Time for one of my monthly feature! Let’s make 10 cards using the SimonSaysStamp January card kit!


Here are all the cards I made using the kit, featuring snowflakes! img_2363 img_2364 img_2365 img_2366 img_2367 img_2368 img_2370 img_2371 img_2373 img_2374

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel



For a chance to win the January card kit by SimonSaysStamp please enter your details below, by clicking the blue button. You will find it under all the entries. If you can’t see the button then the giveaway is closed. One entry per person please. You can enter the giveaway even if you don’t have a blog. The giveaway is open internationally.

I will announce the winner on Friday the 13th of January.


  1. Vicky, you are amazing! I absolutely LOVE how you’ve reached into your stash for so many things this time. It makes the kit so much more valuable! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Vicky, Thank you for sharing all your creative projects. I always get inspired after watching your videos. This year I am doing an art journal. It is gonna take me out of my comfort zone because I’ve always scrapbooked with a layout or plan. I am hoping to do a layout a week based on the week I’ve had. It won’t be as nice or as creative as your stuff but I’m hoping it won’t turn into a hot mess! Thank you again for sharing your work!

  3. Love your creativity! You’re my favorite blogger! Have a great day! Thanks so much for sharing your creative genius with us!

  4. Your work always inspire’s me. You are extremely creative! This snowflake card set is lovely. Thank you for your time.

  5. Another wonderful set of cards, Vicky!
    We’ve had a little snow over here on Crete as well, but it disappeared really soon, except on the mountain tops of Malia that we can see from our kitchen window. Kali chronia!

  6. I have been following your posts for a few months now. I always find them inspiring and so very well narrated. I’m new to this creative element and I’m hooked. Thanks for your excellent work and instruction.

  7. Vicky as always you never disappoint with your lovely inspirational designs.Quite difficult to achieve such a great variety of cards all with the same subject…..you did that wonderfully. Most appropriate too since there has been plenty of snow today!!

  8. You always amaze me with your talent! No one does 10 cards one kit as well as you! As you said, this month was definitely a challenge! The stamp set was beautiful, but difficult to create 10 beautiful cards from. But, you did it! Beautiful!

  9. I’m so looking forward to this series, I’m an addict, I admit. Love the kit and what you do with it. Also I like that some of the cards are really simple because once in a while you just need simple cards which are beautiful nonetheless. Still there is always a special something about them when you create them. Please carry on, I’m really looking forward to Feb.
    Love xxx

  10. Beautiful cards, as always.. I really enjoy these videos. Well, all your videos really.. hehe Seems like they are putting less and less in their kits, but I hope you’ll still be able to do the videos, with what they give you.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. I enjoy how you use color , who would have thought of a pink snowflake ! Your imagination is wonderful . Thank you for sharing and inspiring .

  12. Hi Vicky, Welcome back I hope you had a nice break and happy new year to you and your family, you have made lovely cards again, you are so talented, I look forwards to this each month, keep up the lovely work. Cheers Anna.

  13. I love applying your ideas to other stamps and papers. The vellum windows are such a great idea. I now own 9 colors of Nuvo crystal drops and think they’re fantastic.

  14. Vicky I love your work. Each and every one of these cards is beautiful. It amazes me how you could create 10 cards using just snowflakes. Your designs are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Hello
    I don’t make cards but I like to see more videos.
    I have noticed your nowadays are little bit dull.
    It is not with the wow factor sorry if I say it in public.
    I know I have no rights to say this but as a fan of your videos I thought of telling you this.
    Thank you

  16. I enjoyed the cards very much! I miss the snow, I now live in Florida, USA and haven’t seen snow in years! It was nice watching you working the magic in your cards. Keep on sharing 🙂

  17. I always look so forward to your 10 cards…Now the MFT post as well…I keep my kit and wait for your post before I use anything from it because I usually love all your cards…Your art journal entries are amazing too…I will someday get one and try it out myself, just haven’t decided to yet

  18. Love your ideas. The cards look wonderful. Can you make a slow motion video on making that bow?? You make it look so easy. Lol..

  19. I was so excited to hear your voice again. I missed you over the Christmas holiday. I got my tea and toast ready and had a cozy sit-down to watch your ten snowflake cards come to life. You convinced me that I must have that stamp set and now I know what beautiful cards I can make with it. Thanks again!

  20. I always love your designs! I remember you saying on one video that you would do a craft room tour. I haven’t seen it yet, have I missed it? I Appreciate your humble attitude of not wanting to show off or brag about all that you have. I still enjoy seeing how people organize things even if I don’t have everything they have.

  21. Hello Vicky! I have been so engerized by your card videos that I started to make a few of my own. Your shaker cards make me so happy. Today I made two for the first time. They are balloons shapes (circle with a tiny triangle for the balloon tie). I thought it would be fun for the acetate to be colored like balloon rubber. Green alcohol ink was used to dye the acetate and then your directions for a regular shaker card were followed. It will be so fun for my friend to receive it!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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