Hi! Today I am sharing some more inspiration, a mixed media canvas using my Secret Diary collection.

video tutorial

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel

close-up photos

The canvas panel I worked on is 8×8 inches in size.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!
You can see some details better in these close-up photos such as the layering, the stenciled texture and even the designs on the rice paper at the background
I just love how effortlessly everything comes together and how paints, stamps and stencils just complete every mixed media background.
Splatters, gel pen and even my contour liner where the finishing touches


Below you can find a list of all the products used today. Links to multiple online shops are available, just click the logo below each item. Affiliate links used where possible at no extra cost to you.

Mixed Media Journal A5
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
Secret Diary – rice paper
[ ACH | SSS | SBC ]
Secret Diary 12×12 Paper sbbl152
[ SSS | ACH | SBC ]
Secret Diary Ephemera dflct44
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
Secret Diary Inspiration Clear Stamps…
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
Secret Diary Dictionary Stencil kstdl91
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
Secret Diary Leaves Pattern…
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
volume paste
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
Stamperia Rice Paper Glue dc33g
[ SSS | SBC | ACH ]
COFFEE Dye Ink Pad wkpr02
[ SSS | ACH | SBC ]
[ SSS | ACH | SBC ]
blending brush
[ SSS | ACH | SBC ]
Matte Glue
[ SSS | ACH | SBC ]
Secret Diary Aquacolor Set kaqxsd
[ SSS | SBC ]
Contour Liner Iridescent
[ SSS | ACH | SBC ]
Liquitex Acrylic Ink


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a gorgeous background and a beautiful project!! Thank you for reminding me about the technique for pushing back busy papers. I’ve done it before (at your encouragement!) but forgot it. Thank you too for pointing out what you didn’t like about your creation at the end. It’s always helpful to me to learn how to “problem solve” a project … when there’s something not quite right to my eye and to learn what can be done to correct. Much appreciated. So many techniques in this video and I appreciate each and every one. I’m definitely someone who doesn’t like to cover up what I’ve done and am trying to teach myself to let go of that … to think of each step as just a layer for what comes next (heavy sigh!!). As someone who doesn’t get involved with or follow social media platforms, I didn’t know you were sharing so much in shorts. I’ll check out Youtube as I’ve missed seeing you share as much as you used to on your blog — understandable with your very busy behind-the-scenes schedule. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming designs with Spellbinders and Stamperia. May you stay sane(!!) and balanced and have fun with and in your new-ish venture into the world of designing for the craft industry. I used to do some video editing (and found out quickly it wasn’t for me) so I understand the tediousness of it and how long it can take. Please know that it is deeply appreciated. Thank you for everything, Vicky.

  2. I LOVE everything you do … the shorts are so fun. This collection is one of my all time favorites and I can’t wait to see your new collection.

  3. Thank you for explaining the process. I’ve been watching your tutorials for months now and never realised why you put a faint cover of paint over a background. When you explained in this tutorial that it’s to push the background into the background, and then showed the comparison with the original rice paper, it all clicked in my brain.
    Thank you for your patience in explaining everything.
    Gosh I wish I lived closer and could come on your cruise. I live in New Zealand, so if you ever come here or Australia, I’ll be there.


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