As if nothing happens on my blog (Digital Wednesday & Weekend video) I decided to have another weekly happening! Hooray for that!!! So I am starting a challenge called “Around the world”. And what is more exciting?! I’ll introduce a new Inlinkz tool: Voting! This is a BETA testing of the tool which will be available just after the challenge to anyone. Here is what to do:

  • Each Thursday I’ll post a photo from some place around the world.
  • You make a card/scrapbook page/paper craft inspired by the photo. No restrictions! Just get inspired by the colors on the photo, or by the shapes you see, or even by the general feeling or the culture of that place! It’s up to you.
  • Post your project on your blog/gallery and then submit it here
  • The submissions will last for 5 days (there is a countdown just next to the submit button so no matter your timezone you know how much time you have left).
  • When submissions are over all the projects will be available for voting. A little star will be shown just above each submission.
  • All you’ll have to do is click on the star of your favorite project .  (Inlinkz voting totally rocks). Now readers pick the winner not the blog owner! Isn’t that cool?!
  • You can vote just one card (not your own) but you can tell all your blog-friends to vote as well 😉
  • The voting will last for 2 days. You will be notified by email when the voting is starting!
  • The top 3 winners will be featured on my blog and the 1st winner wins a $25 gift certificate from twopeasinabucket!

If you have any questions just drop me a comment on this post and I’ll answer ASAP.

Here is this week’s “Around the World Challenge”. Feel free to copy this image and post it on your blog so anyone can join.


  1. How awesome! You and the mastermind of InlinkZ have come up with the coolest idea!! Sounds like a ton of fun! LOVE that inspiration photo!

  2. This is sooooo cool! I am adding this to my calendar and I hope I have time to play! With your techy genius and creative ideas- your blog is always so fun to visit!

  3. Vicky, I heard about this on Virginia’s blog, and I really love it! Will think about an idea for a submission tonight while I’m sleeping, and can hopefully enter something soon – I LOVE your inspiration pic!

  4. Aaaaaaaah!!!! This is where I went on my honeymoon 🙂
    Oh I hope I have time to make a card tomorrow…….
    Brilliant idea for a challenge. 🙂

    1. It works fine for blogspot. Most of the photos submitted are from blogspot bloggers. Please send me an email Irini and let me know what went wrong! Thanks!!

  5. Dear Vicky where can I do the VOTE…..many thanks for this nice challenge I hope my card is not late put on here…if late then you can deleted my Photo please 🙂 nice challenge and nice Photo I love your blog much…hugs

    1. Voting will become available when the submissions are closed. There is a countdown next to the blue “add your link” button.
      Be sure to check back in less than 4 hours

  6. Aww man, I really wanted to do this challenge!
    But it looks like I won’t have enough time. 🙁
    I don’t get much time during the week days, because of work. But I am definitely looking forward to the next challenge!!!

  7. Hay, Vicky! Your hoto really gave me a kick. I saw your challenge this afternoon and I was hurrying like crazy (after the kids went to bed) to make the card in time.

  8. What a fun challenge! I’ve enjoyed seeing the submissions (and will vote), LOVE the photo. I just read your WW interview as well, and my jaw was hanging open at your cards! Love your think-out-of-the-box creativity! Thanks for sharing!

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