Hi, just like every year I like to take a break during summer and take things slow. Spending time with family, enjoy the sea, swimming and relaxing… they all help my creativity and I take a break every year.

But I am slowly going back to my regular blog schedule and I have a few things to share!

art journaling

I get a lot of questions on when I will start sharing my art journal and mixed media projects again. Starting from September I will be posting one tutorial every Tuesday.  so stay tuned for Tuesday the 7th of September.

virtual cardmaking event

Today is the last day to register for the virtual cardmaking event called “Around the World” , by Spellbinders. Me and other talented designers will be teaching classes using products that we designed! If you registe you will get a kit full of the supplies you need to create our projects before the event starts! So you can create with us! The kit will include the exclusive stamps, dies and stencils that we designed!

Who is teaching? When will it start? Want to learn more?!

Find out everything about this event HERE and register!

virtual art journal class

Did you know I have a vurtual art journal class for Stamperia e-academy?! Here is a link where you can find out more as well as see the trailer of the class!

Make sure to check it out!

Goodbye Greek Summer

OK that’s it from me for today, as I say goodbye to the Greek summer.

I leave a few photos here so you can have a taste of why I stay away from blogging these months. Yes, I am a “team summer” girl … until next time …

Greece in Pictures: 18 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare



  1. What beautiful pictures …I can see why you don’t want to just get away, but take a real time out to spend time with family, enjoy those gorgeous surroundings and also recharge. Can’t wait for the Spellbinders event, and for the return of your Tuesday art journal/mixed media shares. Thanks for all you do to help inspire and teach!

  2. That beach is fantastic! I wish I could take off to Greece right now!
    I am really looking forward to your Mixed Media Tuesday and all your card making tutorials. I’ve missed you!

  3. Oh, Vicky, how I’ve missed you this summer! Your photos are beautiful! I’m looking forward to more art journaling videos. I don’t know how I missed the Spellbinders event, but thank you so much for mentioning it on this, the last day to register. The sneak peeks on Instagram look amazing, and I just signed up. Now something special to look forward to in a couple of months! I hope Greece provides a few more weeks of beautiful summer days for you!

  4. GORGEOUS!! I agree — I can definitely see why you take time off to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and why it’s so hard to return home!! I so hope to be able to visit Greece one day. So many places to see; so little …. It is my sincere hope that Greece is able to recover from the wildfires around Athens and that COVID is more under control for you all. All the very best to you (and yes, I too am looking forward to Sept. 7th!!!). And — finally — I’m so excited for you to be teaching a class showcasing your very own (and first) die sets!!!!!

  5. Merci Vicky pour ces belles photos. J’attends tes tutos avec impatience. Bonne fin de vacances dans ton fabuleux pays que j’adore. .Bises du Pacifique Sud.

  6. So happy to hear you’re coming back in September. I missed your art journals so so so much! I did enjoy all the card videos you posted during the summer though. Loved your pics, I totally don’t blame you for being a “team summer girl”…lol! I’ll definitely will be looking forward to September 7th! :)))

  7. Beautiful pictures. I’d thought we would be in Greece last week and this week but our tour company felt they should cancel it about 3 weeks before we were to leave. So disappointed but we had known it was a possibility due to COVId It actually was a rescheduled date from 2020. It’s now rescheduled to 2021. Third time will be the charm! In the meantime I’m pretending I was there which looking at your wonderful photos.

  8. Welcome back Vicky. Glad you enjoyed your break. Love the photographs, especially the one of Santorini. I’ve been there a few times it’s really beautiful. So looking forward to your regular posts.

  9. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time away. I’m sure the creative juices are flowing — how could they not with all that gorgeous natural beauty around you!! I’m looking forward to regular posts again.

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