It’s an exciting day today as I announce my very first art journal collection. A big thank you to Stamperia for trusting me and bringing my dream to life and a big thank you to all of you for the love and encouragement I have been receiving all these years. This wouldn’t be possible without your support!

The collection is composed of basic, must have products to start in art journaling. It offers a variety of special journals both in paper and in sizes as well as ephemera, rub ons, stencils, stamps and more to create a page from start to finish.

Here is a quick video introduction to get an idea

All the products will be available worldwide in a couple of weeks and shops are already placing their orders. If you want your favorite craft shop to stock the collection don’t forget to ask them! Keep in mind the ink pads are still in production and they will be available at the end of August.

If you want to see the products in detail you can check the live I did yesterday, with my amazing host Antonis Tzanidakis! Thank you Antonis, for always pushing me to do more and for being a great motivator to go outside of my comfort zone.

If you are in the US here is a shop that offers pre-orders at the moment. In a couple of weeks I will share even more shops all over the world for your convenience.


Create Happiness 6×9 Ring Journal -…
[ ACH ]
Create Happiness A5 Mixed Media Paper…
[ ACH ]
Create Happiness A6 Mixed Media Paper…
[ ACH ]
Create Happiness A5 Stone Paper…
[ ACH ]
Create Happiness A6 Stone Paper…
[ ACH ]
Pink Dream Adhesive Backed Ephemera -…
[ ACH ]
Borders 1 Stencil – Create Happiness…
[ ACH ]
Borders 2 Stencil – Create Happiness…
[ ACH ]
Book Stencil – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Compass Stencil – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Postcard Stencil – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Elements Stamps – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Alphabet Stamps – Create Happiness -…
[ ACH ]
Black Border Rub-ons – Create…
[ ACH ]
White Writing Rub-ons – Create…
[ ACH ]
Flowers & Butterfly Rub-ons – Create…
[ ACH ]
Matte Journaling Glue – Create…
[ ACH ]
Create Happiness Allegro Paint Kit -…
[ ACH ]


  1. We rarely see anything but your hands on camera, you’re a joy to watch. Can’t wait for the new stuff to be released. When I walk by your Spellbinders collection at Hobby Lobby, I always tell my husband “I know her.”

  2. Vicky, of course I am very excited to see all the wonderful elements in your new collection. Could you please post a detailed description of the differences among the three types of paper in your art journals? I understand the ring bound one is like scrapbooking paper, but I don’t know the attributes of the two other papers. Thanks so much. I have my eye on several of the items in the collection, They are all so beautiful!

  3. I think it’s terrific that you came up with this collection! Congratulations and best wishes for success in sales.

  4. Vicky, I couldn’t be happier for you. Congratulations on your releases! I can’t wait for your journals!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, VICKY!!!!! How incredibly EXCITING! When I saw your post, I got goosebumps!! SO happy and excited for you! Looking forward to the collection coming to the US. The colors in this collection are so me and I just love the focal points you chose. (Like so many others I have always been a big fan of the tea cups!) Another thing I really like about your collection are the stencils with edges. What a great idea! Now I know where you got that coffee stain stamp you used recently! And I have to say that Antonis was true for me — I have been realizing lately that I don’t create just for the sake of creating (I feel I have to have a purpose). I’ve been noticing this about myself lately. I thought it was me and now I know it’s because I’m American!!!!!!!! Since I live in Tucson, AZ, Dallas isn’t that far away. I would like to see if I take a trip over to Dallas to meet you. Can you tell me where I can find more details about the event? It would be a fun — and needed — getaway. Thank you so much; I wish all the very best on your new adventure; and I look forward to watching it grow!!! HUGS!

  6. Stunning collection Vicky, totally love it all. A big congratulation!
    I have enjoyed the live (in replay) with Antonis so much, love to see your products pressenting like this, so we could see it live.
    Your samples where so fabulous, so many great inspiration and it shows so much how versatile your new collection is. I hope so much I can find a shop that sells these stunning products desingned by you.
    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  7. Oh Vicky, how very exciting! I have followed you for awhile now and my most favorite videos are the ones where you do your art journaling. I watched all of the above video with my eyes and ears glued to the presentation of your newest products. There are so many things that I would love to have but have to wait until I can fit them into my budget. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see what you do with all of your very own products. You ARE loved, not only for your creativity, but also for the kind thoughtful person that you are! I pray that you are blessed beyond measure with your new line!

  8. How exciting for you! I”ve been a follower of yours for many years. Love your style. I wish you much success!!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS VICKY!!!!! This is so awesome. You should be so proud of yourself! You are truly inspiring and make me think … dreams really can come true!!!! Congratulations , again, on your accomplishment and success. I look forward to being able to try some of your new line soon. 🙂
    P.S. Yup, the teacups page has always been a favorite of mine as well!!!

  10. So very happy for you…what a great collection for your debut!
    Over the years I have seen you work in so many journals & now you get to work in your own style with paper that can take the supplies you use.
    Cannot wait to use your products…already placed my order!!!:)

  11. Finally!!! You are MORE than 2 hands and fabulous art. Love watching you and Stamperia interact. Thank you so much for all your creativity and step by step instructions.
    Can not wait for my order to arrive!!! YAY

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