A non-card related post today. But surely crafty! Hope you’ll enjoy it. Stay tuned for tonight’s card video later on.

It’s tradition in Greece to dye red eggs (or any other color lately) for Easter. If you are into organic and biological foods here is a traditional natural way to dye red eggs!!!

Well, what you do is get the skins of many red onions and boil them! Look what you gonna have:

That’s a red dye!

Now if you like some flower designs on your eggs here is how you can prepare them before you boil them.

You need to collect leaves and flowers from your garden. Then place a leaf or a flower on each egg. And wrap the eggs to hold them in place with net fabric and tie the fabric with thread. (recycling tip: use your old stockings)

Don’t they look lovely?!

Now take the skins out of the pot and put the eggs to boil.

and the result

They are not as red as they would be if you used egg paint but don’t they look lovely?


  1. We dyed with things like this when I was growing up, including beet juice to get a deep red, but I had never thought to use the leaves the way you did to make the patterns. Wonderful family treasures and traditions to pass to your children. Great photos Vicky!

  2. when i was little, my grandpa used to color his eggs with beet juice and they turned out the prettiest purple-red color. He would also use reg onion skins and they turned out a yellow color. Your idea brought back fond memories. They used what they had back then 🙂

  3. Oh, Vicky….Martha Stewart would be so proud of you! I’ve seen a chart with different organic things that are used as dyes with fabulous results! Love your onion skins!

  4. They certainly do look lovely, Vicky! I love your fabulous way to add a flower element and the natural dye is brilliant. I don’t usually dye eggs but I might give it a try this year, thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  5. Vicky, I just love all the photos-the display, the process, the helpers….Has Martha Stewart come by to take a lesson yet? She should 🙂 Happy Easter to you and family!!

  6. Vicky, I just loved the look of these Eggs. This is the first year in my 40 years of marriage that I am not dying eggs. Just returned home from visiting my Daughter, Granddaughter and son-in-law in Colorado and won’t have time this year. Yes, the kids have all left the nest (3) and are living in 3 different states in the US. Happy Easter and thanks for sharing.

  7. These are so pretty. I have seen onion skins used, but never with flowers and plants. Truly beautiful. I did read somewhere to check with your local grocery store to see if they will save the loose onion skins they remove when setting up the display. It’s worth a try.

    1. Yes! This is what I do! I am a regular customer and they are very friendly so they always save them for me, if I remind them 🙂

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