Welcome to the second “Around the World” challenge!

Get inspired, make a project and post it on your gallery or blog. Then submit your project here by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post.
Submissions will last for five days and then voting will be open for two days.
Top 3 winners will be featured on my blog.  Thank you in advance for submitting !


  1. Gorgeous picture for inspiration! Love the colorful tuplips and the windmill in the background.

  2. Well, thats a surprise! those are icons of my country! And I happen to have this georgeous tulip stamp. I use it all the time but had only this pink card picture photographed.

  3. Hi Vicky, Thanks for this fun challenge the card I uploaded I know really has nothing to do with that lovely picture but I tried to incorporate some of the colors.

  4. I voted to Nancy’s card as her’s card captured the “mood” in the picture and it’s a bit Van gough-like. My 2nd favorites are Vera’s, Lins’s.

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