Saint Patrick's day card

How about a good luck card today?! Scroll down for GIVEAWAY & great SALE today!

Have you seen the March card kit by SimonSaysStamp ? It has just been revealed and today I will share an unboxing video as well as a card for inspiration. Now this kit comes with two stamp sets! One of them is really generic for encouraging and motivational cards and the other one is all about wishing somebody Good Luck! Now the kit has a Saint Patrick’s Day theme but you can totally work with it for making other type of cards too.

video tutorial

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel

close-up photos

I don’t know if that’s the case in every culture but in Greece as in many other parts of the world finding a 4 leaf clover is considered good luck! And since llamas are trending now, here is a cool card to wish Good Luck to anyone in your life!

For the clover shaker window I used a heart die that I rotated and cut it out 4 times! Love it!!! Check the video for a detailed tutorial.


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Leave me a comment below and let me know where are you from and if you do celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! And if not if you still consider 4 leaf clovers lucky! I will choose a random winner from the comments section who will receive this card kit. The giveaway is opened internationally. I will announce the winner HERE on Monday the 18th of February.

Good luck!


  1. Very cute and colourful card Vicky

    I live in the UK and I have the most delightful, kind, extremely talented Irish friend, Aine, who always celebrates St Patrick’s Day and I always send her a card for that day too


  2. Hi Vicky 🙂

    Very inspirational as always 😀 love the cute ^_^

    I’m from Malta…St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated nationally but there are some bars and pubs in the North of Malta that organise parties in honour of St. Patrick. Love the wonderful green as well 😀

  3. HI Vicky – I’m in the US, and growing up in school St. Patrick’s Day was always a fun holiday to celebrate. Everyone wears green, and if you don’t you risk getting pinched! 😉 In the city I’m in now, they dye the river green (with a natural dye that isn’t harmful to wildlife), and it’s a celebration with music, food, drink and Irish dancing at a large park they have on the river.

  4. Hi Vicky. Long time viewer of your channel from Slovenia, love your work and creativity. I must admit I have celebrated st Pat’s more in my student years I still have the souvenirs (key chains, badges) now I usually choose a good wine over beer – although drinking green beer was fun. All that american traditions with green clothes and pinching – we never did that. However we do consider four-leaf clovers to bring good luck to the one who found them – they are often dried and kept in big books.

  5. Hi, i live in Trinidad and we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s day here, but we do consider the four leaf clover as being lucky.

  6. Hi Vicky. Posting from Slovenia (you know Luka Doncic’s home country)
    Love your art journal work, you are so bold with designs and have such amazing ideas. St Pat’s in our country mainly means a lot of beer and partying. Four leaf clovers are considered a good luck charm and sometimes I challenge my children sometimes when we see a clover field, who will find it first.

  7. Hello Vicky!
    It is always a pleasure and inspirational viewing all of your video tutorials. You are a talented artist and card making illustrator. Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule creating such beautiful cards and illustrations for me and all artists worldwide.
    You are greatly appreciated. Roseann

  8. Hi! I loved the cute llama clover card.
    I’m from Bangladesh and we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day here and never really knew about a four leaved clover being lucky . But I have seen Irish people celebrating it and it looks really fun. And somehow I really like using clover shapes on my different craft projects(without knowing about it being lucky) :v

  9. Hi Vicky. I live in the USA in a town that is mostly Irish. It has one of the largest ST. Patricks Parade in the Northeast. My street is closed down for it and I can’t get to work that day. Lots of Pubs so lots of drink and merriment. Everyone is Irish that day!

  10. Super cute card! I’m from Michigan in the USA. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but if you don’t wear something green you get pinched. Weird, I know!

  11. Hi Vicky

    I’m from the US and always making cards for my Irish friends and of course celebrate with them. It is a beautiful Holiday festivities. The Irishmen know how to celebrate. We have always believed in the luck of the Irish and the belief of the four leaf clover. ?

    On another note love love your work and that you share your talents with all of us.

  12. I’m from New Zealand and we dont celebrate st paddy’s day but yes I consider 4 leaf clovers lucky.

    I love llamas and green is my favorite color

  13. Cute cards! Love the inspirational stamp set!
    I am from Louisiana in the U.S. No, I dont really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but here we are celebrating Mardi Gras time! And no, I dont really believe in luck as I get older so I would say I don’t believe in 4 leave clovers being good luck.

  14. How nice can this kit be!!! I love green and my daughter loves rainbows!!! We are paper crafters and knitters so what can be better! I watch all your videos and love your style. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Hi – I am from Northern Virginia in the US and a 4 leaf clover is considered good luck here too.
    They celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the US but it is not a big one for me and my family.

  16. Thank you for the peek at the kit and the beautiful card idea. I would not have thought about using the heart die. I am from the US,but do not usually celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

  17. Hi Vicky
    Lovely card. Personally don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day but here in the UK not so much unless you’re Irish ☘️, four leave clover is considered lucky in our culture too. Love lamas. Funny looking animals but fun too.

  18. Hello Vicky! This card is super cute. I love how you created the four leaf clover from a heart die and how you colored the llama. I live in the US and we do celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but I can’t say I celebrate it.The most we do as a family is to have corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

  19. Your card is delightful. I spent most of my teenage years at two Catholic convent schools and I was introduced to St. Patrick’s Day there. I don’t celebrate the day myself and I’ve never found a four leaf clover. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Llove your llama! Here in Canada we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but its mostly about drinking green beer! 4 leafed clovers are lucky here too!

  21. Hi Vicky! I’m from the US. St. Patrick’s Day is big here but I personally do not celebrate it. I have never found a 4 leaf clover but hope I do someday. I hope I’m lucky enough to win this prize too! Have a lovely day! ??

  22. Top ‘o’ the mornin’ to ya”, I live in Canada in an area that has much Irish heritage, so celebrating St Patrick’s Day is very important. I love all your tutorials. You are very inspirational!

  23. Hi Vicky, I live in the US but am originally from South Africa. The city I live in celebrates St. Patrick’s day and it’s so festive but growing up in SA we didn’t even know such a day existed. It’s exciting and really fun to be educated about different cultures.

  24. Living in Greece means no St Patrick’s day, but 4 leaf clover, yes please! Love your card! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win! I really love the biggest set in the kit!

  25. I’m in the USA & we celebrate St Patrick day and know the 4 leaf clover is lucky but I never found one. So would love to win this stamp set. Happy being Irish for a day!

  26. It’s such a pleasure to see the projects you create, this month is no exception. I’m from California in the US & we do celebrate St Patrick’s day. Wearing green that day is a must , if not you’ll get pinched!

  27. Such a great shaker card! Love the four leaf clover window! I never really thought of four leaf clovers as lucky, although I always loved the hunt to find one in our lawn as a kid.

    1. I was so focused on the clover! I’m from Calgary, Canada and while we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not one that I celebrate.

  28. What a very cute card, Vicki! I am from the USA and on my mother’s side of the family they were from Ireland. Ireland is on my bucket list for one day. So yes I come from a line of redheads, lol! Thank you for spending your time with us.

  29. Great card! I enjoy your blog and posts – very inspiring!

    My sister’s birthday happens to be on St. Patrick’s Day, and I think she still secretly believe all the festivities and parades are for her!

  30. Hello, Vicky. I live in Louisiana (Southern United States). We do have St. Patrick’s Day but we really only celebrate by wearing green and drinking a beer. Love your YouTube channel and thanks for all the great ideas.

  31. Super CUTE card! I’m in USA and yes we love to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. My daughter-in-law was great to have green breakfasts for the kids as well as chairs were overturned when they got up because of those mischeavous Lepricons, but they always left trinkets and gold covered chocolate coins.

  32. Hi Vicky, this is such a sweet card! I am from Nova Scotia (Canada) and my birthday is ON St. Patrick’s day (as is my SIL’s), plus I am married into an Irish family, hence the name Doyle 😉
    So we certainly do celebrate it in more ways than one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Hi Vicky…vety cute card…I am in Canada and we (mostly those of Irish decendents) do celebrate St.Pat’s Day with a parade, green beer and lots of quirky green costumes and clovers hung all about. Yes 4 leaf clovers are considered lucky in Canada…Wishing you and myself the luck of the Irish so that I hopefully win this giveway!!

  34. Hi! Vicky from Illinois in the US…we make our corned beef dinner every St. Patrick’s Day. We used to take our children to a nearby park for a picnic in the summer and my son would spend an hour or more looking for a 4-leaf clover. Lucky or not, it make for a nice day. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  35. Hi Vicky, this card is so cute. I live in Hungary and we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s day here officialy (but some of my friends do). We do consider the four leaf clover brings good luck.

  36. Vicky, this card tutorial is perfect timing for me…I was JUST looking for a large 4-Leaf Clover die. Using a heart die was Brilliant! Thank you! Our small city in Northern Colorado, USA, has an annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and 4-leaf clovers are definitely rare so it IS a symbol of Good Luck. ( My Birthday is the day before St. Patrick’s Day !) “Kiss. ME, I’m Irish!” BTW, it was a pleasure making your acquaintance while Tim Holtz demonstrated at Creativation 2019! 🙂

  37. What a wonderful idea to create a shaker! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Here in Maine, we would welcome finding a 4-leaf clover or “any-leafed” clover at this point, as we are ready for Spring to arrive with warmer temps and snow melting. 🙂
    As always, your cards are fantastic. Thank you so much!

  38. I am from Canada and we do celebrate St Patrick’s Day. My husband was born on St Patrick’s Day so his birthday cards have an Irish theme.
    Love this card, especially the heart shamrock.

  39. Beautiful card Vicky!
    I always enjoy your videos with nice techniques and ideas and of course your calming voice!
    I’m in Athens, Greece, St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated here.
    And I do know about the lucky clover ! We used to search for those, and I had found one!

  40. Hi Vicky! Just wanted to say cute card! Your cards and mixed media journaling are always top notch for me and I love your accent. Anyway, I live in a small community in Coal Creek Canyon, CO, USA, outside Denver, CO in the foothills. St. Patrick’s Day is big here with the green beers (I have a small liquor store and green beer is very popular on St. Patty’s day-sell lots of it) and wearing green. My fiance’ of over 30 years is Irish, so this day is a big celebration for us. Corn Beef is the meal of the day! Wishing you the best in 2019! ???

  41. I am from western Pennsylvania, USA. Being of Irish/British heritage, we definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Love your card!

  42. Hi!
    Lovely card as usual! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!
    I’m from Portugal and we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s. On the 19th it’s Father’s Day here.
    Crafty hugs from Poryugal!

  43. Cheers from snowy Minnesota USA! We do celebrate St. Pat’s here and as I have Irish heritage I love getting into it! What a fun card!

  44. When I was younger st patty day was for Fri long and fun. As I have aged I enjoy watching from afar. Lol. I do love the kit.

  45. Thanks for the chance to win! I am from Canada and most certainly do celebrate StPats day. My ancestors are from Ireland so it’s part of our heritage

  46. I live in Western Kentucky, and we don’t really have the big St. Patrick’s Day celebrations like some of the bigger cities, but we do wear green that day because the tradition is that if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day you might get a little pinch! Love your videos and I’m always inspired by your cards and art journals!

  47. Hi! I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina, and we have St. Patrick’s Day! Four-leaf clovers are lucky here too! ♥️

  48. I’m from Waverly, Georgia. We wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and consider 4 leaf clovers extremely lucky. I used to spend hours in my grandmother’s yard searching for them. If you are ever around Georgia on St. Patrick’s Day, you have to go to Savannah. They have the biggest party you will ever see.

  49. Lovely card Vicky! That llama is adorable! TFS
    I’m originally from Argentina but now I live in USA, I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day because I don’t have any Irish ancestors. Regarding the four leaves clover, I don’t consider them lucky but I remember when I was a child looking for them for ours with my sibling and I felt very lucky every time I found one! Thanks for letting me share sweet memories.

  50. Such a darling card!!! I don”t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but I do think 4 leaf clovers are lucky.

  51. Although I live in Crete, I’m originally from the Netherlands, where we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day. When I grew up, we did firmly believe that finding a 4-leaf clover would bring us luck!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Marianne x

  52. I am from Harrisburg , Arkansas, USA and we celebrate St. Patrick’s day. The four leaf clover is considered to be good luck. Love the card with the LLama.

  53. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA and we definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Four leaf clovers are considered very lucky. Thanks for the adorable card!

  54. I am from Canada where we think four leaf clovers are lucky and we still have the tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. Your llama a card was adorable – I particularly liked his bow tie! Simon Says Stamp kits are always so interesting and well put together.

  55. Fun shaker card!
    I’m in northern California. We usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by fixing corned beef for dinner. It’s also the day after my birthday.
    I found a four leaf clover when I was a kid. I still have it! I cast it in resin and made a pendant with it!

  56. Hello, I am from Mexico, we live in the northern part of my country, we celebrate a lot of saints including saint Patrick, really I ove your blog and your videos, I am an illustrator but really love the way you teach. Ahhh and yes we belive if we find a 4 leave clover is good luck, I found one once when I was a little girl.
    Hug from the other side of the world.

  57. I’m living in the US, where St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, but I spent my childhood in Finland where it is not, so I don’t celebrate it, but I have made some cards for close friends who do. Love the card!!

  58. I love this great kit! Thank you for showing it to us and making such an adorable card for a sample. Thanks so much for sharing this kit with us and giving us the opportunity to win it.

  59. I’m from Minnesota in the U.S.A. and yes we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I have a little Irish in my ancestry so on that day I decorate with green, have special plates we use and I make a traditional corn beef dinner. I do enjoy your blog and all the creativity you have been blessed with.

  60. I am from the United States and our family does celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because it is my youngest sister’s birthday! And finding a four leaf clover is very good luck. There is even a song about it- “I’m looking over a four leaf clover that I overlooked before!” Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  61. What a lovely kit. I am from the U.K and I believe 4 leaf clovers are definately lucky. Your crafting is really inspiring.

  62. I live in Tennessee and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And, yes, a four leaf clover brings luck or good fortune in my Irish household. Thank you for the cute card inspiration. Looking forward to getting my kit. Have a good day!

  63. This is a really exciting kit and your card is wonderful. I’m in Texas and we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There are parades and I send St. Patrick’s Day cards to my grandchildren. As for four-leaf clovers, I believe they’re lucky, but I really can’t say for sure — I remember as a child spending hours crawling around our yard looking for one, but, sadly, I was never successful.

  64. Hi from Southern Maryland,USA!! We aren’t Irish, but we do recognize St Patrick’s day with four leaf clovers and studying his amazing story!!

  65. I live in Oregon, USA and not being Irish I don’t really celebrate the day…. I do wear green though to keep from getting pinched!

  66. Hello, Vicky! I’m from the Florida Panhandle and we do celebrate St Patrick’s Day . Love your adorable card.
    Thanks for sharing…

  67. What a cute card! I love everything about this kit- especially the Amazing stamp set and the wonderful, bright colors! I’m from Texas and we definitely do celebrate- we wear green and I send my college sons St. Patrick’s Day cards!

  68. I’m from Canada and have Irish roots (and like drinking green beer)! I used to search for 4 leaved clover as a child. Definitely believe finding one brings good luck! I’d rather find a leprechaun and a pot of gold, though!

  69. I am from Florida/USA. We do celebrate St. Patrick’s day with corned beef and cabbage and a side of Irish soda bread.

  70. what a fab idea to use a heart for a four leaf clover . your cards are always so creative . I don’t celebrate st Patrick’s day and I live in the UK . can’t wait for your next video . thankyou for sharing .

  71. Hi Vicki. I’m from the very centre of Australia – Uluru! Love your shaker card and definitely feel inspired. We LOVE St Patrick’s Day. We use any excuse for a party really like most Australians!!! ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  72. I’m in Eastern Washington State, USA and I do celebrate St Patrick’s Day: wearing green….don’t want to get pinched! 🙂

  73. I’m from Australia and I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day but it is my partners birthday. I’d never really thought about St Patrick’s day until I met my partner and he said that was his birthday… when, when is that? I’m of English decent and my parents never celebrated, even though I have Welsh ancestors and St Patrick is Welsh, yes patron saint of the Irish but he was Welsh. I love the card and I love that clover it looks very realistic more so than if it were totally symmetrical.

  74. Hello. I’m from Minnesota but live in Phoenix, Arizona. Family is Irish and we celebrate with church, green clothing and green beer. I love your card and would love the llama stamps to make my own cards. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Vicky!

  75. What a gorgeous card!
    I’m from Italy. We don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day. Four leaf clovers are lucky here.

  76. Vicky, I always love your creations! Always inspiring. I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but I love the clover and the llama is adorable!

  77. Love the card, Vicky and your ingenuity in making the four-leaf clover! I’m from Australia and we definitely love St.Patrick’s Day. All the pubs in Melbourne are full on St. Paddy and there is an awesome party atmosphere with everyone wishing everyone else good luck! My kids get to wear something green with their uniform to school that day and learn all about him as well. Four-leaf clovers are also considered very lucky!????

  78. I llove llamas! I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and St. Patrick’s Day is a big holiday here. My city has a big parade and many bars and restaurants celebrate. The saying is, “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”

  79. Hi Vicky, I’m from Ohio. Yes, I believe 4 leaf clovers are lucky and have actually found a few. While I am not Irish, I go with the “everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s day”. Thank you for all your inspirational videos!

  80. Hi Vicky. I’m in Maine and we definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s day around here. We’re Irish so we would celebrate anyway but the more the merrier the celebration. 😀

  81. Hi Vicki
    Love, love, love your tutorials! I’m from Colorado USA and I most definitely celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Irish food, music and friends, Irish or not

  82. When I worked at a school we did celebrate Saint Patrick….I do believe in four leaf clovers…
    Looking in seeing build cards from this kits…..tfs

  83. I am from Tennessee. I don’t believe in luck though people have called me lucky on several occasions. I do wear green on st. Patrick’s day and pinch friends who do not. That is about as far as my celebration goes. Love your work!

  84. Hi Vicky,I’m from Largo, Florida.I don’t personally celebrate the day but yes,I’ve always believed afour leaf clover is Lucky.
    I so enjoy all your videos ❤️

  85. WOW, Vicky I love watching you make beautiful cards, we love to look for 4 leaf clovers for a bit of luck as my grandmother was half Irish half Welsh, she loved St Patricks day as green was her favourite colour, so we celebrate it too just for fun. Born in South African but calls Perth Australia my home. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  86. Hi Vicky, I’m in Florida USA. We are not Irish, but Scottish and we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I love your llama card and how you created your own 4 leaf clover. Looking forward to more of your videos! You give us so much inspiration and reasons to stay in our craft room! LOL

  87. I’m in the United States, and we celebrate Saint Patrick’s day and also consider four leaf clovers good luck.

  88. Hi Vicky, I’m from Hednesford in the UK and yes we celebrate St Patrick’s Day!! Another lovely video and blood post. Thanks for sharing

  89. I think this is a cute card whether for just luck or St Patrick’s Day … I’m of English, Irish , Welsh & Scots on my dad’s side so we do celebrate the holiday ….this kit is so neat

  90. Hi Vicki! I’m from the USA and although St Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated here, we are not Irish so it is not a traditional holiday for us. I do enjoy sharing in the fun with my Irish friends sometimes! And yes, finding a four leaf clover is considered good luck here too. I don’t usually find one, but my husband often does, so I’m sticking close to him for good luck!!! ????

  91. This card is so stinkin’ adorable. I love they added Doodlebug Designs in this kit too. Their products are so cute and fun. Thank so much for sharing. ???

  92. Hi Vicky! love the card you made, that little llama is so adorable! and your idea of creating a shamrock shaker…super cool! 🙂

    1. oops, it the submit button too quick…. I am in Texas. Don’t particularly celebrate St. Patrick’s but I do think 4 leaf clovers are lucky. My sister used to tell me that was good luck when you found one so anytime i see some, I look for that 4 leaf clover 🙂

  93. Hi. I am from California. I don’t really celebrate st Patrick’s day but have friends and family who do and would love to send them cards! And nope, don’t believe in luck, only blessings! Have a great day!

  94. Hi Vicky, cute card! I am from the States, New Jersey is where I live – at the Beach in Victorian Cape May – originally from Philadelphia, PA. I love all the Saints, including Saint Patrick! I am Catholic – a black Catholic – so it is part of the Catholic calendar. I don’t decorate, or have beer as some of the celebrations go. But just as a remembrance of his life and teachings. As you may know, he converted a lot of Irish to Christianity but was not Irish himself. He is very popular. My son was born the morning if the 16th of March and the next day was Saint Patrick’s feast day – so I always remember it that way too. Thanks for such lovely inspiration – I love your work, Denise

  95. Sorry, forgot to answer the other question. Oh yes, I do believe in 4 leaf clovers – so hard to find, I have searched a time or two but no luck! Denise

  96. Love your card! The most I do for St. Patrick’s Day is wear green so I don’t get pinched lol. Thanks for sharing (USA)

  97. Hi Vicky!♥ Love your cute card, & adore your accent 😀 yes 4 leaf clovers are lucky! Yes we love St Pattys day, I have a sister-in-law and brother-in-law both born on St Pattys day about 4 years apart 😀 (siblings) Hugs, Anni

  98. 4 leaf clovers are lucky here in guernsey (just off the coast of France but officially a part of Great Britain) though I can’t remember the last time I searched for or found one! Think your heart into clover tip is brilliant, thank you. ( only those going to the pub for a pint of Guinness celebrate st Patrick here)

  99. Hi Vicky,
    Guess what….. I’m from IRELAND ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
    And do celebrate St Patrick’s day. It’s our national day and we have parades parties and of course Mass. Sometimes in our national language, gaeilge. We also make more effort to speak it as it is not spoken as our first language. The story of the shamrock is that St Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity, three persons in one God as inthe Christian teachings. I would love to win your kit ad I make cards for the residents in my Mum’s nursing home where she is living post a stroke 9 years ago. I hope I am lucky and wonder am I the only Irish follower you have.

  100. Hey Vicky,
    I love your card! I’m from Indiana and love 4 leaf clovers. I have never found one, so I need to make my own!

  101. The ” mascot” for my work team are Llama so you can imagine how giddy I was over this! I am the only person on our celebration committee because I’m the only one in my building ( of 400…really?) who makes cards for all the occasions. Thanks for the great ideas, as always. (When I make a particularly cute card my mentally challenged brother ALWAYS asks if I got the idea from my Greek friend ?)

  102. This is an adorable card! You’ve shown how to use elements of the kit, even if the theme is not relevant to you.

  103. I live in California and celebrate by wearing green and sometimes having corned beef and cabbage for dinner. 4 leaf clovers are definitely lucky! Thanks for another great video. This SSS kit is a good one.

  104. In Israel we are not celebrating St. Patrick ‘s day, but since there are people here from every place in the world we are celebrating every holiday there is.
    I will be lucky if i’ll win 🙂

  105. Hi Vicky, I am in Australia, and we don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s day here, but some of the pubs put on a night for it, for those that do. I however have fond memories as a child, looking through all the clover patches in our back yard, and hoping to find a four leaf clover. I never did, but i had fun trying lol. I love this card you made, my daughter is a big fan of Llama’s and she would just love to see it too.
    Best wishes 🙂

  106. Hi Vicky, Just love your card, it is beautiful, I do celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, and always have a good time, this kit will make a great invitation for the party. Thanks so much for your tutorial, it is so informative, and always watch your videos! by the way the llama is so cute!!!!!! cheers from Australia!!!!

  107. I’m Italian and here St Patrick’s day doen’t celebrate. But I like to do with some of my Irish firends. It’s really funny!!! Four leaf clovers are lucky too.

  108. I love your cards today and this kit is so adorable, thanks for the chance at winning! I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but four leaf clovers typically would be considered a good luck charm. When I was a little girl, my sister and I would spend a whole day in the field, searching for and collecting four leaf clovers and making wishes!

  109. Las Vegas! We don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s day but hubby’s family are Irish, so I do put up some decoration at home. I do love 4 leaves clover but don’t really care if they are lucky or not, just love the leaf because it is pretty!

  110. Hey Vicky , love the creativity of using the heart die to create the clover on your card ! am from Cairo Egypt and we don’t celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day but i do considers 4 leaf clovers lucky 🙂

  111. That Lama is so cute! I’m from Canada and we do celebrate St Patty’s Day. What a very clever way to create a four leaf clover. Which by the way we do find them lucky. Thank you so much for sharing and the opportunity to win.

  112. Hi Vicky. That llama card is adorable! We are in GA, USA and we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My husband is of Irish descent and even though I’m not I try to go all out for him.snd my kids every year. We try to catch the parade each year as well. We consider four leaf clovers lucky too and I remember as a kid we used to search for them.?

  113. For some reason my first comment didn’t show up. Hmm, Anyway, your llama card is adorable.. I am in GA , USA and we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My husband is of Irish descent and even though I’m not, I try to go all our for him andd my kids. We consider four leaf clovers lucky as well and I remember trying to find them as a kid.?

  114. Cute card Vicky! I’m from Tampa Florida and we definitely celebrate St. Patties day! They actually turn the river in downtown Tampa green for the holiday!

  115. Hi Vicky, I’m from Northern California and we do celebrate St Patrick’s Day here. ? When my daughter was young, I’d color the milk green on St. Patty’s Day as a surprise from the Leprechauns ? ! I love your happy-go-lucky card! ?

  116. Love this Llama! So cute. I am in Rhode Island in the US and we celebrate St. Patrick’s day here. At my house we have corned beef and cabbage with a comd glass of beer 🙂

  117. Hello! I’m from League City, TX and am married to a blonde haired blue eyed Patrick. Needless to say, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I have searched for a 4 leaf clover my entire life and never found one. However, after 32 years of marriage, my luck has been pretty doggone good since I married my Patrick.

  118. Hello, im from Wisconsin. And I love all your tutorials. You are amazing! We celebrate here but it’s not a big holiday for me.

  119. I’ve celebrated St Patricks day most of my life, but where I live now doesn’t celebrate it very much. It’s a pity, because we’ve a yard of freak clover – plenty of 4 leaf – along with many 5 and one 6 leaf clover!

  120. Hi Vicki! I live in California and St Patrick’s Day is a special one for me and my husband. Besides my being Irish, my husband and I celebrate the day because 33 years ago when we were just beginning to date, I received a poem that he wrote just for me on St Patrick’s Day and I always refer to it being the day he “roped” me in. We’ve been married 32 years now and your llama card gave me a great idea for a card for that day. Farley Coogan Cross ?

  121. I’m from Central Illinois and I’m part Irish so I DEFINITELY celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! It starts with a parade through downtown and ends with parties EVERYwhere! Fun, fun, fun!!

  122. Hello Vicky, your shaker cards are great! I really love them. I am from Surrey, BC, Canada. Yes we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. My son used to find lots of 4 leaf clovers when he was young. We always thought he was very lucky!

  123. Hi Vicky, I`m from Denmark, and I love to watch and get inspired by your beautiful cards. The good luck lama is really cute :9 thanks for all the sharing 🙂

  124. I love this card. And I love watching your videos. Never stop crafting. I live inPhoenix AZ but I was raised on the Navajo Reservation. I have 3 crafty sisters and 2 others that aren’t too crafty.

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