Hi crafty friends. Today I am back with a great deal you don’t want to miss. Especially for my European friends! I know the straggle of shopping online and having to pay way too much on shipping… sometimes even more than the actual products… and on top of that your packages get stack at customs who charge enormous fees… but fear NOT!

CraftStash has a great offer today, with FREE international delivery from the UK! Take advantage especially if you live in EU since you will not have to pay anything at customs! (affiliate links used at no extra cost to you).

Happy shopping HERE!


  1. Thank you so much for letting me know about this special. I have wanted to shop at Craft Stash for a while but haven’t due to the shipping costs. Will be checking this out!!!

  2. Dear Vicky, thank your for the tip! Overseas sshipping costs are so expensive. I also wanted to place an order on the website of Altenew in the US but shipping costs are unaffordable. It’s a pity. I like so much your demo with the Build-it-up Tulip…
    Best regards,
    Evelyne M

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