flower looks gorgeous! The design of your card is beautiful, the ‘friend’ sentiment looks amazing on the stem and I love how you kept everything in the same 2 colour families. I always really enjoy and learn from your vides so thank you for creating them, they are always fantastic.

  13. My favorite stamp set from the new release and some of my favorite colors. This combination equals to a beautiful card! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Thank you for the video ! You make it look so easy that I think I’m gonna get hooked on these markers. I’ve been using watercolor markers but these are so vibrant! Thank you!

  15. Wow! Love the colors you chose for this flower. Spectacular! So encouraging to see all you gals using these bold colors. I’m such a sissy and keep going to “real” or softer colors. You’re helping me over my color fears!!

  16. Your technique for shading is wonderful….I love the Altenew markers and stampads. Thanks for the video!

  17. Such an elegant design! Everything is perfect! I never would have thought of using those blues for the stem but they work nicely!!! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!

  18. I have had this stamp set on my wish list for a while.This flower is very unique. I love your background, simple and elegant. The colors of the markers are beautiful. Your card is lovely and inspiring. Thanks for your video.

  19. So beautiful! Love the colors and how you showed how you use each color on the petals to get a nice blend but not over blend. Some times I think I over do too much trying to get it just right.

  20. Oh, Vicky! This card is so very LOVELY!!! I love your use of a dominant color theme with accents. So pleasing to the eyes.

  21. Beautiful card! I have trouble with coloring with alcohol markers and you make it look so easy. I think I must be over working the markers trying to make a perfect mix of colors. Next time I will work faster! Thanks for the video!

  22. I love the colors in this release and they are perfect for the florals. Great look with the coloring too ! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Love your card. I like the color blend you got on your flowers. I have the hardest time with blending. Thanks for sharing

  24. Gorgeous card! I really like how you shaded the sentiment with the markers. I love that marker set- it is definitely on my wishlist!

  25. Hi Vicky, thanks so much for the beautiful card and walking us through the design. I especially like how you describe all the elements you use like the paper and the type of ink, etc. It’s very inspiring and makes me want to create!

  26. Thanks so much for the video and also how you slid the flower stem through the “f” of “friend”. These markers and inks go so well with all the colors, it is fantastic.

  27. Gorgeous card! I’m waiting for my order that contains this stamp set. Love these new colors and that they coordinate with Altenew Inks. Brilliant!

  28. Wow lov these colors in your card.. So pretty design too. I liked your background so much.. And your coloring for the flower is an amazing.

  29. Your card is so elegant, Vicky! Thank you for making a video showing us how you colored it using the Artist Markers Set. Your explanation was easy to follow and showed how those markers make shading so easy!

  30. Love the Wonderland set Vicki & the vibrancy of colour these markers leave behind on the card is just super! Thanks for the video also.

  31. Gorgeous coloring. I love the clean look and colors of this card. Having the stem go through the sentiment looks fantastic.

  32. Vicky, I love the way you color your flowers. This new marker set is awesome and with tha price point much better for the wallet. I love your tutorials as you always bring awesomeness to us.

  33. I love your card! The way you wove the stem through the f on friend. Genius!! The colors of the new markers are dreamy.

  34. Vicky, I loved your coloring!! Thank you so much for showing us through video how great these markers appear to be!

  35. What a gorgeous card Vicky! I love the colors in this set – especially the purples! And I love how you put the stem of the flower through the “F” – what a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. Loved all of the beautiful cards and project ideas. I love the new colors that have been releases. Thanks for all the inspirTion found on the blog hop.

  37. A stunning card Vicki. This new marker set has beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing your process video. I love the useful tips and technique you include.

  38. Love the subtleness of the background allowing the flower to pop. Super coloring. Thanks for the video! Very helpful

  39. Just as a chef needs “good ingredients” to make a tasty meal, a crafter needs good tools. You have shown how a simple design can be absolutely stunning when using things that go so well together. The ink and markers match perfectly and everything looks BEAUTIFUL!

  40. Awesome job on your card! I can’t wait for you to make this part of your “Flower Journal” page for 2019.

  41. LOVE your coloring technique, Vicky. I think it gives great realism and depth to this beautiful flower. And gorgeous card, too! Thanks for your ongoing inspiration! Love the colors in this latest marker set.

  42. Vicky, your card is so beautiful. I am new to coloring and very much enjoyed your video and watching your technique. The colors in this set are lovely so they are now on my wish list.

  43. I really like the way you colored the word “friend”. The ombre look is beautiful! And I also like the way you put the flower through the word! Great idea!! Thanks, Vicky.

  44. I just got my first set of alcohol markers recently in the hopes that it might be a quicker way of coloring, so I really appreciate seeing your technique. I can’t say that it’s been faster thus far, but I’m trying to loosen up! Also, I love how you put the friend die cut on the stem; that’s such a simple detail, but it adds so much to your card. Thanks for sharing with us!

  45. Lovely card. Thanks for the tips on how to use the alcohol markers and blending. I love that the colors come in “families” so they will match and blend nicely.

  46. Really beautiful how the background is soft and elegant and yet the flower is so vibrant! Really pretty

  47. Thanks for the video. I loved how you colored your card using the pinks for the flower and the teal for the stem. I’m excited about getting this marker set. Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. Thank you for sharing. Starting with alcohol markers and watching you color helps.
    Your card is simply beautiful. 🙂

  49. Really enjoyed seeing your video, great touch with looping the stem through the ‘F’. Thank you for talking us through your methods.

  50. What a gorgeous card! I really enjoyed your video and your coloring technique! Thank you for taking the time to show it to us! I’m a visual learner and the demonstrations truly help! I love that the different shades are together and ready to blend!

  51. Vicky, I watch for your videos and enjoy them so very much. I love that you color a lot of flowers, as they are my favorite. This one is just stunning.

  52. Love your card Vicky, and I love this set of markers as they are right up my alley. I’m a huge purple lover! Your coloring is fabulous!

  53. I love your coloring. The blending is incredible with these new markers. I love the new colors. I have to have these!! Thank you for your inspiration, it is greatly appreciated.

  54. Beautiful card showing off the beautiful new colors in the marker set. I like the way you put the flower stem through the word.

  55. Stunning card! I love the idea of having matching alcohol markers and inks. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and isn’t that newly released stamp set lovely?

  56. Wonderful set but Vicky its amazing how you can take things up a notch. You make this look so doable but any of us and create a stunning result. Helps to have that lovely stamp set and the gorgeous new marker colors but — you’re so dang good…

  57. Oh wow, I love your card! I’m an ex Stampin Up Demonstrator looking for a new craft adventure. I’ve never used Altenew products before but they look so beautiful and inspiring, as is your card.!

  58. Vicky here we are again beautiful cards beautiful colors
    Love your work God Bless you and your family

  59. Love your way of fast coloring! I think these markers are easier to use than Copics because they are available in color families and match the ink pads. I know the colors will blend!

  60. Beautiful card Vicky! I love how you placed the sentiment on the stem. Thanks for the tips on simple coloring.

  61. The single flower design is so pretty! I appreciate you explaining your coloring process. I’ve been on the fence with alcohol markers, but these sets are reasonably priced and take the guess work out of choosing colors. Thanks for the tutorial!

  62. I always learn from you and I always love your style, whether it’s cards or journals, or anything! Love Altenew products, too!

  63. Just a gorgeous card, Vicky! I love Altenew’s coordinating alcohol markers and ink sets! It makes it so easy to blend and match color families on a project! Such a lovely flower stamp set made even more beautiful by you! ??✨?

  64. Vicky, wow, this is an absolute stunning card!! I’m in love with those colours!!? Thanks for sharing all your talent with us on a regular base 🙂

  65. I am so in love with the colors of the Artist Marker Set D and the Wonderland stamp set! Vicky you ROCKED this card with both!! I can’t wait to get Set D and this stamp set, thank you for the amazing inspiration! ([email protected])

  66. Lovely card and beautiful colors. I don’t own any such markers and they are definitely on my shopping list. Really LOVE the rich colors!!! <3 <3

  67. This card is just gorgeous! I love the ombre coloring technique you used. This purple color combination has to be my favorite yet from Altenew!

  68. Very beautifull card! I loved watching your video. Your coloring technique is great and turned out so well. Thanks for the inspiration and the excellent video!

  69. So Beautiful! I love the colors and love how you used the Block Print Stamp Set to make the background. Thanks for the inspiration

  70. Thanks for a great video full of tips and techniques! I have always found alcohol ink coloring to be intimidating so I have shied away from it but the way you did the coloring in the video and the fact that Altenew markers are in color families makes the process seem less intimidating. I plan to watch your video again and then give coloring with Altenew markers a try. Thank you for making coloring with markers seem doable even for a novice like me!

  71. I bought this set of markers after seeing your video. 🙂 I am so Excited to get them! The coloring is spectacular and I am really loving all the new stamp sets! So many fun sets to color with these gorgeous colors! Once again you did a fabulous job with this card and I love the colors!

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