Welcome to another mixed media Tuesday. Today I have a page in one of my new art journal books using products from my Create Happiness collection for Stamperia.

The products are not available yet BUT … all you favorite shops are now placing orders and shipping has started. They should be available for you in a couple of weeks and I will share by then where you can find them. For now if you live in the US you can PRE-ORDER them and I have links to that at the bottom of this post.

video tutorial

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel

close-up photos

I worked on a page from my ring journal. This is the thinner paper option from my different art journal books and I wanted to show you lots of techniques that you can do on it! It’s perfect for beginners as it gives you a printed base to start with.

Lots of inking, stamping, stenciling and other techniques were used for the background.

I also used some of my rub-ons for those extra touches!

The ephemera die cuts really make the focal point so easy to put together!

And there is nothing better for project than being “Ginger approved” !!!


Below you can find a list of all the products used today. Links to multiple online shops are available, just click the logo below each item. Affiliate links used where possible at no extra cost to you.

Please keep in ming these are still on PRE-ORDER and they will become available at the end of the month.

Create Happiness 6×9 Ring Journal -…
[ ACH ]
Pink Dream Adhesive Backed Ephemera -…
[ ACH ]
Borders 2 Stencil – Create Happiness…
[ ACH ]
Book Stencil – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Elements Stamps – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Flowers & Butterfly Rub-ons – Create…
[ ACH ]
Matte Journaling Glue – Create…
[ ACH ]
Create Happiness Allegro Paint Kit -…
[ ACH ]
Stamperia VOLUME PASTE k3p67
[ SSS ]


  1. If it’s Ginger approved, then that says it all!!!!!!! (Hello, Ginger!! Good to see you again!) I’m so excited about your new collection! I really love the edging stencils and am looking forward to adding them to my stash! And your stamp set for mixed media has everything one could need for stamping on a background! Watching you do so much with a lighter weight paper was impressive and remarkable! I just love the larger ephemera pieces you chose for this collection. Beautiful page and so much fun to watch you play with elements from your first mixed media collection!! SO happy and excited for you. It’s not easy to go outside of one’s comfort zone and yet you’re doing it with the help of friends. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! You’re an inspiration!!

  2. This page is just gorgeous, whch is a norm for you! I love all your new products and am so very happy for you and your achievements! Seeing Ginger laying there by your creation put a smile on my face and reminded me of my own cat, Precious. She always lays on whatever I am doing too, but she isn’t allowed in my craft room because she is a long haired cat and I don’t want her hair on my projects (although that would be more texture…LOL) Looking forward to all of your future videos!

  3. I absolutely love that Ginger approved. I love scrapbooking or card making with my kitties in attendance. 🙂

  4. Muchas Gracias Vicky ,te escribo desde Chile, sigo a Stamperia y estoy haciendo scrap , ya vi los dos videos tuyos de hoy y otros mas antiguos, me gustaron mucho. Hace unos 10 años intenté hacer Art Journaling y no lo logré porque no había tanta información a mano y me interesa hacer un Diario de Oración. Gracias por tus videos, ojalá estuvieran en español , pero cada vez aprendo mas inglés,.
    Cual es la marca del lápiz Gel blanco que usas?, y las marcas de los lápices de colores con pincel que he visto que usas?

  5. Your new collection is beautiful and it can be used in so many ways! I love the idea that you used different kinds of paper for each of the journals. I’m looking forward to purchasing your collection and watching all your other videos. Thank you Vicky and congratulations on your new collection!

  6. Congratulations on a wonderful collection! I love the rub-ons!
    Hello and hugs to Ginger!

  7. I totally agree with Ginger, approving it all, stunning products and awesome page . Seeing her laying down so relaxed makes me so smile.
    Your family must be so proud of you, I’m even proud of you LOL, that you made this stunning collection thinking of the starting Art Journaling artist but also so versatile that everyone who’s playing in an art journal, or card making, wants to have these products. I have already a couple of these in mind. The paste is also a thing that is high on my wish list, a paste that isn’t to thin and dries quickly.
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration, can’t wait to see more also with the Stone Paper, I never heard of it before I saw your Live in replay with Antonis. Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  8. So excited you have created your own collection. Long over due!! The products are beautiful! My yellow tabby often lies right in the middle of my projects. I know the recipients of my cards often find her hair in their card. Heading to COT to pre order!!

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