7 years of Waffle Flower! I am so proud of my friend Nina. We were friends even before she started her company when  I was following her lovely projects! I am so happy to have met her in person in my travels to the US, to spend time with her, have dinner and even visit the Waffle Flower warehouse to see all the products stocked up in the shelves from top to bottom!

Way to go my friend, you deserve it! Here is a quick selfie of us back in January 2020, in Mesa, Arizona when we had no idea that we wouldn’t meet again in 2021. Next year my friend!!

Today we are celebrating the 7th anniversary of Waffle Flower with many talented friends and we will all share our top 7 waffle flower products/collections! Join us for inspiration, to win giveaways and to support this amazing company. Scroll dowb for more info on how to win!

So here are my “Top 7 for Year 7” in no particular order!

1. media mat

They have a couple of media mats, a large one with palette squares and a mini one. Both are made out of silicon, their back sticks to the table and will not move or slide around during your creative process. I tend to use the mini one more as it’s so easy to handle and I love the fact that it is bright white, so if you use it as a pelette you can see the actual colors and if you blend on top of it you can see if it needs cleaning… which is a big issue when you blend on a black mat! Plus they are super easy to clean!

If you want to see it in action here are a couple of videos to check it out

2. nesting dies

They have an amazing collection of nesting dies in all kind of shapes (stars, hearts, speech bubbles…) perfect for creating panels or windows. My most used ones are of course the rectangles and the circles. If you don’t have those I hightly recommend them, I reach for them in every project.

3. big bear & bird collection

I love the unique designs of the big bear and bird collection! Designed by Sarah Amijo from Jakarta! A collection you have to check if you like working with whimsical designs and little critters!

Here are a couple of cards I shared using stamps from this collection… but if you search my blog for “waffle flower” you will find even more!

Stay cool  stamp set video

Spring time stamp set video

4. Illustrator Kamo

Kamo from Japan is the designer of the Kamo illustrations for Waffle Flower. Another unique collection that you have to check out especially if you like creating little scenes with people! Here is an example

“Sandy toes” card click here for more photos and video.

5. Stitchables Collection

This is another favorite! So  many options!!! I find it relaxing to have all my die cut shapes with the holes ready and just stitch while watching TV or listening to an audiobook. Here is a video I shared on this collection.

6. Disc binding die set

The disc binding dies is a set I use all the time either for creating mini art journals as well as mini swatch books! If you follow my videos you have seen me using them again and again. Here are some examples

7. binding discs

Super easy to use, in a variety of colors are a must have if you like to create your own little art journal books, swatch books or disc bound planners!


Here is a list of links to all the products mentioned above. Affiliate links used at no extra cost to you.

You can find Waffle Flower products at their official website, on SimonSaysStamp, on Scrapnbook.com and more online shops.

Waffle Flower Water Media Mat
[ WFF ]
Waffle Flower Mini Water Media Mat
[ WFF ]
nesting dies
[ WFF ]
Big Bear and Bird
[ WFF ]
Illustrator Kamo
[ WFF ]
[ WFF ]
A2 Disc Bound Die
[ WFF ]
binding discs
[ WFF ]


For today’s hop:

Waffle Flower is giving away one $100 gift certificate, two $50 gift certificates, four $25 gift certificates to a total of 7 lucky winners! You can leave a comment to this post on my blog and along the hop by 11:59pm EDT on Monday March 22nd, 2021 for your chances to win. Winners will be chosen at random from the comments left on any of the posts in this blog hop and will be announced on the Waffle Flower Blog on 3/24/2021.

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  1. What a fun, exciting time you must have had on your trip!
    I especially like the samples of the Stitchable dies.
    Thanks for the inspiration, here’s to many more new releases from Waffle Flower in the years to come!

  2. Dear vicky
    Love all your creations specially the stitched collection and the spring time stamp set and from the tools i like to own the mat and the esential dies. I am going to search your you tube channel and watch the videos. Love your coloring to bits.Tc stay safe

  3. So many cool projects! I enjoy watching your videos, I always learn something new. Congrats to Nina for 7 years! Hopefully, everyone can meet again next year.

  4. Vicky how wonderful that you and Nina were able to spend time together – I’m very jealous, of you both!!
    Sandy Toes has been an all-time favorite set of my own… still longing for that mat… loved the sandy beach you made for this guy!

  5. Super nice that you also make beautiful cards for this beautiful brand. Your cards are fantastic and you have real talent. Nice to see the videos. I am glad though that you are the last of this hop because it takes quite a lot of time. ;)) Good luck.

  6. My favorite all time Waffle Flower products are the media mats! I have both the full and the mini sizes and I love both of them equally!

  7. I have the large media mat and love it. It cleans easily and looks brand new after almost daily use. I cut the rigid plastic packaging when it arrived and used the “cells” to line my palette —works great.

  8. Have so many Waffle Flower products! My entire organizational and swatching system depends on them! Next will be their journal dies!

  9. Hi Vicky,
    I love all your videos and am amazed with your tutorials you always give me some inspiration.
    I am so glad you girls could me, you are always welcome to “play” in my craft room in Colorado!
    I must say I haven’t shopped at the Nina’s store yet, but will check it out because I love to buy things from smaller shops or woman/ family owned!

  10. hi Vicky! I LOVE the media mat. The color combo is on my wish list along with so many other things from WF. also the a2 rectangle nesting dies are my most used dies!.. got them for Christmas!…. thank you for all the inspiration that you give us all! Have an awesome day!

  11. Waffle Flower amazes me with their beautiful, fun, unique products. I have the Mini Media Mat and I use it often. I also have a couple of sets of the nesting dies — in my opinion, a must for card makers!

  12. Yes! I love Big Bear & Bird, Kamo, and stitching! Thank you for the reminder, and all the inspiration. I love your work.

  13. Happy Birthday Waffle Flower! Vicky, I remember some of these videos, cards, and art journal pages. I love watching your videos and these in particular are great! Love the picture with Nina, how amazing to tour the plant and see your friend.

  14. Love this post and now I’ve created a list of “must haves”…including the Water Media mat which I’ve been eyeing for some time. Waffle Flower has some wonderful products! Happy Birthday to them!

  15. So many great products. Thanks for posting the videos. Glad you had a fun trip.
    Happy Birthday to Waffle Flower.

  16. Great Top 7 Choices! Congrats Waffle Flower on 7 years! The Media Mat is on my list and I love the binder discs!

  17. Although I did not watch all the videos yet the ones I did watch were so inspiring. Thank you for a great job.

  18. Vicky, I enjoyed seeing your seven favorites from Waffle Flower. I confess I have purchased 5 of them on your recommendation or because I have loved one of your videos! One thing I learned from your choices is the backgrounds of some of the stamp designers for Waffle Flower — that is very interesting!

  19. Cute picture of you both! I love your critter cards and great videos! Thanks for sharing your top 7! Happy Birthday Waffleflower!

  20. Congrats to Waffleflower crafts. I have the mini-media mat–love it and many of their stamps and dies. I didn’t know about the binding discs–how awesome are those? Thanks for all of the info, your video”s are always terrific!

  21. Like you, I love my Waffleflower layering dies. I’m looking forward to trying their Media Mat too! Happy 7th Anniversary Waffleflower!

  22. Thanks for the great supply tips, Vicky! A media mat will be on my next order & I absolutely love the Sandy Toes set! Tbat guy looks soooo excited!! Love his expression!

  23. Great top 7 products list! I think I need the media mat and then I need to choose some new dies. Happy Anniversary, Waffle Flower!

  24. A very exciting list of your top 7 Waffle Flower goodies, most were on my wish list (some still are). The big bear cracked me up and yay for flip flops! Pretty soon, pretty soon! This was so fun. Happy Birthday To Waffle Flower! What a gift to know Ms. Nina personally, she seems wonderful. Congratulations Ms. Nina.

  25. The animal stamps are always my favorites. WF has come up with so many adorable animals, I have A LOT of them!!! Your coloring is so cute. You always make me smile inside when I see your cards.

  26. So many awesome products! The media mat has been on my wish list… it looks so useful! Wonderful creations! I am really loving the cards you created with the stitchables designs!

  27. I am fairly new to Waffle Flower and your choices have introduced me to stamps I wasn’t aware of yet. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Great post. I love all the products you have showcased. I think I feel my grip on my wallet slipping!!!! Thanks for the awesome information. Decisions decisions.

  29. I love all these products and I think I really want to get into swatch books and make them for my younger grandkids! Thanks for your post and all that you share on your wonderful blog!!

  30. I always love seeing what you create. I’m so glad that waffleflower has made it through this horrible pandemic. Rainbows really do heal.

  31. Happy 7th birthday/anniversary Waffle Flower. It is so fun seeing your top 7, a lot of my favorites are on your list too.

  32. OK, I hadn’t see that I NEEDED those binding disc products until your post here. That was pretty cool. And I am waiting waiting waiting anxiously for that media mat to come back into stock. I have really enjoyed getting to know Waffle Flower and their wonderful products and customer service. 🙂

  33. You highlight some great products from Waffle Flower . I’m always tempted by clean, simple stamps and dies, so definitely going to look at the nesting dies and the disc binding sets.

  34. So many wonderful items. Especially
    love the embroidery dies. Used those
    for my Christmas cards. I had fun
    making them and the recipients
    really enjoyed them. thanks
    for sharing

  35. Great list. I just purchased the media mat, some discs and some dies. Thank you for spotlighting

  36. I love the items own from them. I bought my daughter the mini mat, and now she doesn’t know what she would do without it.?

  37. Love your top 7, a lot of it goes with the top 7 list I made in my head 🙂 Waffle Flower is such a great and versatile company, I am so happy they’ve been around for 7 years already, here’s to at least 77 more, LOL! 🙂

  38. Love seeing your top faves! I have the large media mat and love it! Now the small one is on my wish list!

  39. So many great projects and products! I love that Nina has introduced us to new illustrators, especially Big Bear and Kamo!

  40. My Waffle Flower favorites are the nesting dies. There are so many and of excellent quality! The stamps are so very fun as well.

  41. we have some of the same favorites! I am ready to get the mini media mat. I love their nesting dies also!

  42. So many great products. I really need to get my hands on some of those stitching dies. I love cross stitch and card making, so it’s a perfect way to combine the two.

  43. Your videos are always my favorite to watch and esp when you use Waffle Flower products! I’m thinking the disc bound dies are a must have after seeing you create your art journals!

  44. Such Beautiful projects and amazing products! I love the media mat and the disc system. Thanks for sharing.

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